Book 31 – The Jefferson Key – Steve Berry

So you know I like books that combine action with historical information, so in that respect I loved Book 31 of the year Steve Berry‘s latest The Jefferson Key. In the book Steve Berry combines the attempted assassination  of the current president to the failed attempt on the life of Andrew Jackson. Along the way Berry taught me about pirates and privateers, who helped and may have been one of the main reasons America won it’s independence! A crucial aspect of the story revolves around Thomas Jefferson’s love of ciphers and a note Jackson wrote using the code to the conspirators who planned his assassination! So from the prospective of adding history into the novel the book was great.

 The Jefferson Key is the seventh book in the Cotton Malone series  and is a slight departure from the other books. This is the first book set completely in the United States! So I guess the fact that I haven’t read the other books might be the reason that I don’t know much about Cotton. But one of the complaints that I have about the book is that I didn’t learn much in this book! Malone  and his current love Cassiopeia Vitt are okay but I felt the villain Quinton Hale was more developed in the book. But the major complaint that I had about the book was that it jumped around too much it zoomed from one location and one set of characters to another sometimes only resting at one place for a couple of paragraphs!! It was also very hard to tell the good guys from the bad, especially at the beginning of the book!

But overall the action in the books was good and like I said the interesting historical tidbits were excellent, except for some of the liberties Berry took concerning other presidential assassinations!  So I guess if I want to learn more about Cotton Malone I have to go back and start at the beginning with The Templar Legacy!

Here’s an interview with Steve Berry from North Carolina Pubic TV talking about pirates and privateers and North Carolina

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