1990 – I discovered William G. Tapply’s Brady Coyne and Elizabeth was born! A great year!

Dead Winter

Dead WinterI started to keep track of the books that I read  in 1988. I kept record of themin   A Book Lover’s Journal  and wrote short blurbs about the books. Here is a list of the 54 books that I read in 1990. That’s the most books read of any year, since I’ve   kept records! Reviewing the list, I see that it was the year I discovered William G Tapply’s Brady Coyne. After reading  Dead Winter, the eighth book in the series, which was released in 1989, I quickly went back and read the prior seven books! Tapply wrote 20 more Brady Coyne novels of which I’ve read 16.  Books #21 Shadow of Death and #25 One-Way Ticket are on my to be read bookshelves! Maybe it’s time to rediscover this great series! In 1990 the second most read  series was the Mongo Mystery series from George C Chesbro. I read four books from this series. From Goodreads….

Dr. Robert Frederickson, or “Mongo” to his friends. He’s a former circus tumbler, black belt in karate, doctor of Criminology, and professor at a New York City university. And he’s quite an unusual fellow as well, not only because he’s a private investigator but also because he’s a dwarf…

The stories and the characters in this are terrific! Chesbro wrote 13 Mongo books of which I’ve read 12.  The first seven books are probably my favorites. Here’s a link to a great synopsis of the work of George C Chesbro. Check it out and Chesbro’s work at Dangerousdwarf.com you won’t be disappointed!! Of course 1990’s reads also included some books by  other favorites like James Lee Burke, Loren Estleman, Bill Pronzini, Tony Hillerman  and Stuart Kaminsky. Here’s the complete list!

Title Author
The Cold Smell of Sacred Stone (A Mongo Mystery, #6) George C. Chesbro
Dark Side (Loren Swift Mystery) Doug Hornig
The Cat’s Meow Robert Wright Campbell
Saturday Night Dead R.D. Rosen
Murder on the Hudson Don Flynn
Perfect End William Marshall
Extenuating Circumstances Jonathan Valin
Nibbled to Death by Ducks Robert Wright Campbell
The Man Who Met the Train (Carl Wilcox, #7) Harold Adams
An Affair of Sorcerers (A Mongo Mystery, #3) George C. Chesbro
Peeper Loren D. Estleman
Dead Winter William G. Tapply
The Language of Cannibals (A Mongo Mystery, #8) George C. Chesbro
The Man Who Walked Like a Bear (Porfiry Rostnikov, #6) Stuart M. Kaminsky
Follow the Sharks (Brady Coyne, #3) William G. Tapply
You Bet Your Life (Toby Peters, #3) Stuart M. Kaminsky
Out of Nowhere William Marshall
Coyote Waits (Navajo Mysteries, #10) Tony Hillerman
The Marine Corpse (Brady Coyne, #4) William G. Tapply
Death at Charity’s Point (Brady Coyne, #1) William G. Tapply
Gone to Earth Rick Boyer
Quicksilver (Nameless Detective, #11) Bill Pronzini
A Void in Hearts (Brady Coyne, #7) William G. Tapply
Deadfall (Nameless Detective, #15) Bill Pronzini
Murder Among Friends Frank McConnell
The Vulgar Boatman (Brady Coyne, #6) William G. Tapply
The Frog King Frank McConnell
Wall of Glass (Joshua Croft, #1) Walter Satterthwait
A Ticket to the Boneyard (Matthew Scudder, #8) Lawrence Block
Blood Lake Frank McConnell
Icy Clutches (Gideon Oliver, #6) Aaron Elkins
Dead Meat (Brady Coyne, #5) William G. Tapply
Jackpot (Nameless Detective, #17) Bill Pronzini
At Ease with the Dead (Joshua Croft, #2) Walter Satterthwait
Sweet Women Lie (Amos Walker Mystery #10) Loren D. Estleman
The Neon Rain (Dave Robicheaux, #1) James Lee Burke
Shadow of a Broken Man (A Mongo Mystery, #1) George C. Chesbro
Client Privilege William G. Tapply
Black Cherry Blues (Dave Robicheaux, #3) James Lee Burke