A Good Day a 5K and a Used Book Sale – Who Could Ask for More??

So today was a pretty good day. When I woke up this morning I was still pretty tired. I had worked last night at Target, which meant that my work day started at 8:30 in the morning and ended at 11:39! I really didn’t feel like running a 5K but damn it wasn’t raining and the wind while fairly strong didn’t seem that bad so I made that long 1mile treck to Delanco! I was curious as to whether or not George Gusrang the best runner on my high school cross country team would be participating and sure enough George arrived a little after me. George is a year younger than me so the only year that he’s not in my age group is at the decade split, so this yeat he is still in the 50-59 age group while I’m in that 60 plus group! Now the reason I need to be in a different age group is that George and I are separated by a  about a mile on the course during the race! He is still pretty damn fast and runs triathelons and half marathons. The majority of today’s race was along the Delaware River with the wind at our backs on the way out and in our faces on the way back.

Well, the race started and it was a small field so I know I started a little faster than I should have and paid for it on the last 1 mile plus! The Riverside soccer team was running in the race and for most of the race one of the team members was running close to me at the halfway point as we turned to head back he said “Your beating half of the soccer team, pretty impressive!” I replied that I may not be beating them for long, as I was starting to struggle a little! He said “Don’t worry they’re way back! As we past the  2nd mile mark (the only mark I saw) I checked the watch and saw 17:32! So I knew I was on pace to break 28 minutes, which was my goal! As I approached the finish I saw the clock at 17:20 and ticking, damn, now I was going to have to sprint to break 28! I think I clocked in just a few seconds under 28 minutes. I haven’t seen my official time or place yet, but I do know I bested the time of my last race, because I was walking around looking at the clock as it was ticking toward 28:34!

So George finished in the top 10 and was second in his age group! I was somewhere probably in the middle of the pack and was also 2nd in my age group! So things are just about the way they were 41 years ago!

After the race I made a trip to Target to do some shopping and stopped at the library to pick up a book I had on hold. When I pulled into the library parking lot I was surprised that the Used Book Sale that I for some reason I thought I missed was this weekend! I controlled my urge to buy and buy and add and add to my To be read pile and only bought 5 books three hardbacks and two paperbacks and spent and grand total of $7.00 dollars. The books are ones that I’ve looked at a Barnes and Noble in the past. They include:


Darwin’s Radio – Greg Bear – I haven’t read a sci-fi book for a while and I’ve read and enjoyed Bear’s work a long while ago. This one looked interesting!

Still Life with Crows  – Preston and Child – This is the fourth book in the Pendergrast series that begins with Relic. I have a couple the other books in the series on the shelf but wanted to read the series in order. Now what I don’t have is book 3 Cabinet of Curiosities!


The Genesis SecretTom Knox – on of those books like the DaVinci Code and Raiders of the Lost Ark that weaves some history in to the story line

The Orpheus Deception – David Stone – when I first saw this book this quote on the dust jacket caught my attention because I love all of the authors mentioned!

“Intelligent writing, vivid characters and spellbinding, heart-pounding, hallucinogenic plotting—The Echelon Vendetta combines the eloquence of Dennis Lehane’s Mystic River, the plotting of the best Robert Ludlum novels, and the brains of a John LeCarré. I promise: you’ll love this book. I did.
RIDLEY PEARSON, New York Times–bestselling author of THE DIARY OF ELLEN RIMBAUER

The Defector – Daniel Silva – This is the ninth book of eleven in the Gabriel Allon series. Now books six and seven are on my TBR pile so I have to get moving to get to this book. But the series is great! Can you say to many books too little time!!

Which reminds me I better get back to “The Jefferson Key” by Steve Berry which I have now on my Kindle on loan from the library!!

Oh, and by the way I never picked up that hold at the library!!

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