Life’sSoundtrack – Grant Peeples – Prior Convictions

So the running plan set out at the begining of the week is working so far. Last night was a running night and I set out on The Harper Loop – 4.2 miler. Now that means two climbs and the opposing two descents. The good thing was that the pain in my right butt area is gone, my knee was a little achy, but the pain never got too bad and I took it easy, averaging about 10 minute miles! The other good thing was that my heartrate stayed below 140 through the first mile and a half and only hit 143 at the top of each climb and dropped back below 140 on the descents! I think my knees may just need two days rest once a week, every other day may be too much. We’ll see how they are on Saturday! We will be staying Friday night in Springfield, Va and I already have a course laid out from last time we stayed there last fall, the bad thing is that the terrain is hilly, but I’m building base so I’ll just take my time!! The soundtrack for the run was the new release from Grant Peeples Prior Convictions  Prior Convictions is the follow up album to last year’s highly praised Okra and Ecclesiastes. You can read all the accolades it got here. For me it certainly is in the top ten for most interesting album titles! But back to Prior Convictions, this album should garner a many rave reviews as Okra and Ecclesiastes, it’s really a great album! Peeples hails from Tallahassee Florida and now calls  Sopchoppy, Fl home. Though he was born 6 years after me, I chuckled when I read what I wrote about his early school years “I went to school and learned to read and spell badly, to crawl under the desk when Khrushchev fired a missile at us“. The statement brought back memories! He says his life changed forever when a friend introduced him to the music of Dylan  From then on he has worked and studied the art of songwriting  and the work has paid off. Highlights for me include “The Road to Damascus” a trip through the pre-conversion mind of St Paul,  “Sad Naked Woman” Peeples says this about the song  “I fell into a painting of the same name and came out with this song.”,  “Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns”  A story of an exotic dancer who has to reconcile her newly found faith with her profession.   You can read all about the songs here  and they are all well-crafted and infused with Peeples view on the society we live in. You can also check out the songs at that page! Here’s Grant with a performance of his song “High Fructose Corn Syrup”