An Evening Spent Revisiting the music of Jesse Colin Young and The Youngbloods!


SLightshineo tonight before I settled down to continue reading, Tell No Lies by Gregg Hurwitz, I looked through some of my vinyl collection for a favorite album that I haven’t listen to in a long while. I came away with Lightshine from Jesse Colin Young. Lightshine released in 1974, was the third solo release from Jesse after the breakup of The Youngbloods. The one song that everyone knows from The Youngbloods “Get Together” was really there only big hit, but in my opinion they produced some really good music in their short career that spanned five years (1967-1972) and produced 8 albums. Their album that rose the highest on the charts was 1970’s album Rock Festival, which is the first album of theirs that I bought. Three out of the four albums that they produced are in my collection with 1971’s release Sunlight being the only absentee. I always enjoyed their music they were kinda’ like a light Grateful Dead with many of their songs having long flowing musical interludes with jazzy overtones.

Anyway, the first side of Lightshine was always my favorite, so that’s what I listened to tonight. That side contains California Suite: composed of : “California Child”, “Grey Day” and the title track “Lightshine” .The 11 minute and 19 second, “Grey Day” makes up the majority of the Suite and is one of my favorite “drifting” tracks containing a lot of that music with jazz overtones. Love it!

After that side was over, my attention turned to one of the other members of the band Lowell “Banana” Levinger. First I looked for an album that is in my vinyl collection, his first solo release Mid-Mountain Ranch, which Spotify didn’t have,  then I went and listened to a couple of tracks from his current release , actually his 5th solo album Down to the Roots. The album sounded pretty good, so I think that I’ll have to go back and give the whole album a listen!!

Finally, I went back to The Youngbloods and listened to the first four tracks from their 1971 release Ride the Wind, which is a live album. On this album, I really enjoy the versions of “Ride the Wind”, “Sunlight” and their cover of Fred Neil’s “Dolphin”. “Sunlight” is the shortest of those tracks at 6 minutes plus…. each track’s filled with great music!!

So, it was a good night spent with some old friends! Here’s a video of Jesse Colin’s “Grey Day”……