Book 39 – Janet Evanovich – Sizzling Sixteen

Book 39 of 2010 is the 16th adventure of Janet Evanovich’s Trenton based bounty hunter Stephanie PlumSizzling Sixteen! In this adventure Stephanie’s boss the sleazy Vincent Plum has been kidnapped by Bobby Sunflower and being ransomed to pay for his $ 786,000 gambling debt! So while the gang Connie, Lula and Stephanie don’t really want to save Vinnie they figure they have to in order to keep their jobs! Oh course in between searching for Vinnie, Stephanie and Lula have to chase down some skips including a senior citizen bigamist, a drug dealer named Chopper with a unique animal Mr Jingles protecting his money, and a skip that has stolen the lousy toilet paper from rest stops on the New Jersey Turnpike!!

Reading an Evanovich book for me is like turning to the songs Austin Lounge Lizards or Modern Man when I need a few laughs! The books are always fairly well plotted and the characters and action enjoyable! No, they just always make me laugh out loud in parts! Not great literature just great fun! So if you haven’t read one just pick one up and start, Evanovich always provides enough background information to get you somewhat up to speed and after you’ve read one I think you’ll go back for more!