Book 38 of 2012 – Sign of the Cross – Chris Kuzneski

I first met Jonathan Payne and David Jones on their fourth adventure The Lost Throne  for Book 3 of 2012, I traveled back in time to their second adventure Sign of the Cross. Both books sprout from the mind and pen of a terrific writer Chris Kuzneski. From his website:

The first victim is abducted in Italy then crucified over a
thousand miles away. The next day, the same crime
is repeated—this time in Asia and Africa.
Three different continents but one brutal pattern:
someone is reenacting the execution of Christ.

While visiting Spain, Jonathon Payne and David Jones
are arrested for crimes they committed during their
military careers. Fortunately, the CIA brokers a deal on
their behalf: all charges will be dropped if they help
catch Dr. Charles Boyd, a master thief who has stolen
some of the finest treasures in Europe.

With little choice, the duo begins their pursuit, only to
realize that Boyd is more than a criminal. He is one
of the world’s top experts on Ancient Rome and is
close to making a discovery that threatens to rewrite
the basic foundations of Christianity.

From its breathtaking beginning to its mind-blowing
conclusion, expect the unexpected with Sign of the Cross.

This is the type of book I love, one that blends history and action into one terrific story! At the end of these types of stories many others tell you what is actual fact and what the author made up, at the end of this one Chris didn’t say. He writes in the Author’s Notes: ” I have no intention of telling anyone (including my mother) which details are true and which are make-believe. I mean, that’s one of the reasons I chose to become an author. I longed for the opportunity to blur the line between fact and fiction without ever having to explain myself”

Well in this book he certainly did blur those lines, and he left me wondering about the events surrounding Christ’s crucifixion! I love the book and the characters of Jonathan Payne and David Jones. I read on Chris’ website that he almost killed Jones off in the FIRST book, boy, are all his fans thankful he didn’t do that!!

the series is now up to Book 7 so I have a lot of catching up to do and for all of you who haven’t spent time with Payne and Jones believe me it’s time well spent!!