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Spiritual Haven – Russell Suereth

Spiritual Haven – Relaxing ethnic instruments and rhythms blended with modern sounds

Richard Suereth - Spiritual HavenThis morning I was looking for music to serve as the soundtrack for my morning yoga routine. (routine 3 from Richard Hittleman) I made a stop at the Zone Music Reporter‘s Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart The album that caught my eye was the number 31 album Spiritual Haven by Russell Suereth. It sounded like an album that would make a good soundtrack for my yoga set, so  I gave it a quick listen,I liked what I heard, but for some reason I didn’t use it, I come back and listen to it later in the morning though, and I think that I will be in my music rotation for a while. Here’s what Steve Sheppard of One World Music says about Spiritual Haven

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Rick Sparks – Endless

Rick Sparks Endless

Rick Sparks

Rick Sparks – Endless                                                         Quiet Piano to Replenish Your Spirit

Many times I am drawn to an album by the album cover’s art work. That was the case with the album at #7 on the Zone Music Reporters December Chart, Endless from Rick Sparks. The second thing about the album that caught my eye was that the album is a self-release. It seems I’m always drawn to these albums!. Hurrah for the little guy! But it was the quiet,and relaxing beauty of Spark’s piano playing that ultimately made this one of the most enjoyable New Age albums, I have listened to in a while! The tag line on the album reads “Quiet Piano to Replenish Your Soul”and that’s just what it did for me!

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Lawrence Blatt – Emergence


Lawrence Blatt blends science and music to create the soothing Emergence

Composing music is akin to magic for me, I don’t know how it’s done nor do I care, I just enjoy the ride and the end product! With that said it is safe to say that I am in awe of Emergence the latest release from San Francisco acoustic guitarist Lawrence Blatt.

Lawrence Blatt’s award-winning music has been called heartwarming, soothing, and relaxing” and consists of layers of guitar work decorated with luscious melodies and percussive moods. Blatt says this about his work:

“My music ranges from soft contemporary compositions to mysterious pieces that could be set in the 18th century.”

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Shahab Tolouie Master of the Fusetar born Jan 15, 1975!

Shahab-TolouieSo last year the FreeWheelin/ Music Safari discovered that on this date in 1975, a very talented world fusion guitarist, Shahab Tolouie  was born! That’s him at the start of this post, he is pictured with a guitar of his creation  an instrumentally speaking a very cool guitar. Well technically speaking,  it is not a guitar it is a

Fusetar (eng.“fusion”, “tar” – farsi. “strings” – fusion of strings).  This three-necked instrument represents the culmination of his sound experiments in search of a mode of expression of his new musical concepts. The fusion of Setar, flamenco guitar, and fretless guitar

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John Luttrell – The Dream Exchange


John Luttrell - Th Dream ExchangeThe Dream Exchange the latest release from composer, singer-songwriter, producer, and performer John Luttrell sat at No. 1 on the Zone Music Reporter’s Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart back in June of this year and that may be when I discovered the album. Anyway the album has been in my music rotation for a good part of the last half of 2014! The reason for that is easy to explain – it’s a great album. Here’s what some folks have to say about the album

“John Luttrell’s “The Dream Exchange” is surely among the best ambient albums I’ve listened to in the last five years; but, it’s not “just another ambient” affair… John calls his music “atmospheric” for a very good reason – he draws on an extensive multi-cultural background to paint his visions for you in very clear, concise and enjoyable songs that will inspire you to new heights.”
– Dick Metcalf, aka Rotcod Zzaj, IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION magazine

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Garden of the Sky : John Boswell – extraordinary solo piano


Garden of the SkyAnother New Age album that I have used recently when I’ve meditated is the latest release from pianist John Boswell Garden of the Sky. While Garden of the Sky is Boswell’s eight album, it is his first solo release in fifteen years!! While Jonn Serrie creates science fiction space music, Boswell creates, according to his website,  ” gossamer-toned, classically inspired, lyrical meditations for piano—some of them composed, others improvised.” Boswell says this about his music…..

“Some people have called my playing neoclassical,” he says. “I call it film music without a film. I’ve gotten letters from a lot of people saying that they paint to my music, they write to it; that it helps them tap into their creative spirit.”

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Day Star – Chapter 2 in Jonn Serrie’s Space Odyssey!


Day StarSeveral weeks ago, I was checking the  Zone Music Reporter’s Top 100 Chart and decided to give the album at No. 1 Day Star from Jonn Serrie  a listen.  I was not disappointed in my choice!! Since then Day Star has been in my music rotation and the soundtrack for several of my meditations! Because of his love both of  music and aviation (he is a licensed FAA pilot with advanced instrument and commercial  ratings) his music combines a the “depth of space with his musical vision”  and I love the result!

Day Star is the second release in the Connecticut  native’s Space Odyssey trilogy. The first album of the trilogy was Serrie’s 2009 release Thousand Star. The trilogy is designed to be a musical odyssey to the farthest reaches of deep space. As you listen, it seems that you are part of a science fiction novel told with music and sound design! I know that I certainly felt like I was floating during my meditations!

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2014 World Music – Toumani Diabate – Toumani & Sidiki – Beautiful Music from Mali!!

Toumani and Sidiki
Yesterday, I took a quick look at the World Europe Music Chart to search for some new music. I stopped at No.1 -Toumani &Toumani and Sidiki Sidiki. I knew the name Toumani but I was not familier with the second name.I couldn't quite place the name Toumani but a quick Google search reveal that Toumani is a Mali kora player. With that information, I remembered that my introduction to the music of Toumani was in reference to the Derek Gripper album One Night on Earth:Music from the Strings of Mali that I first listened to last November. Here is that review.

Acoustic Guitars at their Best Courtesy of Rodrigo y Gabriela – 9 Dead Alive!

RodirgoY Gabriela 2

RodirgoY Gabriela 2For the last week or so the album 9 Dead Alive the latest from Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero aka Rodrigo y Gabriela has  been on the iPhone and like all of their albums from this string wizards it’s great.Since their self-titled début album premiered in 2006  on the Irish music charts at number 1,  the duo have sold more than 1.2 million albums, performed at The White House for the U.S. President Barack Obama! As well as collaborating with Hans Zimmer on the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides soundtrack while also contributing to the soundtrack for the Shrek prequel Puss in Boots!

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Winding Down – Meditation Time with Coyote Oldman’s Time Travelers!

Time Travelers

So now it is time to relax unwind and get ready for sleep. For the last two weeks I have, on most mornings, done one of the days from the Yoga Journals 21 Day Yoga Challenge beginner series. Over the last forty years while never doing yoga on an everyday basis I have done it a lot. Predominately, Hatha yoga, but I also have done Iyengar yoga, and Kundalin, which I did for about a year. Usually I find that if I do yoga for a few days in a row  I feel better, have a lighter step and more energy. Most times I catch myself asking why I feel so good and of course my response is you are doing yoga, duh! And then of course I stop! Why I don’t know! Anyway, over the last two weeks I am seeing the same results and while part of the wellness that I feel may be attributed to the fact that I am away from my self-inflicted stressful job I am still working around the house and feeling great!

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