A Monday Morning Status Report

Zoe Tower cone

Status Report – Monday May 22, 2017


We have been lost in space and stranded on this planet for many years now… tired of that weasel Dr Smith and danger Wiill Robinson…. oops wrong status report.

Star Date 2017…..nope that doesn’t work either….

Donald Trump is still President! Arghhh! Danger USA!

My Morning Workout

Yesterday’a morning workout was a full 60 minute workout that burned 517 calories. Today’s workout was an abbreviated version of the same workout. It lasted 41 minutes, during which time I burned 309 calories . My average heart rate was 103 beats per minute and 69% of the time my heart rate was in the fat burn zone. All in all it was a good workout.

Today’s Adventures in Babysitting

When I arrived at my son’s house this morning, my daughter in law told me that my granddaughter was sick. She said she had a fever and to give her 5 ml of Tylenol after she finished her breakfast. She also said to tell her is was candy.

Usually my granddaughter is pretty good about taking medicine, but this morning she wanted no parts of it. The second time I offered her “the candy” she ran away to her playroom. When I came into the room she told me to leave so she could poop. (Yes someone is ready to be potty trained but wants no part of it.)

After watching TV for a while I tried to give her the candy again, which resulted in crying . My wife told me to ask her daddy what to do. I texted my son and he replied to tell her it’s candy juice. THis is how she responded when I tried that trick.

I don’t think she bought it. Do you?

What’s up for this afternoon?

Hopefully my granddaughter will nap this afternoon so I can get a little farther in my current read C J Box’s latest Joe Pickett adventure Vicious Circle. It is the 17th book in this excellent series.

The storyline features the return of Dallas Cates to Saddlestring and he is out to make Joe pay for what happened to Cates and his family. That story can be found in Endangered book 15 in the series. My suggestion is that you read it before reading Vicious Circle. I actually wish that It hasn’t been two years since I read Endangered.

Vicious Circle is book number 24 for 2017. I need to finish it quickly because I need to read another book before the end of the month to stay on pace to reach my goal of reading 60 books this year!

Just checked the Nest cam and my granddaughter appears to be sleeping. So it’s time to make some lunch and make my way back into the world of Joe Pickett!