An Eclectic Music Day starts with Cross Over Prog from the UK’s Touchstone!!


WintercoastSo today has been an eclectic music day. I started the day by listening to some prog rock from Touchstone on the walk to work. Yes the walk to work, because the car that broke down the other day on Elizabeth in Delaware, is in the shop and the part to fix it won’t be in until tomorrow. But the walk is not bad, I took my time today and it took about 10 minutes. Now that’s fine for some folk music, etc you may get a couple of songs but with prog rock you’re lucky to get through one!!  That’s the case with Wintercoast, the Touchstone album that was the soundtrack for that short walk. If you add the Prelude (narration by Jeremy Irons) and the first track “Wintercoast” together the total time is 12 minutes!! So the song was still going, when I got to work and I must say I was enjoying it, but work was calling and work involved measuring and adding areas of a site and making all the numbers add up  certainly a job not well suited for prog rock!! So I didn’t really get to listen to more of the album until late in the afternoon, but it was worth the wait, This is one great band that’s right up my alley!

The only reason that I discovered this five piece band from the United Kingdom. formed by Rob Cottingham and Adam Hodgson is that they have a new release and when I read about that album at New Prog Releases I saw….

On this eagerly awaited new album, the band continue their “Wintercoast” story with the dynamic, moving epic title track ‘Oceans Of Time’; the sequel to the title tracks of Wintercoast and The City Sleeps….

,   So I thought, even though I never really understand the lyrics and don’t have the CD to read them I’d start at the beginning, which would have been a good idea, if i had not just skimmed the piece at New Prog Releases and read….

 Another familiar theme comes from ‘Shadow’s End’, the final part of the Shadow trilogy, which started with the track ‘Shadow’, from Discordant Dreams…..

Now I have to go back to that album, which actually is not a bad thing because I was going to do it anyway, but it just puts off listening to the new album a little while….and look what they say about the new album in this same synopsis…..

Fans will enjoy a more guitar-orientated sound from Oceans Of Time than previous albums due to the nature of the writing process. All the music is written by Touchstone, with lyrics by lead vocalist Kim “Elkie” Seviour, and keys man Robert Cottingham, whilst guitarist Adam Hodgson again designed the cover artwork.

The more guitar oriented sound!!! Should I wait??? Couple the above with the ratings of the three albums at ProgArchives, which are Discordant Dreams (3.41), Wintercoast (3.70) and Oceans of Time (3.75) and I may have my answer! Even though the last rating is only based on four ratings!!!

TouchstoneThe musician line-up for Wintercoast is

Kim Seviour / vocals
Rob Cuttingham / vocals, keyboards, SFX
Adam Hodgson / guitar, SFX
Paul Moorghen / bass, backing vocals
Al Melville / drums

I really like Kim Seviour’s vocals, which is usually not the case with female lead singers (with the exception of Grace Slick and then there’s several young female blues artists). It goes unsaid that I like Adam Hodgson’s guitar …. hum… I said that didn’t I?

Ok this post started out to be about my eclectic music day, which included Touchstone, Mauri Sanchis’ Modern Organ Trio, and the soundtrack of my run blues harpist Mark Bird Stafford’s Live at the Delta, ut writing about those albums will have to wait for later, unless my mind wants to go to sleep because of that aforementioned run, in which case it will be much later!!

So let’s go back to the beginning and listen to the song “Shadow” from Touchstone’s Discordant Dreams!