A Good Run, with a different type of playlist, leads to the Phillip Sayce Group!

Oliver 61514

So after a fine Father’s Day breakfast yesterday, thank you everyone for the presents, this little one went off with his Dad and Mom to his first Phillies game!

Oliver 61514

Unfortunately the little guy didn’t get to see a Phillies win on his first time out to the park, but I’m sure he had a great time!! Wonder I have had his bottle before the third inning was over! (It’s a Karn family rule – no eating until after the third inning is over!)

After leaving our breakfast party, my wife and I did some shopping, actually she did some shopping while I browsed through both the Barnes & Noble in Cherry Hill and in Moorestown. Then we came home and after a light lunch followed by a power nap I was able to go for a run, wow, the first time this year that I was able to make myself run, three times in one week!! Not wanting to overdo it too much I kept the distance at four miles, the same as the other two days this week. Since the day had gotten sunnier and warmer as the day progressed, I decided on a course that would be shaded for a large part of the course, which meant that I would be going up Pancoast Ave. again!!. So off I went tunes playing, what tunes, we’ll get to in a minute, first mile 10:01- ok – second uphill – :10:58 – still not bad, 3rd mile now going downhill, 10:58 and last mile 11:43. Now the other day I ran without the heart monitor, yesterday I had it on and my pulse was fairly high over the last two miles, so I kept slowing down to help it drop a little or at least not keep climbing and overall, I achieved that goal at the cost of my pace…..but at least last night I didn’t feel totally wiped out and today I feel pretty good!! Hopefully, the temps won’t be too bad tomorrow late in the afternoon so I can keep this little streak going!!

Now for the tunes, and I say tunes because I did something completely different. Prior to the run, I went to Spotify and looked at some of the playlists, I started making a playlist using blues rock type songs and picking artists I didn’t know, then I saw the playlist to get you psyched so I took some tracks from that list and blended them with some tracks from the first list and here is the result…….

1. “Move” – Mausi

2. “Move Your Feet”- Junior Senior

3. “Just in Case” – Paulo Mendonca

4. “Morning Star” – Phillip Sayce Group

5. “The Rockefeller Skank”- Fatboy Slim

6. “Around the Bend” – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

7. “Walkin’ the Dawg” – Tony Spinner

8. “Bohemian Like You” – The Dandy Warhols

9 “Fire in Your Shoes”…. – Kaskade featuring Dragonette

Now I can’t say that I really listened closely to a lot of the tracks, but what they did do was provide a nice bet that I synced to several times during the run. My favorite tracks of course were the blues numbers, but I can’t say that I hated the rest! Overall it was a good soundtrack and sampling new artists like that may be something I’ll continue to do once a week or so!

Here’s  video from Philip Sayce – “Aberystwyth” Seems like I need to listen to the full Phillip Sayce Group album that was released in 1997!! And according to his website Phillip’s new album Influence was released today!!