Blues Wednesday with some Twang!

So I’ve never been a huge Albert Collins fan. I have a cassette of his album Iceman (1991) which has been converted to mp3s. It’s a great album and I love Albert’s guitar playing.  I obviously also have the album Showdown! (1985)  the album Albert did with Robert Cray and Johnny Copeland. That album is a favorite. While I knew Albert had died I didn’t know just when so I was surprised to see as I researched this piece that he died in 1993! About his death from Wikipedia:

After falling ill at a show in Switzerland in late July 1993, he was diagnosed in mid August with lung cancer which had metastasized to his liver, with an expected survival time of four months. Parts of his last album, Live ’92/’93, were recorded at shows that September; he died shortly afterwards, in November at the age of 61

The albums that I listened to today were  Albert’s  1978 release Ice Pickin’ and Cold Snap which was released in 1986. Both albums are filled with some great blues. Right now I’m listening to “A Good Man is Hard to Find” from Cold Snap and there is some great keyboard and now here comes Albert’s guitar!

On Cold Snap songs that caught my attention are the opening track “Cash Talking”,   “I Ain’t  Drunk”, “Hooked On You”, and the closing track “Fake I.D.”

Favorite tracks on Ice Pickin‘ include: “Honey Hush”, “Ice Pick”, “Too Tired”, and the closing track “Avalanche”. But Albert’s guitar is great on every track! So if you’ve never heard Albert Collins check hin out he was one of the greats.

Along with Albert Collins on this Blues Wednesday  I listened to one of those I’ve heard their name but never listened to their music artists, Alvin Youngblood Hart and his current CD Motivational Speaker and well I have another artist to listen to – oh too much music – too little time!. After the rocking opening track “Big Momma’s Door”  well I knew I was going to really like this album. The second track “Motivational Speaker” was just as good! Now I’ listening to “In My Time of Dyin’ another hot track. The guitar is great. Track 5 “Lawd, I’m just s Country Boy in this Great Big Freaky City” has a country vibe. Couldn’t tell be the title could you!  Anyway the album is great and I know it’s going to get a lot of listens and tomorrow I will be going back and looking at Alvin’s discography to see what I’ve been missing out on! So if you’ve never heard him check him out and if you have you know what I’ve been missing!!

So you say where’s the Twang coming tomorrow! I ran out of day!

Here’s Hart performing “Big Momma’s Door”