Blues Wednesday Mix – A Vaughan, McCLinton and Kashmar!

So this afternoon I turned on BLuesville on XMRadio on my way home for lunch and I think it was a track by track show of Jimmie Vaughan’s latest album. Anyway Vaughan was talking about the influence of Jimmy Reed and playing harmonica and a few other things so I thought that I’d listen to a little Jimmie Vaughan this afternoon. Now I said last week that The Fabulous Thunderbirds have never been a band that I listened to much but have listened to Kim Wilson’s solo stuff. So the upshot was I put Vaughan’s new album Jimmie VaughanPlays Ballads, Blues and Favoritesand I must say that I liked what I heard but alas I must confess that I didn’t hear the whole album, because after the last two days it didn’t take me too long to fall asleep on the couch so I will probably have to go back and listen some more before making any comments on the album!After Vaughan and my little nap I listened to another artist that I really haven’t listened to very much Delbert McCLinton. I heard a track the other day on XM and thought it sounded pretty good and I guess that’s what put it in my head to give Delbert a spin I listened his 2009 release Acquired Taste. While there were several good tracks on the album Delbert’s music just isn’t really for me and I really don’t know why! Anyway you can get a free download of the opening track “Mama’s Little Baby” at Delbert’s page at Amazon

The last album that I listened to is probably my favorite Mitch Kashmar and The Pontiax and their album 100 Miles to Go . I have listened to Mitch’s album Live at Labatt and enjoyed it, so I figured I’d like 100 Miles to Go and I was correct. From the opening track “Night Creeper” I liked Mitch’s great harp playing and his vocals are too bad either! Only half of the 12 tracks on the album are available for listening but the tracks I heard I liked and this will probably be an album that I will download at emusic when my tracks refresh next month!

From Delta Groove Records:

Kashmar was recognized two consecutive years in a row by the Blues Music Awards with nominations in 2006 as Best New Artist Debut and followed in 2007 as Best Instrumentalist – Harmonica.

“Mitch Kashmar is my absolute favorite blues harp player of his generation, and one of my favorites period! He’s also a first-class vocalist – his singing really knocks me out.” – William Clarke

So if you’ve never heard Mitch, Jimmie or Delbert. Check them out!

Here’s Mitch with the Igor Prado Trio “Nickels and Dimes”