Book 26 for 2013 – The Other Woman – Hank Phillippi Ryan

The Other Woman

The Other WomanJake Logan is a Boston city detective and Jane Ryland an ex-TV newswoman now working as a newspaper report for The Register. Together they form the tandem that is the basis of a new series from Award Winning mystery writer Hank Phillippi Ryan,(Agatha Award for Best First Novel, Anthony Award for Best Short Story, Macavity Awards for Best Short Story) Ms Ryan is an investigative reporter for Channel 7 News on WHDH-TV, the NBC-affiliate station for Boston, Mass so she obviously knows her way around investigations like the one portrayed in  Book 26 for 2013 The Other Woman.   The first book in the series and I hope there are many more to come.

Jane Ryland is a disgraced TV journalist. After Jane refuses to revel a source and Arthur Vick a Boston grocery store magnate wins a libel suit against Jane and her employer Channel 11 with a one million dollar judgment, Jane is labeled :Wrong Guy Ryland” and loses her job. Jake, her friend (lover?), helps her get position with The Register.and now she’s writing “puff” pieces about a candidate for Senate former Governor Owen Lassiter’s wife, who has gone missing on the campaign trail. While her office mate Tuck covers the hot story about the murder of two young women left by Boston bridges. The news teams are quickly ready to dub the killings the work of the “Bridge Killer” but Jake, who is baffled by the case doesn’t think that the cases are related.

Soon Jane in an interview with Lassiter’s wife Moira Jane is confronted with the possibility of another women in Owen’s life. As events unfold on the drive up to the election, Jane and Jake soon realize that their investigations are intertwined and they may be facing a killer who will stop at nothing to keep the truth from being known, while others plot to convince Moira that “The Other Woman” in her husband’s life does exist and wants to bring down his campaign!!!

There are lots of twists and turns in this book and while I didn’t think that the book was non-stop suspense until the last hundred pages. I did like the characters and the story kept me turning the pages. I thought that the problems associated with a relationship between a cop and a reporter was interesting and handle well. So I’m looking forward to Jake and Jane’s next investigation and the development of their relationship!!

I’ll leave you with the words of New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner::

A rocket ride of  a thriller! Ryan effortlessly captures the frantic pace of colliding lives, cutting-edge journalism, and killer secrets, as only a true insider would know. Brava!!