The Accident – Linwood Barclay


So Book 29 of 2011 is Linwood Barclay‘s latest thriller The Accident

 Comfy chair? Drinks? Snacks? Good lighting? Excellent! ‘Cause you’re not going to be getting up or stopping once you dive into Linwood Barclay’s latest release – The Accident. – Luanne Ollivier on

Sheila and Glen Garber are your typical middle class couple. living in Milford, Connecticut.  Glen owns a construction company and Sheila has lost her job and  is taking an accounting course so that she can help out in the business. They have one daughter eight year old Kelly. Like most families and small business’ they’re going through a rough patch. The Garbers are not alone most of their friends are in the same boat. One Ann Slocum has started selling knock-off purses at “Purse Parties”. One night Sheila is late coming back from class so Glen goes to look for her. There”s a major accident a drunk driver drove up the on ramp on the expressawy and fell asleep the car was hit by another car The accident killed the driver as well as the driver and child in the other car. The drunk driver was Sheila! Soon Glen’s life, Kelly’s life and the lives of all those around him are falling apart. As Glen tries to figure out what happened why was Sheila drinking he also has to deal with Kelly’s problems at school and the problems of friends and neighbors.

The book like most of Barclay’s books was riveting and fast paced and throughout last nigh’ts Phillies game I couldn’t put it down! I love Barclay’s books because the stories always revolve around everyday people facing REALLY big problems! I enjoy the characters and the twisting plot, that most times was written in the first person, with Glen as the narrator and at other times when it was necessary it Barclay switch to the third person. So if you like Harlan Coben try Linwood Barclay!

Here’s the offical trailer for The Accident ]

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