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Reading Blitz Part 1- James Rollins and Diane Les Becquets

The 6th Extinction part of my April reading Blitz

Books from James Rollins and Diane Les Becquests start a reading blitz!

So this month has been an amazing month of reading, With three days left in the month,  I have finished seven books and each one of them has been terrific! The first three  The Hunting Wind by Steve Hamilton, Off the Grid from C.J. Box and Linwood Barclay‘s Far From True  I have written about,But the next four books were finished in a reading blitz with an average of two to four days between books! That means immediately upon finishing one book, I was totally engrossed in the next book and I didn’t wan to stop reading to write about the previous book!  Since there are still two more books on my library to be read (TBR) shelf  Summit Lake from Charlie Donlea and Chris Kuzneski’s The Secret Crown, I still don’t want to stop to write four reviews! So I am going to do it in two posts! Here’s part one…….

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Where My April Reads Have Taken Me!

Off the Grid one of my April reads
April’s Reads Have Taken Me to the Colorado Mountains, Wyoming’s Red Desert and a Brazilian Tepui!

Friday, when I finished Book 18 of 2016 Breaking Wild, by Dianne Les Becquets. I started thinking about how reading let’s one explore the far reaches of the world without leaving the comfort of your home. Via my April reads  I’ve visited Antarctica and the jungles of northern Brazil in The 6th Extinction from James Rollins, at one end of the world. While  Peter May’s Entry Island has taken me to Entry island located  in the Gulf of St Lawrence in the northern hemisphere! .

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Run & Rock with Cargo from Royal Hunt!

Cargo - Royal Hunt

The Run

So after our trip to Moorestown on Sunday, I wasn’t sure if I was going to run or not. But I was able to get myself moving and I headed on out. I loaded up a little prog on the iPhone, Cargo the latest from the band Royal Hunt and I was off, but not for long. Over the last several weeks, the back of my left shoe has rubbed on my foot and I developed a blister which popped and now I am left with the residual irritation, I have put a band-aid over the spot and that helps but Sunday I started running without the band-aid because my foot hadn’t felt too bad. Mistake! After the first quarter-mile I knew I had two choices return home and put a new band-aid on and hope that worked or struggle through the run and then probably limp  for the next two days. While I knew I could do the later. I also knew that the correct choice was to go home and put the band-aid on! I chose that option. I walked the quarter-mile home put the band-aid on and walked back to the point where I had paused the Fitbit and restarted the run.

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A Trip to Barnes & Noble – Five New Mysteries!

Close Your Eyes - Michael Robotham one of the new mysteries

A Trip to Barnes  Noble’s Bookstore Yields Several New Interesting Mysteries

So my plan was to run again sometime over the last weekend and since I didn’t run Saturday, that left yesterday as my running day! As morning gave way to afternoon, my wife and I went shopping. She went to Home Goods and I went to Barnes & Noble. Knowing that I already have enough on my TBR shelves, I spent the time browsing and writing down the titles of books that peaked my interest. What I typically do after an excursion like yesterday’s, is to first check out the prices of the books at Amazon and then usually checking on the availability of the books at my library! Here are five new mysteries that caught my eye…..

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Far From True – Linwood Barclay

Far From True

Far From True – Linwood Barclay (Promise Fall #2)

(Book 16 of 2016)

Far From True is the second book in the Promise Falls trilogy from Linwood Barclay and once again Barclay has hit it out of the park! The book picks up where its predecessor Broken Promise leaves off, only  now there’s more upheaval in the quiet town of Promise Falls, leaving Detective Barry Duckworth with his hands full! The new trouble starts when a bomb goes off  on the closing night of the Constellation Drive-In and its big screen comes tumbling down and wreaks havoc on the town. Two of the people killed are Adam and Mariam Chalmers.The couple were crushed in Adam’s prized Jaguar when said screen came tumbling down.

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A Good Run the First Since ??

A good run - wil lead to more!
Maybe January??? But I think I will be able to keep going forward with a weekend run…..

While I was on my walk on Tuesday, I was moving pretty well and I felt like I could run without much trouble, so rather that go for another walk, I felt like I could run today. My goal was to run two miles, with a secondary goal of running for 30 minutes if I felt pretty good during the run.

So  I loaded up some blues from Toronzo Cannon, his latest album The Chicago Way and took off. I hit the first half-mile mark running at a 10:40 /mile pace and feeling pretty good. I finished the first mile in 10:49 and I felt okay so a 2 mile run was going to be doable. I felt good through the second mile (10:53) and knew that I was going to make the 30 minute goal. I struggled slightly over the final part of the run covering the last .8 miles at an 11:03 /mile pace. But even with that slowing down my overall pace for the run was under 11 minutes per mile! My heart rate at the end of the race was 162, but after a couple of minutes it was down to 112. I am really encouraged by today’s run and maybe it won’t take me as long as I thought to get back to running sub-10 minute miles. Right! What I do need to remember is that I do have to take it slow and try not to overdo it!

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On This Date – April 14th – 90 years Apart Abolition Society Founded…..


….and Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator is  assassinated 

My grandmother,Charlotte Meyer, her sister Irmgard and their mother Helene immigrated to the United States in September of 1912. My father’s first cousin Eleanor, daughter of Irmgard always said that Helene spent many an hour during that trip checking the temperature of the water, the reason that she did that was that the Titanic had hit that fatal iceberg and sunk in the previous April. To be more precise it was April 14th of that year. So today, we are remembering that sinking on its 104th anniversary! I know that I for one would have been a basket case on that voyage!!

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Eternal Wanderers and a Late Afternoon Walk

Eternal Wanderers - The Mystery of the Cosmic Sorrow
Is there a better name for a Neo-Prog Group to Power a Walk than Eternal Wanderers?
The Walk

So yesterday I actually got off my butt again and went for a walk! This one was a 3.1 mile walk at pace of 15:20 /mile which means the walk lasted 47 minutes and 34 seconds! Not bad overall, so it looks like one more walk tomorrow and then maybe I’ll try to run on the weekend! The soundtrack for the run was a Neo-Prog band Eternal Wanderers.

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Off the Grid – C.J. Box

Off the Grid - C,J,Box

Off the Grid – C; J  Box  – (Joe Pickett #16)

Soon after finishing The Hunting Wind by Steve Hamilton, I received notice that C J Box’s new novel Off the Grid was available for pick-up at the library. So I hurried over to the library and then I came home and quickly devoured the book! Yes, Off the Grid, book 16 in the Joe Pickett series is a good one! I finished Endangered book 15 in the series last April and it took me a little while to remember what happened in that one but Box as always kept revealing little bits of that storyline, which jogged my memory and brought that story back to me. But while it is definitely better if you know the back story and the relationship between Nate Romanowski and Joe and his family it is not essential to the enjoyment of this book.

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The Hunting Wind – Steve Hamilton

The Hunting Wind - Steve Hamilton
The Hunting Wind by Steve Hamilton was just as good the second time around!

One of the things that I have been doing on a fairly consistently this winter and into the spring is reading, I have set a goal that requires me to read books at a faster pace than last year and while i on a pace that is slightly slower than I need it to be, I am still reading at the same pace as last year finishing book 15 of the year just about on the same day as I finished book 15 last year!

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