Treasures From a Library Used Book Sale! Does It Get Much Better?

The other day I got to do one of my favorite things, go to a used book sale at the library. The visit was made even better because I The Things They Carriedgot to do it on the first day of the sale, when there were still a lot of books there! Typically, I’m there on the last day and sometimes during the last hour or so of the sale. When I went into the sale I decided that I was going to look, not for the typical mysteries that I usually go for, but for a few books that may be a more on the literature side.

Actually, the first books that I found were more on the mystery side, from the pen of Ken Follett I found some pretty nice copies of The Man from St Petersburg, The Key to Rebecca, and The Eye of the Needle. The only one of the three that I have read is the last which of course is great!!  So my first $1.50 was spent!

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Happiness Playlist #2 – Tracks from Prine, Clark, Chapin, Rush and Goodman! I’m Happy!

So this morning, as I looked at the books lying around I say that Your Playlist Can Change Your Life and I decided to Heads & Talescreate another playlist to make me happy! So I went to Spotify and created one featuring five artists who are at the center of my love for folk music: John Prine, Tom Rush, Guy Clark, Harry Chapin and Steve Goodman. I picked a few of my all-time favorites from each of them and went merrily on my way to Target to pick up some things!! Here’ s the playlist…..

Somebody Else’s Troubles” – Steve Goodman – he’s right many times the troubles of others don’t really bother us!

“Please Don’t Bury Me” – John Prine – Always good for a smile…

“Everybody” – John Prine – another Prine song, from his second album that always makes me laugh!

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Michael Koryta’s Those Who Wish Me Dead – A Grade A Thriller – Read it before the Movie!!

Those Who Wish Me Dead are the sadistic and evil Blackwell brothers, who Jace Wilson saw murder a man in a quarry in Those who Wish Me DeadIndiana. Their quest to hunt down and kill Jace leads the Blackwell brothers to the mountains of  Montana , where Ethan and Allison Serbin run a summer survival training program for troubled youths. Jace was placed in the program by Jamie Bennett ,who was a former student of Serbin’s, Arriving in a snowstorm, Bennett asks Ethan’s help in getting Jace “off the grid” to protect him, something Bennett does not think she can do by herself. Although both Allison and Ethan have doubts about Bennett, they agree to help for the sake of the boy.  Soon the Blackwell brothers arrive, bringing their evil to the mountains. Can Ethan and Allison keep their promise to keep Connor safe?  The task becomes more difficult when Jace, sets out to escape from the brothers, alone!  While the brother’s bring evil and a devastating fire to the mountains, Jace encounters an ex-elite firefighter Hannah Faber, who joins the fight to keep Jace safe.  So begins Michael Kortya’s latest book Those Who Wish Me Dead about which Harlan Coben says…..

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This Date in Music – October 5, 1943 – Steve Miller was born!!

Steve Miller 2

Originally posted October 10, 2013……

Born on this day in 1943, was Steve  Miller aka .”The Gangster of Love”. I became a Steve Miller fan with his second album Sailor and followed his career on vinyl until the album six Rock Love which was released in 1971. I think I had The Joker on 8-track! After that, I followed his career on the radio, until his 2010 and 2011 releases Bingo and Let Your Hair Down, which are both really fine albums! From Steve’s Press Release Biography

Born October 5, 1943 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Steve Miller grew up in a musical family. His mother, Bertha, was a gifted vocalist and his father, Dr. George (Sonny) Miller, was an amateur tape recordist. Steve’s uncle Dale Miller gave his four year-old nephew a guitar. His father’s friend, guitarist Les Paul, taught the young boy a few chords and his father secretly recorded the exchange.   “Steve, you’re really going to go places,” Les Paul told him, after listening to the boy play and sing.   The family moved to Dallas, Texas when Steve was seven years old, where his father recorded a procession of visiting musicians in their living room; Tal Farlow, Red Norvo. Steve was allowed to stay home from school the day T-Bone Walker came to play for one of his parents’ parties and he remembers to this day the flesh-colored Cadillac convertible with the leopard-print seats in which the bluesman arrived. Walker showed the young guitarist how to play single-line solos……   —–After falling just short of graduating in his senior year, Miller was drawn to the blues scene of Chicago, where he met Howlin’ Wolf playing in nightclubs and shared the bandstand with Muddy Waters. His own Goldberg Miller Blues Band took over for the pioneering Paul Butterfield Blues Band at Big John’s, where the college crowd met the blues on the North Side. The band signed with Epic Records and went to New York to promote the single, “The Mother Song,” appearing on TV’s “Hullabaloo” with the Supremes and the Four Tops. After finishing out the year in an extended run at a Manhattan nightclub, Miller…….

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A Friday Morning iPod Playlist – Americana with some Prog in the mix!

So today I had to run an errand that involved about 45 minutes of travel time. I was going to listen to one of the newdrum hat buddha albums on the iPhone. Then I thought no, I’ll take the iPod, and listen to some tracks that I haven’t heard for a while! I ended up with a 10 track playlist that included some prog rock, folk, Americana and blues. Here’s the playlist

1. “Numb” – Evergrey - Torn – a little progressive rock from Sweden to kick off the morning – while I was looking for this track at Spotify I saw a band on the list of related artists name Edguy – checking their latest out now!! Good Stuff!

2. “Merlin’s Lament” – Dave Carter & Tracy GrammerDrum Hat Buddha – I really like Dave Carter, what a shame that he left us so soon!

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New Bluegrass from Hot Rize – When I’m Free – Note to Band: 24 yrs between albums is too long!!

When I started to listen to a lot of music and collecting CDs, thanks to the used CD bins at Tunes in Marlton, in the early 2000s,  I found theWhen I'm Free music of Tim O’Brien, an amazing multi-instrumentalist and singer.  I also discovered the music of guitarist Charles Sawtelle. It took a while before I stumbled upon a great bluegrass album So Long a Journey (2002)  from the band Hot Rize. I discovered that both O’Brien and Sawtelle were members of the band, along with  Pete Wernick, and Nick Forster. Subsequently, I discovered that the album was a live album that had been recorded in 1996 and was a reunion album of  the band, that had retired in 1990. In 1990, the members had parted ways and went on to have distinguished solo careers. From their biography at the band’s website.

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Remembering Bob Newhart as Dick Loudon and a very funny Book Talk interview!!

newhart1-1-013Bob Newhart has alway been a favorite of mine. Whether he was Bob Hartley dealing with Mr. Carlin, Howard Bordon,or the Peeper, or Dick Loudon going up against Larry, Daryl and Daryl or any of the zany folks who lived in the Vermont community where he owned the Stratford Inn. Most recently Bob went up against Shelton Cooper on the Big Bang Theory, playing Professor Proton the TV scientist who inspired Sheldon and Leonard to become scientists. Newhart one his first Emmy for his performance.  Bob always makes me laugh. I don’t think anyone plays the deadpan straight man better!! I always loved the way that they always gave Bob an opportunity to work his comedic magic on the phone into the Newhart shows!  From his Facebook page…..

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Kathleen Mallory #11- It Happens in the Dark – Carol O’Connell

In Kathleen Mallory, author Carol O’Connell has created one of the most distinctive characters in the mystery and thrillerIt Happens oin the Dark genre. Mallory is

…. described by her creator as a sociopath. Emotionally scarred as a 6-year-old after she witnessed the murder of her mother in a small Louisiana town, Mallory flees to New York City, where she lives as a street child. She is caught trying to steal by police officer Louis Markowitz, who takes her home and becomes her foster father.

From age 10, Kathy, a “baby sociopath,” grows up surrounded by Markowitz and his colorful circle of friends, including his partner, Sgt. Riker, who later becomes Kathy’s partner and friend. As an adult, she becomes a detective in the NYPD. Genius Charles Butler assists Kathy in her side computer technology business and is in love with her, though she remains oblivious. Mallory is a tall, green-eyed, curly haired blonde in her mid-twenties at the start of the series. She is often compared to a cat toying with its prey.

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Forgotten Folksingers – Paul Clayton with a tie to Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright”

The other day I was reading Dave Van Ronk‘s autobiography The Mayor of MacDougal Street. In the chapter I was reading Dave wasPaul Clayton sings home-made recalling fellow folksinger Paul Clayton.  Clayton was a graduate of the University of Virginia,  where he earned a master’s degree in Folklore. Clayton was a true folksinger studying and singing traditional music mostly New England seas shanties and ballads and Appalachian songs. At the point of his career in the mid  to late 1950s, that Van Ronk was writing about Clayton had already recorded dozens of albums and most of them revolved around a theme like Songs of Love and Marriage, Songs of Hate and Divorce. and Waters of Tyne: English North Country Songs & Ballads.  Van Ronk writes that any time Clayton needed money, he would head to the library and look through an obscure folklore collection. He would then visit Moe Asch at Folkways Records and say “You know Moe. I was just looking through your catalog and I noticed that you don’t have a single album of Maine lumberjack ballads”

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My Summer Folk/Americana Playlist – Check it Out!

So on the left sidebar there is a playlist of some of my favorite songs from a variety of albums, most of which were released in July August and September of 2014. There are a couple that I’ve added from earlier months basically albums that I didn’t get around to writing about but  still really enjoyed! So here’s the list of the albums that the songs were taken from to make the playlist!








1. Milltowns - Mark Erelli – September 2014

I have only listened to this album of covers of Bill Morrissey songs once, and I had problems with it, mainly because Bill’s voice was so distinctive I have trouble hearing anyone else sing his songs

2. Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet) - September

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