A Trip to the Princeton Record Exchange – Old CDs from Old Friends!

Harvest Moon

Ok so everybody to whom this has happened raise their hand. You go into a music or book store with no money and there and tons of books and CDs you want! Then you go into those same stores with money and you can’t find much at all! Everybody’s hands up! Well, at least mine is because I finally got a chance to take my Christmas Gift Cards to the Princeton Record Exchange tonight and well many of the boxes that are usually filled with CDs were empty! Even amongst the many CDs lining the wall there were not many that caught my attention! So I spent about $10.00 and picked up 5 CDs, mostly older albums from favorite artists, that are not in my collection. The albums include:

Kickin’ It (2003)- Hamilton Loomis The only other CD from Loomis that is in my collection is Live in England, which I really enjoyed, so I’m looking forward to list one!

Handful of Blues (1995) -Robben Ford and the Blueline – I have five other albums from Ford in my collection, I’m listening to this one now and I really am enjoying it .. this was his first album with The Blue Line.

Right as Rain (1999) Tommy Castro – I have a couple other Castro CDs and one of cassette! Always some good rockin’ blues!

Harvest Moon (1992) – Neil Young – thought I should pick up something from Mr Young since I spent most of January reading his autobiography Waging Heavy Peace. Just the other night I read this in the book. One day he was in a used book/record store and there in the back was a box with many of his CDs , (the he refers to his friend Marc Benioff)

As he sifted through the CDs, I saw the titles flying by and had flashes of memory of each one. There were about thirty or forty different albums in the box. I suddenly felt very sad. All of these people had given up their CDs! The original vinyl versions all sounded much better than the CDs, but they were still important to me. I had spent so long making each one, pouring myself into it, making it sound great. Now they were all in this little box, shadows of their former selves ……

See I told my wife, that’s why I won’t give up my old vinyl, she didn’t buy it!

Anyway it was a good trip even though I didn’t get that many treasures. I did pick up two hardback books at Labyrinth Books up the street from the Record Exchange. Michael Koryta’s The Ridge and Vince Flynn’s American Assassin both in great condition for a grand total of $7.49!!

So let’s go “Into the Night” with a little “Harvest Moon” from Neil