Another Trip – Princeton Record Exchange! Part 1

So we made another trip to the Princeton Record Exchange. The trip was made so that my son Nick could spend a gift certificate from Andrew and money from us for his birthday which was Friday night. We both came home with a boatload of CD’s. Mine were divided into artists I know and like, some that I know the name but really haven’t heard the music and finally unknowns. In total ten new albums and here they are:

Known and liked

1. Mary Guthier (Go-shay) Between the Daylight and Dark. A great songwriter with a distinctive style. One of those writers who do a great job of creating a sense of place about the south. I listened to a few of the tracks on this album today and it seems to be a good one. I have her last autobiographical album The Foundling. Which I haven’t listen to since I first picked it up because it was so upsetting as she sang about contacting her birth mother who didn’t want to see her. After listening to the album I have to go back and listen!

2. Jeffrey Foucault – Ghost Repeater – (2006) I have one other Foucault album but this one producer by Bo Ramsey seems a little better. I really like the title track!

3. Grayson Capps – Wail & Ride I had some Grayson Capps on the player for a while (until I had to reformat the drive!) and enjoyed his music. He’s a good storyteller and characters unforgettable characters! His song about the post flood New Orleans is a good one!

4. Milt Jackson – The Harem (1991) I haven’t listened to the album yet but Milt is a favorite vibraphonist! I read the liner notes which Milt wrote and am excited to listen. In the notes he said that he had thought about this lineup for a long time mainly because of the sound of Jimmy Heath on sax and James Moody on flute. Additionally, Cedar Walton is his favorite pianist and he also loves the drums of Kenny Washington and bass of Bob Cranshaw. I can’t wait to listen!

5. Greg Trooper – Floating 2003 . Last but not least of the favorites is Greg Trooper. Greg is a favorite since I first picked up Straight Down Rain . I listened to a lot of this album last night and I really like it and I haven’t gotten to the song Muhammad Ali (The Meaning of Christmas) that in the line notes Steve Earle said he went home and learned after he heard it! Again can’t wait!

Heard the names not the music

6. Walter Parks 2009 – I think I listened or looked up this album one time not that long ago. From the back cover of the album:

An exquisitely recorded Americana soundtrack, this is the first solo endeavour from the guitarist for Richie Havens, Swamp Cabbage and The Nudes. With his tremolo jazz guitar, soaring lap steel and soulful lows and highs, Walter esplores the frontier of modern human spirit in search of a place where it can flourish.

7. Nawang Kechog – Karuna 1995. I guess I say I haven’t heard her solo recordings, because I have heard her flute on an album that she did with R. Carlos Nakai Winds of DevotionAnyway this album was produced by Kitaro and should by a good album to listen to at work!

Time for a break coming after the break the unknowns!

Here’s “Can’t Find My Way” from the album a great song about Katrina