TV Memories – Jackie Vernon

So for some reason as I was getting out of the car and returning to work from lunch today, I was thinking “Where the f*!ck am I? and into my head popped an old Jackie Vernon comedy routine that had to do with lost Indians and as they came over the ridge the Chief said “We’re the Fuckowie” Must have something to do with the Bloggess and not knowing where and what the f….ck she was doing. Anyway when I came home I was looking on YouTube to see if it was there but it wasn’t but here is one of Vernon’s classic slidehow routines! I remember it well! It’s one of the few things my dad and I shared. Ed Sullivan was one of the few TV shows he watched that and maybe Dean Martin and those Golddigger Dancers! He watched Sullivan particularly for the stand-up comedians like Vernon, Jackie Mason, Rodney Dangerfield…… so here’s Jackie Vernon…..

Here are some more lines he used to use in this routine – I remember these, too

(click) Here I am, tossing coins at the toll booth.
(click) Here I am, under the car, looking for the coins.
(click) Here I am, picking up a hitchhiker.
(click) Here I am, hitchhiking.
(click) Here’s the hitchhiker picking me up with my own car. Luckily, she didn’t recognize me.