Harry Dolan’s Very Bad Men (David Loogan Series #2)

Very Bad MenHarry Dolan’s Very Bad Men is the second book in the David Loogan series,  Dolan’s follow-up to Bad Things Happen about which Stephen King  said….. “Great F****ing Book Man, I was totally hooked”  I am in total agreement with the great Mr. King’s assessment of Bad Things Happen and I feel the same way about  Very Bad Men!!

In Harry Dolan’s Very Bad Men, David Loogan and Elizabeth Waishkey have settled down to a simple life  after the tumultuous events in Bad Things Happen, until one day when David, as editor of Gray Streets magazine receives a manuscript that begins “ I killed Henry Kormoran”.  Not  long after David receives the manuscript, Detective Waishkey is assigned to a new murder case – Henry Kormoran,  and once again it appears that David and Elizabeth are on the trail of a psychotic killer. This time the killer is targeting members of a gang that attempted to rob the Great Lakes Bank seventeen years prior! During the attempted robbery Terry Dawtrey shot Sheriff Harlan Spencer, leaving Spencer paralyzed.  Now, Spencer’s daughter Callie is running for the Senate and the current killings are dredging up old memories about the robbery that may upset Callie’s campaign, especially with investigative  reporter Lucy Navarro on the case for the tabloid The National Current!  The question becomes who and why is somebody targeting these men after such a long time.??? Is it Callie and her campaign, was she involved in the robbery?  Or is it someone else??

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Larry Fuller’s – Larry Fuller – fine jazz piano!

Larry FullerThroughout his career, Larry Fuller has been the consummate sideman. Fuller’s career began, when he was 13 years old and was given a paying gig by Floyd “Candy” Johnson, an ex-member  of both the Count Basie and Duke Ellington Orchestras. Johnson also became a mentor for Fuller.

As a sideman, Fuller has performed with a who’s who of jazz, including the likes of: Harry “Sweets” Edison, Stanley Turrentine, Phil Woods, Clark Terry, Herb Ellis, Marlena Shaw, Kevin Mahogany, John Clayton, John Heard, Bennie Golson, Emily Remler, Jimmy Witherspoon, Eddie Harris, Anita O’Day, Steve Allen, Regina Carter, Nicholas Payton, and John Legend.

In 1994, Fuller joined the Jeff Hamilton Trio, and spent 12 years with Hamilton  playing on classic albums like  Live!, It’s Hamilton Time, and Live at Steamers. After his time with Jeff Hamilton, Fuller joined the Ray Brown Trio, becoming the last piano player for the great bassist. Most recently, Fuller has been a member of the John Pizzarelli Quartet.

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Exploring the Music of Mostly Autumn

Folk Prog – United Kingdom                                 Current Release: Dressed in Voices (2014)

Dressed in VoicesMostly Autumn is  Prog Folk band, ProgArchive describes their music as:

… powerful atmospheric rock with a Celtic edge, influenced by PINK FLOYD, DEEP PURPLE and GENESIS, and reminiscent of 70′s FLEETWOOD MAC and FAIRPORT CONVENTION. Their sound incorporates the uses of flute, low and penny whistles, violins and vocal harmonies – over a powerful band, existing of keyboards, two guitarists, bass and drums.

Mostly Autumn was formed in 1995. Several of the  band’s original members had been part of  the  Pink Floyd/1970s tribute band One Stoned Snowman. In 1999, after several years of touring,  Mostly Autumn’s debut album For All We Shared was released. The original line-up of musicians included:

Bryan Josh / electric guitar, vocals, 6 string + 12 string acoustic, e-bow
Heather Findlay / vocals, 6 string acoustic guitar, tamborine
Iain Jennings / keyboards, vocals  Liam Davison / additional electric guitar, vocals, 6 string + 12 string acoustic guitar
Bob Faulds / violins
Stuart Carver / bass guitar
Kev Gibbons / low whistle, high whistle
Allan Scott / drums

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Exploring the Chicago Blues of Lurrie Bell

Lurrie BellLast year 2013 was a great year for Chicago Blues artist Lurrie Bell. Bell, the son of the great blues harpist Carey Bell released one of his most successful solo albums, Blues in My Soul.  Blues in My Soul, released on the Delmark label, was Bell’s return to electric blues after two albums which saw him playing in acoustic and religious styles. Lurrie Bell’s return was positively received by the blues community,  the Blues Foundation nominated him for five 2014 Blues Music Awards, and Lurrie won the 2013 Living Blues Award as the Male Blues Act of the Year! Here are Lurrie Bell’s five Blues Music Award’s nominations.

Blues Album of the Year (Blues in My Soul)
Blues Song of the Year (Blues in My Soul)
Traditional Blues Album of the Year (Blues in My Soul)
Blues Guitarist of the Year
Traditional Male Blues Artist of the Year

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Exploring the Prog Rock of the UK’s IQ The Road of Bones!

Evil man gesturing silence, quiet isolated on black backgroundThe other day I saw an interesting album on Progstreaming IQ’s The Road of Bones. I went to Spotify put the album on,  listened to a few minutes of the opening track “From the Outside In” really liked it and quickly downloaded the album  to the iPhone. I had a chance to listen to the album more fully this morning, and I love it. I see after reviewing band information at both IQ’s website and ProgArchives that IQ is a neo-prog band from the United Kingdom. IQ was formed in 1981 and seem to tour mostly in the UK and Europe, which partially explains why I have never heard of them.

The other part of the reason that I haven’t heard of them is that, when Peter Nichols, Michael Holmes, Martin Orford, Paul Cook and Tim Esau formed IQ in 1981, after the demise of The Lens, I was in my second year of fatherhood and was listening to less and less rock music.  Over the next umpteenth years, while I was raising my four children, IQ was busy making releasing album after album of great progressive rock! Their music combines elements of various genres including: prog, punk,jazz and even reggae. With the exception of guitarist Michael Holmes, the members of the band have changed through the years. On The Road of Bones, IQ’s latest release four out of five of the original members of the band are united for the first time in years. The only original member of the band not appearing on the new album is keyboardist Martin Orford whose duties have been taken over by Neil Durant.

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Gandalf’s Fist A Forest of Fey

A Forest of FeyThere have been some changes in the Neo Prog rock band Gandalf’s Fist, since their last release A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer. The new release  A Forest of Fey, is Gandalf Fist’s first release as a four-person band! What hasn’t changed is the stellar progressive rock delivered by the band!

Gandalf’s  Fist was formed in 2005 and was originally a creative collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Dean Marsh and lyricist/vocalist Luke Severn. The name Gandalf’s Fist, which conjures up images from J.R.R. Tolkien’s work, actually  originated, when a friend of theirs invented the name to try to impress a geeky girl one night in a bar!!  After the success of their first four albums,  in particular A Day in the Life of  a Universal Wanderer, The band appeared on the bill at Planet Rockstock ’13. After that performance, touring musicians Stefan Hepe and Chris Ewen were promoted to full-time band members

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Brian Lynch Unsung Heroes Vol. 1 and Vol. 2!


unsung-heroesToday I am reposting a post from December 12th of last year Brian Lynch Unsung Heroes Vol.1 and Vol.2. It was written shortly after I discovered the great jazz trumpet of Brian Lynch. I am reposting it today, because over the last week or so I have listened to Brian’s new release, Question Answered,and maybe this post will force me to write about Brian’s great new release featuring the piano of Emmett Cohen!! Here’s last year’s post….

The other day I was reviewing the Weekly Jazz Chart   and there at No 19 just below Dr Lonnie Smith was an Brian Lynch Unsung Heroes Vol. 2. The tagline on the album is “a tribute to underappreciated trumpet masters” sounds like my kind of album! I went to Spotify found the album sat back and listened to some damn good trumpet playing. So now I needed to find out some more about Brian Lynch a trumpeter that I have not come across yet! From Wikipedia…

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Flying with the Super band Flying Colors’ Album Second Nature!

Second NatureOne of the albums that I’ve been listening to over the last month or so is the second release from Flying Colors Second Nature. Flying Colors is a band composed of  a terrific group of musicians. Here’s the story about the genesis of the band. From the band’s website…

It started with a simple idea: virtuoso musicians and a pop singer joining to make new-fashioned music the old fashioned way. A band followed, evolving into Flying Colors: Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals), Dave LaRue (bass), Neal Morse (keyboards, vocals), Casey McPherson (lead vocals), and Steve Morse (guitar). Together, they create a unique fusion of vintage craftsmanship, contemporary music and blistering live performances. Read More

There’s a lot of good music on this album, exactly what you’d expect from this group of musicians! Probably the song that’s stood out more than any other is “Mask Machine” Last Wednesday I had a chance to listen to the album for an extended period of time on my way back from some work I was doing down on the Garden State Parkway near Atlantic City and I really enjoyed the album, particularly the guitar of Steve Morse. I had not read about the album prior to listening to it, I knew that Mike Portnoy and Neal Morse were in the band, but didn’t know the rest of the band members, so I really didn’t know that Steve Morse was the lead guitar player, and after listening to the album I do think that I will need to go and listen to some of the albums from his band!! Bottomline: The album would be a strong addition to any music library, not just a library that is predominantly progressive rock… as a matter of fact at the ProgArchives the band the sub-genre of the band is listed as prog-related! So if you like good rock music, check them out!! Grade: A Links Website Twitter Facebook ProgArchives Here’s the official video for “A Place in Your World” from Second Nature!

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Eliot Bronson – Eliot Bronson

Eliot BronsonEarlier this week I saw an interesting name at number 19 on the Roots Music Report’s Folk Chart, Eliot Bronson! Then I saw Eliot Bronson again at number 19 on the FAR Chart. Finally, I saw Eliot Bronson at number 1, on the Euro-Americana Chart! Since I know that those Europeans know their Americana music, I knew I had to check out Eliot’s new album, simply titled Eliot Bronson. Now you would think that since the album is self-titled, it is a debut album. If you did that, you would be wrong! The 35 year-old Baltimore native, has previously released two solo albums, Blackbirds in 2011 and Milwaukee in 2012. Prior to those releases Eliot was one-half of the successful awarding-winning duo The Brilliant Inventions. The other half was Josh Lamkin. The Brilliant Inventions….. From Wikipedia:

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Jazz Guitar Great Wes Montgomery Goes “Pop”!

Wes ' WindyWes Montgomery was a great jazz guitarist, but his most succesful album A Day in the Life, and single  “Windy”  were more “Pop” than jazz. However, back in 1967 and ’68, when I was listening mostly to rock and pop music, it was through Montgomery’s albums on A&M records, that I discovered the incredible jazz guitar of  Wes Montgomery.

Wes recorded three  albums for A&M, A Day in the Life, Down Here on the Ground, and  Road Song.  All of the albums contained Montgomery covering pop songs of the day,  like “Windy” and “A Day in the  Life” and even classics like “Greensleeves” and while the albums were not be full of classic jazz tracks, they are full of Wes’ great jazz  guitar!

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