Hotwire – Alex Kava

Hotwire - Alex Kava
Hotwire – Alex Kava

So the first Maggie O’Dell book by Alex Kava A Perfect Evil ($3.42 for the Kindle edition, well worth it!) was terrific, Book 35 for 2011 Hotwire is the 9th in the series, and the series is still going strong! Maggie an FBI profiler has been involved in cases. These cases have centered around: the Ebola virus, a serial killer, a terrorist bombing at the Mall of America and a Category 5 hurricane!

The Story

In this latest adventure Maggie is on her way to a conference in Denver. She is asked to stop in Nebraska to investigate some cattle mutilations. While she’s there a group of high school students are out in the woods ready to film a drug induced party for Youtube They are attacked by something that appears to be an alien. Two are left dead and the others are wounded (one was found wrapped in barbed wire). With the help of local and state law enforcement Maggie sets out to find out what happened. In addition she needs to find who or what is out to eliminate those who survived!

In a seemingly separate case Maggie’s former and potential love interest Army Colonel Benjamin Platt is contacted by the head of CDC to help solve a case involving many students in distant schools becoming violently ill after eating in their school cafeterias.

Thoughts about Hotwire and the Maggie O’Dell Series

I really enjoy this series some of the books have not been as good as others but they’ve all been ok. I like the characters in the series. The books are always fast paced and you can’t wait to get to the end! For me it’s always disappointing when a character doesn’t appear in a book. In this case, Maggie best friend Dr. Gwen Patterson is mentioned but she doesn’t make an appearance!

So if you’ve never meet Maggie pick up either HotwireA Perfect Evil or any of the other books. You will not be disappointed!

Here’s Alex Kava talking about her previous book Damaged. She also visits the forensic house a Nebraska Wesleyan University,