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I hope you enjoy your stay!! I hope you find a new author or musical group! 

The Me, Myself

I’m Ed Karn the me in the title! I am a husband of 42 years. The father of 4, Nicholas, Andrew, Peter and Elizabeth, grandfather to 2 (Oliver and Zoe as seen above!),  an avid reader, a music junkie, a liberal pinko, commie, (says an old boss with tongue in check) the liberal part is right though. I spent 34 years testing soil, and delineating wetlands…..  Now I am semi-retired. I spend my time working part-time at Target, babysitting my grandchildren and listening to music and reading so I can write this blog!

So that I can stay active and live life to its fullest, I try to do as much as I can to try and turn back my biologic clock! I chronicles these attempts as well as life with my family over at Renaissance Granddad

As for the…

The Music and Mysteries

The music  includes lots of roots music, Music of that genre, to me, is either Americana, Alt-Country, Blues, Bluegrass or Folk. The music also includes Jazz and New Age, and more recently,  a musical genre that fuses rock with a little jazz and New Age – Progressive Rock.

As for the Mysteries, I read a variety of mystery series and follow many thriller writers who write both series and stand-alone novels. You can see the series I read here.

Me Myself – Music and Mysteries


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  1. Eivind Lorentzen

    Hi Ed,

    Just to make you aware that we got a new record out which might or not interest you as a listener.

    The band and the album
    Gentle Knife is a Norwegian progressive rock band counting 10 members. With both male and female vocals, guitars, synths, mellotron, woodwinds and everything else you would or would not expect, the band combines the mood of the ‘70s with a modern take on the genre. The band has a clear visual identity based in the artworks of Brian Talgo.

    Gentle Knife’s eponymous debut recounts the tale of an ill-fated wanderer lost in the depths of a haunted forest. An 8-part suite rooted in the classic rock concept album.

    Recorded/premixed by Øyvind Engebretsen at Sound Lab Studioes, with final mix by Neil Kernon. Mastered by Morten Lund at Lunds Lyd.

    The album has received quite positive reviews in among others Prog Archives and Sweden Rock Magazine (”A very good debut”). Dutch DPRP writes:
    ”-Gentle Knife is a big surprise. Counting 10 members and featuring male and female vocals, they have produced a debut full of great sounding and interesting music. Starting with two longer tracks, Gentle Knife offers classically-composed progressive rock songs with some jazzy elements. Tricky rhythms, catchy melodies and shrewd interaction are trademarks of the record. Coda:Impetus is a good example. Their band set-up contains the classic five-piece, as well as trumpet and sax and things you would not expect – and they know to use it all. Gentle Knife reminds me sometimes of the wonderful old Van der Graaf Generator (Intro of Our Quiet Footsteps).”

    Soundfiles for listening
    – SoundCloud soundbites (Public link):

    – Website

    -Gentle Knife on Facebook


    Download/streaming from all major international services.
    Distribution internationally: Just for Kicks, Laser’s Edge, Musea and Caerllysi among others, see for instance:



    On behalf of Gentle Knife

  2. ekkarn (Post author)

    Hi Elvind

    I give portions of your album a listen the other day and liked what I heard. I am definitely going to give it a good listen and I’m sure I’ll be writing about the album in the future. Best of luck with the album and keep the great prog coming!! Ed

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