Corey Stevens – Myth Live and Blue Drops of Rain

Myth Live 1


Myth Live 1So I started Wednesday thinking about the blues musician I was going to listen to and chose Corey Stevens.

A couple of weeks ago I had downloaded Corey Stevens  new live CD called Myth Live. which i a two disc CD/DVD of a concert at a new state of the art venue the Myth in Maplewood Minnesota. The album is a good mix of some of the tracks from his early albums Blue Drops of Rain and The Road to Zen both of which are in my music library . Stevens plays both of the title tracks from these albums.  Both of the tracks have always been two of my favorites.

There is one track on the CD  “Another Pretty Face” from his most recent CD Albertville, which is an album of covers of Albert King songs. I listened to that album today and thought it was really good. There are also some tracks from Bring on the Blues Stevens 2003 release. I listened to that CD briefly today and enjoyed it also. Stevens sounds a lot like Stevie Ray Vaughan and actually started out playing Vaughan covers but he can play guitar and that’s that counts. His band consists of Mark Johnson on bass, Jim Stark on guitar, Norm Stiffen on drums, Melody Gilbert background vocals and percussion and Paul Testa on Hammond organ. Testa is outstanding on the Myth Live CD. All in all it was a good two days listening to a good blues musician and his bandmates and if you’ve never heard Stevens give him a try! Here’s a video for Blue Drops of Rain!!