Sunday Afternoon Reads 3/11/12 – The Bible and Women to “The Ballad Medgar Evers”

AlterNet: Valerie Tarico:15 Bible Texts Reveal Why ‘God’s Own Party’ Is at War with Women

As you read the first 10 or so you say, well they all come from the Old Testament and we Christians kind of put that on the back burner and focus mainly on the New Testament, so it was good to see the misogyny of the New Testament!

Crooks and Liars:  Heather:Bill O’Reilly Attacks Sandra Fluke For Dressing Well and Taking Vacations While Advocating for Affordable Birth Control

Read the  Testimony Bill and anyone else and see that see doesn’t mention her sex life and most of the women need the contraceptives for medical reasons, like cysts that grow on ovaries that you Bill have no clue about!! Oh if only for a while they had to endure what women have to go live with……. like they say if men and women had to alternate child birth there would never be more than two kids per family and I bet that man would want contraceptives covered by health insurance!!

Addicting Info: Stephen D. Foster Jr:Mississippi Republicans Seek To Ban Liberal History In Social Studies Courses

Can you see teaching Mississippi Histry without touching on Medgar Evers, or James Meredith. I do believe they were liberals. How about the Freedom Riders!

The whole idea is ludricous!

Here’s a sample of what they’d be missing! Followed by Phil Ochs’ “The Ballad of Medgar Evers”