Book 32 – Preston and Child – Still Life with Crows

So the right sidebar says that I am currently reading Lassiter by PaulLevine, which I was, but then I started Preston & ChildsStill Life with Crows, and well Book 32 for 2011 is Still Life with Crows.  Still Life with Crows is the fourth book in the Pendergrast series. Now I read the first Pendergrast book Relic way back in 1997 but I didn’t remember the character of Aloysius Pendergast, who is featured in Still Life with Crows. In reading about Relic, to refresh my memory of the book, I see that the Pendergrast character that was featured in that book and the sequel Reliquary was Frank Pendergrast and that Aloysius made a supporting appearance in both books. He became the main character in book three  The Cabinet of Curiosities which I haven’t read yet, but will soon read!

The novel is set in the small town of Medicine Creek, Kansas, a small dying town amidst acres of corn. The town is on the short list of communities to be the site of an experimental field of genetically modified corn, but a series of grissly murders has the town in an uproar and given Kansas State University second thoughts about the town as the site for their experimental field. Is the murder a local serial killer, or something more sinister? Are the murders connected to the curse upon the land resulting from an Indian massacre?  While on vacation Pendergrast visits the town to help find the answers.

I really liked the book and thought both the characters and the plot were well crafted and exciting. Here’s some press about the book

Tampa Tribune

 “Smart, skillful writers who have fun spinning their tall tale, and if you enjoy things-that-go-bump-in-the-night thrillers, you’ll have fun reading it.” – Washington Post Book World

One of my reasons for picking up the book, aside from the fact that I enjoy Preston and Child’s work, was that I have books 5 Brimstone  6 Dance of Death and 7 Book of the Dead on my To Be Read shelves but I wanted to read the books in order…. so I guess before I start Brimstone I need to go back and read The Cabinet of Curiosities. But wait first I need to finish Lassiter. Oh my once again too many books, too little time!!