Stay Close – Harlan Coben

Stay Close - Harlan Coben
Stay Close – Harlan Coben


Ray Levine an ex-photojournalist, who has now fallen so far that he is taking pictures as a fake paparazzi. Ray visits the same abandoned iron mill in the New Jersey Pines every year on February 18th. His life had come crashing down on that date, seventeen years earlier his life. On that day,  his girlfriend found an the body of an abusive customer, Stewart Green lying dead in a pool of blood on the path that Ray was now walking.  She knew Stewart from the strip club  where she worked.  She ran to protect herself – to protect Ray.


Megan Pierce was that girlfriend. Back then she was “Cassie”. Now she is living the suburban life, with a loving husband and two children. But she has a  wanderlust for the “old life”. When the old bartender from the strip club appears and tells her she may have seen the old customer alive. And another man goes missing on the same day as Stewart Green. Megan soon travels to Atlantic City,  to try to help the police solve the case.  The lead detective on the case is Broome who has been haunted by the case from the beginning. He has always wanted to help the widow Green find closure.

All three Ray, Cassie and Broome, are drawn into the story woven in the mind of Harlan Coben in his latest novel Stay Close! Like most of Coben’s books this one is a page turner. The well drawn characters,are three people living lives they never wanted. And they’ are also  hiding secrets, that even those closest to them, would never suspect.

Coben writes with wit and irony, and his flair for exposing the frail balance point between order and chaos in our lives has never been stronger than in this suspenseful outing.- Publishers Weekly

Here is an interview from the Today Show with Al Roker and Harlan discussing Stay Close. The best news from this clip is that Harlan is working on adaptations of  both Tell No One and Stay Close. I can’t wait. Stay Close is a good book to start with, If you’ve never read  a Harlan Coben book, Actually, any of his standalone books are great places to start!!

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