Tiger Maple String Band – Coming Home

This morning I was in need of a little pick-me up and I turned to some old-time bluegrass music. I listened to the Tiger Maple String Band, a band that I discovered on the Roots Music Report’s Bluegrass Chart back in December of 2012. Their album  hit the spot! I particularly love the instrumentals! Here’s the post I wrote about the band back then, It was originally posted at Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries…..

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Robert Earl Keen Turns 60!

Robert Earl Keen – (Jan, 11, 1956) – The Road Goes on Forever May the Party Never End

So sometime in the late 1980s or early 90s,I heard Robert Earl Keen‘s the “Front Porch Song”, on one if the shows that Gene Shay produced here in Philly, and feel in love with his wit and music and I’ve been a fan ever since. Today Robert Earl Keen, Jr. (that’s the way I knew him first) celebrates his 60th birthday!!!

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Carrie Newcomer’s Music Highlights a Folk Friday

This week I have listened to some music from some artists that have been a staple in my music rotation for a number of years. On Wednesday, the playlist for my morning commute was composed on music from three of my acoustic guitar favorites Acoustic Alchemy, Alex de Grassi, and Brooks Williams. Then on Friday I decided that I would again make it Folk Friday. My choice as the artist for my morning commute was Carrie Newcomer. At some point on Wednesday I heard one of my favorite Carrie Newcomer songs “Holy as a Day is Spent” and I guess that was brought her music to the forefront for Friday.

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GospelbeacH fuels a good four-mile run!!

The Run – Creek Out and Back – 4 miles

So I’ spent another Sunday watching football rather than pounding the pavement! I did however make myself take to the streets yesterday after a four-hour shift at Target. I decided that a nice easy four-mile run would be the best and I  was not going to push it, but I would go a little harder than I did last week! The four-mile course that I picked was my old standby Creek Out and Back.

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Americana Music Starts My Friday!

Americana Music Dominates Friday’s Morning Commute Soundtrack

This week has been an Americana music week! The three albums that have gotten a lot of play this week were The Mulligan Brothers’ Via Portland which was the soundtrack of a run earlier this week and then Wednesday’s soundtracks to and from Paulsboro to babysit Oliver were, first Pacific Surf Line by GospelbeacH, and second, Trout Steak Revival’s Brighter Every Day. I will be writing about each of them sometime over the weekend!

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A Slower Steady Run – Music by The Mulligan Brothers

The Run – Harper Loop – 4.25 Miles

So I didn’t run on Sunday. The excuse that I gave myself was that I was having my early blood work done on Monday morning and in the past it seemed that running may have effected my liver numbers. The other reason may have been I was being lazy. The one thing that I did know was that I was not going to be lazy on Monday!! I was however going to take it easy on the run, because I thought that there was going to be a chance that I was also going to run today. Today’s run was canceled due to rain….the fair weather runner opts out again!!

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Music from Jerry Jeff Walker Powers A Fine Morning Run!

The Run

This morning when I woke up I felt pretty good and there was no question that I was going to run, My pre-run exercise was my Kundalini-Weights routine followed by a 10-minute meditation, The music for both was Illumination of the Heart the latest release from New Age artist Deuter. The album has been in my rotation for over a week now and has been a soundtrack for yoga/meditation and also a run. When I finished my yoga and changed into my running clothes, I weighed myself and was shocked at a weight of 170 lbs! Down about 3 to 4 pounds from when I started running a month ago!

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Barna Howard – Quite a Feelin’

Quite a Feelin' Barna Howard

Exploring the Music of Singer-Songwriter, Folkie – Barna Howard and his album – Quite a Feelin’

I discovered the music of Barna Howard on the June 2015 Euro-Americana Chart , where his album Quite a Feeling held down the number eight spot. One night when I was going to work at Target I listened to the album for the first time. After listening to the first song “Indiana Rose”, I knew that Mr. Howard and I were going to get along just fine! Barna’s has a sound that harkens back to the folksingers of the 60s. He has a distinctive voice and his accompanying guitar playing is pretty nice also! So the question in my mind was – Who is this Barna Howard!

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“Into the Night” with Tony Rice and Friends

Tony Rice – Guitarist Extraordinaire – Born June 8, 1951!

Celebrating his birthday today, June 8th, in addtion to Boz Scaggs is the great musician Tony Rice. Tony was born just a few months before me in the year of 1951. Tony Rice is a great guitarist whose solo work and work with brother Larry, Chris Hillman and Herb Pederson (Rice,Rice,Hillman &Pedersen) appear in my library! Here’s some background for those of you who don’t know Tony. From Wikipedia:

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Willie Nelson – Americana Icon

Willie Nelson – Music Legend – Born April 29, 1933 – Abbott, Texas

Back at the beginning of April my wife sent me a text on a Friday night that said: Willie Nelson is dead!. I was really upset. Willie dead. You know that it is going to happen eventually but Willie is on of those people who you think is just going to go on forever!  I was talking to a young co-worker about Willie and told him the story about the time Willi’s first wife Martha sewed a sleeping Willie in a bed sheet and then beat the hell out of him with a broomstick. He had never heard the story before and we both had a good laugh about it!! The next morning as I searched for news about his passing I quickly discovered that it was a hoax!! You can read about it here. So today we can thankfully celebrate Willie Nelson’s 82nd birthday, Happy Birthday Willie!

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