Book 34 for 2012 – The Prophet – Michael Koryta

Book 34 for 2012 is the latest from Michael Koryta The ProphetI have read a couple of the books in the Lincoln Perry  series and really liked the series! I also started one of Koryta’s stand-alone novels So Cold the River, got bogged down in the middle, and never finished it, so I’ve stayed away from some of his other books, passing them up for other reads. Well, I’m sorry that I have and will need to go back and make up for that after reading The Prophet. 

The Prophet revolves around brothers Adam and Kent Austin. Twenty-two years ago, Austin was supposed to take his sister home from school, he didn’t, he went to be with his girlfriend, Chelsea who was leaving town. What could go wrong it was only three blocks. lots she didn’t make it! Several days later her body was found and a family was shattered forever. Twenty-two years later, Adam is marking time as a bail bondsman, while Kent is the successful head coach of their high school football team the Chambers Cardinals, who are on their way to an undefeated season and a state championship, that is until the girlfriend of the teams star receiver is found brutally murdered. Soon the murder is tied to the Austin brothers and Adam and Kent who through the years have not even spoken must now work together to not only solve this crime, but deal with the memories of their sister!

The book was a couldn’t put down page turner for me, with characters that I think will stay with me for a long time! It was a starred Kirkus review. From the review:

Friday Night Lights meets In Cold Blood in this powerful tale of distant brothers whose torment over the murder of their sister when they were teens is compounded by the murder of another targeted teenage girl–a killing one of the brothers is determined to avenge even if that means committing murder himself.

Author Elin Hilderbrand says:

A delicious read, intricately woven, with characters who are impossible to forget. Michael Koryta excites and satisifes on every level. 

So check out The Prophet. As for me,  The Cypress House and The Ridge that have been added to my to be read list!!