Life’s Soundtrack – A mix of new and old songs and a good run!

So it’s been about ten days since my last run, but today for the first time I felt almost completely pain free. So I decided to run, throughout most of the run the pain that had been at the top of my left leg was gone! There was some slight discomfort on the downhill parts of the run? But overall it was a good run. The pace was just under 10 minute per mile which I’ll take and the good part is the post run the leg feels fine!! The soundtrack for the run was a recently added shuffle!

1. “Then Came the Children” – Jerry Jeff Walker – Too Old to Change  – while I like Paul Seibel’s original version better, JJW does a nice job on the song.

2. “Low Down Dirty Shame” – Carey and Lurrie Bell Gettin’ Up – Live at Buddy Guys Legends Rosa’s – some great harp from Carey and guitar from Lurrie (father and son) on this one. Here’s a review from AllMusic

3.” I Will Stand By You” – Rob Lutes and Rob MacDonald – Live – The more I listen to this able the more I like Rob MacDonald’s terrific guitar work!

4 “Dust Bowl Blues” -Tom Rush – Ramblin’ On My Mind – This is from a collection of Live tracks from early Tom Rush and this is a good one!

5. “After Hour Blues” – Wes Montgomery – Echoes of Indiana Avenue – Its Wes It’s good!

6. “My Momma Didn’t Want Me” – Tom Rush – Ramblin’ On My Mind – another one from Tom – this one had never heard before!

7.”Long Shot” – Steep Canyon Rangers – Nobody Knows You – I haven’t listened to this album in it’s entirety yet, but if all the tracks are this goos I kmow I’ll like the whole album!

8. “500 Men” – Mason Proffit – Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream – ok we all remember the folk rock band Mason Proffit right! All those who do raise your hand! anyway this track is a good one!

9.”Doing Nothing” – Tom Irwin – Sagamon Songs – This is another album that I am enjoying the more hear it – This track has come up on several shuffles!

10. “The Calm and the Crying Wind” – Trampled by Turtles – Stars and Satellites – I was going to write the review of this new album by TBT yesterday but James Lee Burke’s Feast Day of Fools got in the way and unfortunateky it will again tonight!!

11. “Fare Thee Well Blues” – Terry Robb – Resting Place – Terry Robb is an excellant acoustic blues guitarist and I will certainly be looking for more of his music!

12. “Shell Game” – Jerry Jeff Walker – Driftin’ Way of Life – an old Jerry Jeff tune seldom heard – I listened to two of the more heard tracks on this album tonight the title track and Ramblin’ Scramblin’ one of my all time favorites!

and now it’s back to James Lee Burke!

Here’s a little Mason Proffit!