A Trip to the Princeton Record Exchange – 1/28/12

So Son Nick and I took a trip up to the Princeton Record Exchange last night.
While I was going to spend my $25.00 Christmas gift card, Nick was going to continue shopping. He went the night before and spent his gift card plus buying 20 CDs for $100 plus dollars! I quickly scoured the folk and bluegrass section, then headed for the jazz and blues section. Then I went through the CD that were not really sorted by category. Soon I had my allotted $25.00 plus a little more. Bottom Line I came away with eleven CDs for $30.00 and Nick picked up another 10 for $64 bringing his two day haul to 30 CDs for around $160.00!  Needless to say the music junkies need to stay away from that store for awhile! Here’s my list!

1. Ninety Miles – Stephon Harris, David Sanchez, Christopher Scott – a 2 disc CD/DVD of cool jazz with a Cuban influence associated with The Ninety Miles Project.

2. If the World was You J.D. Souther – a current album from an old favorite!

3. Lit Up!Victor Wainright and the Wildroots – top notch booige blues from Victor and the boys! Wainwright is a terrific pianist!

4. Hunter, HunterAmelia Curran – an album I’ve seen and hadn’t listened to but did this AM and really liked it! I’ll be writing something after a few more listens

5. The Color of LoveRonnie Earl and the Broadcastors – another band that I see and read about but haven’t listened to… looking forward to hearing it!

6. Lifeboats for AtlantisHeather Styka – another albuim I’ve seen on I think the Folk D charts and look forward to listening to.

7. Even Trade Terence Martin Terence left us too young this year. I had listened to and liked his The Last Black and White TV CD this year and look forward to listen one.

8. Number 7Will Hoge – Currently on the Americana Charts and it appears that I have some catching up on his catalog since I have really heard none!

9. HushAna Popovic – the more I hear Ana’s music the more I like it this is a 2001 release and I listened to part of it this AM and loved it!

10 Filmore EastAl Kooper and Mike Bloomfield – The Lost Concert tapes 12/13/68. Their Live Adventures and Super Session are two favorite albums and again I look forward to this one!

11 Laserbeams and DreamsAndy Friedman – an unknown, we will see!

So all in all it was a great trip and I have lots to keep me busy!

Here’s Amelia Curran with “The Mistress” from Hunter-Hunter