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Oliver and Me3I’m Ed Karn the me in the title! I am a husband of 39 years, the father of 4, Nicholas, Andrew, Peter and Elizabeth, grandfather to 2 (Oliver and Zoe),  an avid reader, a music junkie, a liberal pinko, commie, (says an old boss with tongue in check) the liberal part is right though,  who spent 34 years testing soil, and delineating wetlands…..  You can check more at the About page. As for the…

Music and Mysteries

The music  includes lots of roots music, Music of that genre, to me, is either Americana, Alt-Country, Blues, Bluegrass or Folk. The music also includes Jazz and New Age, and more recently,  a musical genre that fuses rock with a little jazz and New Age – Progressive Rock.  Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries has sub-sites for Roots, Prog, Jazz and New Age and World Music.

As for the Mysteries, I read a variety of mystery series and follow many thriller writers who write both series and stand-alone novels. You can see the series I read here.


Me Myself Music and Mysteries
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Me, Myself


Volume Five Powers Granddad’s Run!

Volume Five Provides a Great Soundtrack for Granddad's First Run in March   So I thought I'd post a rare ...
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Charlotte Meyer with Schultüte

The Schultüte, Nana Karn and Thoughts of Dresden

Schultüte - the traditional German School Cone   Sometime last week my wife came across some of my old family pictures ...
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Ṛṣabha sculpture excavated in Khajuraho

Morning Explorations: Jainism

One of my favorite all-time songs is Buffy Saint-Marie's "The Universal Soldier". I love both Donovan and Buffy's version and ...
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James Shreve Regars

Unraveling the Cliver Family lines!

So I haven't posted anything here in several days, why you ask, or maybe not! Anyway, yesterday, we spent some ...
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Carpe Librum-2015ReadingChallenge


So I haven't made any New Year's Resolutions yet, because like many people I don't think they work. You make ...
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International Pancake Day Race

The First International Pancake Day Race!

First International Pancake Day Race held on February 21, 1950 in Liberal, Kansas   So in 1445 in  Olney England: ...
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Rick Sparks Endless

Rick Sparks – Endless

Rick Sparks - Endless                                 ...
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Voyager: Cailyn’s voyage through our Solar System!

Voyager - Cailyn (Lloyd) - Released January 2015   Several weeks ago, I took a trip through space courtesy of ...
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Princeton REcord Exchange

More Treasures from The Princeton Record Exchange!

A Trip to the Princeton Record Exchange Yields Seven New Treasures!   So on Wednesday night, my son Nicholas and ...
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Amen Road

Riders of the Universe – Amen Road – Ride On!

Riders of the Universe : Netherlands   I must say that what first attracted me to Riders of the Universe ...
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Stephane Grappelli in 1976

Stephane Grappelli – Grandfather of Jazz Violinists”

Stephane Grappelli  - violin (January 26, 1908 -December 1, 1997) Today is the birthday of the musician whom many people call ...
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Lawrence Blatt – Emergence

Lawrence Blatt blends science and music to create the soothing Emergence   Composing music is akin to magic for me, ...
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and Mysteries

Hard Rain

Hard Rain – Barry Eisler (John Rain # 2)

Hard Rain - Barry Eisler - Book 9 for 2015   It's been a while since I visited Japan and ...
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Shackles Bill Pronzini

February Reads – 1995 – Bill Pronzini and more!

Novels from Bill Pronzini, Frank McConnell and Vince Kohler....   Tonight I started thinking about books that I've read, and ...
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Storm Front

Storm Front (Dresden Files Book #1) – Jim Butcher

Storm Front Book #1 of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series, is the fourth book that I have read in 2015.This ...
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Don't talk to Strangers

Don’t Talk to Strangers (Keye Street Series # 3) – Amanda Kyle Williams

So I wasn't really sure about Amanda Kyle Williams Keye Street series after book one TheStranger You Seek, But I ...
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The Monkey's Raincoat

The Monkey’s Raincoat – Robert Crais (Elvis Cole #1)

Robert Crais began the Elvis Cole/Joe Pike series in 1987 with the release of The Monkey's Raincoat. Since then Crais ...
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