A Jazzy Night – Wes and Buddy Montgomery

So the Phillies lose Game 1 of the National League Championship Series and face a tough lefthander in Jonathan Sanchez tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long series!! Well with the game tonight and some work this after didn’t do a whole lot of listening. I did rip and start to listen to a Wes Montgomery album I bought last night Fingerpickin’ I listened to the first couple of tracks this afternoon and they sounded pretty good and what really stood out was Wes’ brother Buddy on vibes! I guess since I’ve listened to mostly Wes’ music either solo or in a trio setting I never noticed the vibes that much! Anyway I went to Rhapsody and did find a couple of albums that Buddy did solo and I think I found a new vibes player to listen to! I listened for a little while and then the computer cut out and I switched to reading of Tess Gerritsen’s new book!!

But now I’m listening to more of the Fingerpickin’ album and really emjoying it! From the liner notes it’s a collection of music recorded in 1957 in Indianapolis and in 1958 when Wes and his brothers (Buddy and Monk) went to California! Four of the ten tracks on the album were written by Buddy (any wonder why the vibes stand out!) but Wes’ guitar sounds pretty good too. The album also features Freddie Hubbard on trumpet on the tracks recorded in Indianapolis. From the liner notes Freddie Hubbard was only 17 at the time the recordings were made! Listening now to “Fingerpickin'” a short track where Wes’ guitar really shines. I really think that this album will get a lot of playing time at work when jazz is required!!

Anyway on a night when the baseball was not so good the music was and so was Ice Cold The story is moving along quite nicely.

Oh by the way you may notice a new feature a link to a Facebook page maybe as a way to get to know some of my readers and get some interaction!!

Here’s Wes with a song that maybe some of you remember, Windy!!!