A Tough Run on Sunday with Saturday thoughts of a Marathon Fading – Music by John Mayall (Video)

Saturday night at Target it was getting near closing time, and I thought to myself, when I work I start at 5:30 and end at 11:15, during those 5 and a half hours I have one 15 minute break, for the rest of the time I am in constant motion, even if I’m standing straightening a shelf my arms are still moving! That thought led me to thoughts about running and specifically a marathon or half-marathon, if I can stay in motion for those 5 plus hours, which includes a lot of walking, maybe it can be translated into running!! Maybe just maybe!

So Sunday with that thought in my head I hit the pavement. I decided to try to run without my compression tights, thinking that my knees felt really good, and running without the tights has to be a little cooler. When I started the run I felt a little twinge at the top of my right leg, but it wasn’t that bad so I kept going. The first two miles went by ok my pace was just under 10 minutes per mile for the first mile and  around 10:10 for the second mile. After that not so good, my pace slowed to over 11 minutes plus per mile for the last mile, when I was just trying to hang on and fighting not to stop. This was also the first time this year that I ran with the heart monitor throughout the run my heart rate was right around 160 or so, but over the last mile or s it was rising, which is one reason that I cut back my pace. I made the whole four mile though and my average pace was around 10:40 – but once again not a lot of 62 year-olds passed me on the run! After the run, my leg hurt a little but overall everything felt pretty good.

Until yesterday, when the pain in my leg became worse, particularly when I tried to do a forward bend and my right knee hurt when I tried to go up the stairs!! Thoughts of a marathon were quickly fading!! But today, my leg feels better. I did a yoga routine this morning which included a forward bend and while my full range of motion was not there, it was better than yesterday, and the pain in my knee going up the stairs has lessened! Now – I can try to run again this afternoon, only with tights this time, or wait until Wednesday if I wait until Wednesday that will be my only run for the week. But if I run today, and things go ok then I can run again on Thursday, decisions, decisions! I guess I’ll wait and see how I feel at 4:00 or so, and maybe what I will do is cut back the miles to three and see if that helps, three is better than none, especially for an old man!

Speaking of old men, the soundtrack for the run was the latest album from someone OLDER than me by almost two decades!! The album is A Special Life by the “Father of the British Blues John Mayall and in the interest of freeing all those interested in John Mayall, but not my running I will write about John’s new album in a separate post, but to get us ready, here’s a performance of “A Special Life” from a concert in Dresden, one of my many ancestral homes!!

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