Book 37 – The Devil Colony – James Rollins

Let’s see what do the following have in common: Mormonism, Chief Canasatego,Thomas Jefferson, the Super-Kamiokande detector, nontechnology,the Anasazi, the children of Lehi, Iceland and the Laki eruption and Merriweather Lewis! Don’t know, how about if I add the Sigma Force, still don’t know. Well, they all make an appearance in Book number 37 of 2011 James Rollins great new novel The Devil Colony. I agree with Lee Child who says : “Nobody-and I mean nobody-does this stuff better than Rollins“. And this stuff is a great adventure tale with lots of history thrown in!

Shortly after two young Native Americans exploring a forbidden cave find hundreds of mummified Native Americans, the grandfather of one of the boys enters the cave, kills his grandson and then himself. The other boy escapes and soon brings scores of people back to the cave. Relics are quickly being taken from the cave including a mastodon skull lined with gold, as the skull is being lifted a Native American terrorist whose job it was to destroy the cave comes running out of the cave, she drops her backpack, which had C4 in it , as the skull is dropped, an explosion occurs a scientist is instantly killed and the world starts dissolving around her. The terrorist is the prime suspect. While she is on the run she calls a distant relative Uncle Painter Crowe, director of the Sigma Force. Soon Painter and the Sigma Force crew drawn into a mystery that goes back to the Founding Fathers and beyond! The explosion, in turn, sets off neutrino activity throughout the world that threatens the survival of mankind!

From there Rollins weaves historic facts into this 9th heart pounding, fast paced  Sigma Force novel! All my favorite characters are there from Seichen, Kowalski, Monk and Kat to Gray Pierce and of course the bad guys are tied to the Guild! archenemies of the Sigma Force. The action not only effects the team professionally but also personally. While it may be good to have read all the other novels especially to figure out Seichen’s relationship to everyone and also some of the background of other characters lie Monk and Kat, I do think the novel can be enjoyed by itself. So go find it and enjoy!

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