Damaged – Alex Kava

Damaged - Alex Kava


Damaged – Alex Kava -(Maggie O’Dell # 8)


Damaged by Alex Kava – Damaged is the eighth Kava novel featuring FBI profiler Maggie O’Dell. It was a fast and interesting read. Like many of her novels Kava weaves few truths amidst the fiction. In this book Maggie is literally sent into the eye of a hurricane!.A sea chest of bodies parts has been rescued from the Gulf of Mexico and Maggie is sent to Pensacola Florida to investigate .

Meanwhile Dr. Benjamin Platt is called to Pensacola assist in discovering why young soldiers are dying after successful surgery to repair war injuries. Maggie met Platt, while being treated for exposure to the Ebloa virus in the book Exposed.. They now have a quasi-relationship. Added to all this is the threat of a Catagory 5 hurricane bearing down on Pensacola!!

The characters in this book are very good, particularly Liz Bailey the Coast Guard rescue swimmer. Liz is the one who rescued the chest. Her dad Walter Bailey whose Coney Island canteen is a fixture on Pensacola Beach is another fine character.

Thoughts about the Maggie O’Dell series

I’ve been an Alex Kava fan since the first Maggie O’ Dell novel  A Perfect Evil. I thought is was a fantastic book, Through out the series the books all have been good. The last three Exposed, Black Friday and now Damaged have all dealt with a variety of issues. They included: threat of biologic terrorism, suicide bombers, and now damaged body parts.Reading the books in order  would be helpful to understand Maggie’s psyche and the surrounding characters but,I think each of the books can be read separately!  So go find a Kava novel and enjoy!