Life’s Soundtrack running with old friends!

So  I figured  out that I should run tonight and mow the lawn tomorrow night. Why you ask when it’s quite obvious that runnung is preferable to mowing! Anyway, tomorrow I will be more tired than tonight, since I have to start early tomorrow to go to Tuckerton. Then if I run tonight I can run again on Wednesday and  go to see my mom on Thursday then I can run again on Saturday. Why not Friday? Friday is a travel day to Fairfax, Va to meet with Elizabeth and go to see the Avett Brothers before we head to William and Mary on Saturday to pack up he things and bring them home on Sunday, she will follow Monday on the train. I plan to run again somewhere in Virginia Saturday or Sunday morning! Got all that! Anyway I did run tonight and was pain free in my left leg and only a slight twing in my right knee. Actually, I felt really good through the whole 4  miler, averaging abot 9:50 a mile pace, thoughout the run I felt like I could go faster!!  So it was a good night that ended in misery as Papelbon gives up a three run homer to a rookie in his first ML at bat!!

I was going to use Steve Quelets album Dance of the Robots as the soundtrack, but I think I’ll just write a review tomorrow night. So tonight I just put the iPod on a random shuffle of recently added stuff.  The soundtrack had an interesting mix of some new stuff from The 44’s and Bryan Clark and the New Lyceum Players but the soundtrack included tracks from some old favorites. One from Tom Rush from his first album on Columbia titled Tom Rush a cover of Jackson Browne’s “These Days”, two from Jerry Jeff from the Too Old to Change – Paul Seibel’s ThenCame the Children” and “Cross the Borderline”  and two from Eric Andersen’s Blue River “More Often Than Not”  and  “Wind and Sand”  Blue River has always been a favorite mainly for “Is It Really Love at All” with those great opening lyrics

Sitting here forgotten like
A book upon a shelf
No one there to turn the page  
You’re left to read yourself  
Alone to sit and wonder just how the story ends
Cause no-one ever told you child 
You gotta be your own best friend

Anyway here’s the full soundtrack:

1.”You’ll Be Mine” – The 44’s – Americana 

2. “These Days”  Tom Rush – Tom Rush

3. “Then Came The Children” – Jerry Jeff Walker – Too Old to Change

4. “Cross the Borderline – Jerry Jeff – Too Old to Change

5. “More often than Not”- Eric Andersen – Blue River . 

6. “November Moon” – Bryan Clark and the New Lyceum Players – Southern Intermission

7. “Resting Place” – Terry Robb – Resting Place

8. “Search” – Joel Harrison – Search

9. “Wind and Sand”  – Eric Andersen – Blue River

10. “Grass Valley and Beyond”  –  Joel Harrison – Search

Here’s Tom performing “These Days” just about 40 years after the track from the album I listened to was recorded!