2015 is Coming – Time to Start Running Again!

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fitnessjog (1)fitness running 2Over the last two months, instead of slowing down my biologic clock, I think I have maybe kept it immobile, but more likely, I have started it moving forward again more quickly. But now that Christmas has past, and January with the start of a new year in site, maybe I can get back into gear and start-up my efforts agin to slow down my biologic clock. I took a small step this morning, by at least doing a yoga routine! Then I ate banana cream pie for breakfast – well at least it has a few bananas in it. The thing that I need to do though is to start running again.

Of course as I say that, I realize that the winter solstice which occurred last Sunday, means that while the days will soon be getting ever so slightly longer, we are still facing three long months of winter!! The one good thing though is because I am not working full-time, I can run during daylight hours! I hate running in the dark, at 63 it’s a challenge to stay safe!!

I realize that the first thing that I need to do to start-up running again is to set a schedule and try to keep it! So weather permitting my running schedule will be Sunday, Wednesday and Friday (even though I work at Target on Friday nights). The fact that I work on Friday nights has mentally been an excuse all year.

For years I ran on Tuesday, Thursdays and then either Saturday and Sundays. So when I started to work both Friday and Saturday nights until 11:00 PM at Target, I didn’t want to run on either of those days. Friday’s because I didn’t have time between jobs and Saturdays because i was too tired from Friday! That left Sunday as the only weekend day for running. Running on Sunday though meant Monday was out (My knees need a recovery day), leaving Tuesdays and Thursdays. Soon I would dog it on Thursdays and consequently I would only get two runs in  week!! Then in October, I started working on Tuesday and Thursdays at Target from 7 am to 12pm. The first couple of weeks I did run on those days after work, but I found myself zonked for the rest of the day. I kept trying to fit runs in, only to find myself saying I’ll go tomorrow, and we al know that tomorrow never comes!! Which brings us to now. If I run Sunday, Monday is out, Tuesday is out also  leaving Wednesday, a day I’m off.  But that makes Thursday a day off in addition to working Thursday mornings. That leaves Friday to run sometime either in the morning or early afternoon and I’ll just have to think that one 30-40 minute run is equal to an eight-hour work day, which used to be what I did on a typical Friday! Now I only need to go out and in the words of Nike “just do it”

Reading this post at Phily.com this morning Running resolutions for 2015  was the motivation for writing this post. There are great simple tips for getting started as well as returning to running! The two things that I need to remember,  as I return to running is first that speed will come after I rebuild up my base mileage and secondly not to overdo it when I first restart! I tend to think that I can take off time and then start again running four miles right a way! I need to run for time either 20 or  30 minutes slowly, so that I can live to run another day!! Like always I’ll be boring you, as I let you know how I’m doing! Anyone want to share how they’re doing???