A Fine Run w/ Bluegrass from The Boxcars & Info via Runner’s World Re: Music and Running!

The Boxcars

Well, whether I needed a little motivation or not to get me out on the road and running today, I got some yesterday, when I ran into the best runner on my high school cross-country team yesterday, while shopping at Target. See he is running a triathlon today I’m not really how far the swim and the bike ride are but the run part is a 10K! While  know there’s no way in hell  I can even come close to competing with him, it does give me some incentive though just to keep plodding along. Anyway the weather was fairly co-operative today staying in the low 80s, but even with that I waited until the sun was down a little and ran a course that I knew was shaded for most of the run!!  While my overall time was nothing to write home about, my average pace of 10:51 a mile over four miles is acceptable, at least for me, especially since I kept my heart rate under 160 even going uphill!

The BoxcarsThe soundtrack for the run was something a little different some bluegrass! The album that I chose was The Boxcars 2013 release It’s Just a Road. The album was nominated for a Grammy but lost. The best bluegrass album award went to The Streets of Baltimore by the Del McCoury Band. The band did win the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) award as 2013 Instrumental Group of the Year for a third year in a row!  Additionally, mandolin wizard Adam Steffey won the 2013 IBMA Mandolin Player of the Year award!  The members of Th Boxcars are some great musicians,  in addition to the great Mr.Steffey. The other members of the band are the extraordinary multi-instrumentalists Ron Stewart, and John R Bowman,  Keith Garrett and Harold Nixon, who have both worked with the band Blue Moon Rising, run out the band! Anyway, there’s a lot of good picking and singing on the album so check it out.

After my run, I went to Runner’s World to log my run. Before I got to my log, I saw this article The Effects of Music Before, During and After Running

New research supports using music to get fired up before running, and suggests that listening to music after a run can speed recovery.  The research, published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, also backs previous findings that you probably get less benefit from music the harder you run.

An interesting finding in the study…..

On the 5Ks when the runners listened to music, they ran their first two laps (of 12.5) faster than when they ran with no music. After that, the differences in lap times between the music and no-music conditions greatly decreased.

This finding is consistent with earlier research, which has concluded that the higher your effort level, the less effect music has on performance. As the researchers put it, “Initially, participants were affected by music since they needed a time period to process all afferent information regarding peripheral receptors. As soon as the brain realized the exercise intensity, a mechanism called attentional switching occurred by directing attention to the most important signals.”

I would say that is what I find, I usually can concentrate on the music at the start of the run, but if I really am having a hard time during the run, the music goes out the window and I am just trying to survive. I did find today, that I was able to pick up the beat of the music, more easily at times, and adjust my pace to be in rhythm with the music!


When the runners listened to music after their 5Ks, it had the opposite effect of pre-run music on vagal tone–music increased it compared to not listening to music post-run. According to the researchers, this means that the runners’ internal systems, including heart rate, were more quickly returning to normal. Because the goal of post-run recovery measures, such as hydration, nutritionand gentle exercise, is to speed the body’s return to its pre-workout state, this finding suggests that slow music after a hard run can help in that process.

Read Full Article at Runner’s World!

Needless to say I listened to some nice slow jazz after my run, tonight, and I have to say I feel pretty good!! Slow jazz will be tried again in the future after a run!!