Baseball Memories – Louisville Sluggers!

So over the last week as I was cleaning up a little, I came across these plastic bats. They were part of a set like the one below. I remember the bats but not the holder, I think I just bought the bats at the ballpark, but then again maybe not! You can tell they were from the early 60’s because of the Milwaukee Braves and the Colt 45’s!! The Houston team was named the Colt 45s from the team founding in 1962 until 1965 when they moved to the Astrodome. The Braves also left Milwaukee in 1965 for Atlanta! Who hit the first home run in a real game in the Astrodome??

Richie Allen of the Phillies and I remember seeing it! And who can forget Father;s Day 1964 and Jim Bunning’s Perfect Game! I remember that one, too! …….