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Remembering the Novels of George C Chesbro and Stuart Kaminsky

As I was looking through an old journal of the books that I read, I came across the year 1989, and it appears that that year was a fine year in reading.  I read 40 books in ’89 and it appears that I met two new friends. The first new friend who started off the year was Dr Robert Fredrickson aka “Mongo”, created by author George C Chesbro. Mongo was a dwarf and a former member of the circus who now taught and was a private eye in New York. The first “Mongo” book that I read was The Beasts of Valhalla.  Here are my comments  (never meant for publication)

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James Lee Burke

In 1987, after having only one book published in fifteen years, James Lee Burke, at the suggestion of a friend, turned to James Lee Burjewriting crime fiction. In The Neon Rain, Burke introduced the world to a Cajun recovering alcoholic police detective named Dave Robicheaux and launched his career as a bestselling author. The first Robicheaux novel I read was the 1989 Edgar Award winning novel Black Cherry Blues. From that novel:

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