A Good Morning Walk powered by Blues of Desperation

Yeah I got off My Butt and went for a walk, listening to Blues of Desperation from Joe Bonamassa

So the calender that  I created yesterday says that I was going to run between 5:30 and 6:30 tonight, but when I checked the weather forecast for today I saw that it was probably going to be raining at that time. As a result, I decided to move the run to 10 o’clock this morning. I also made another change, I decided to walk instead of run. Since I have been having problems lately with my ears being clogged, i thought I would walk to Dollar General and get some ear wax removal medicine.I knew based on my running courses that I could walk a course that would make the walk about a mile.

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A Playlist for a Thursday Morning Commute

Project X = Dark Moor a track froom my commute playlist

Some Jazz, Blues and Prog Make for a Fine Commute Playlist

This morning I put the iPod on playlists recently played and for my commute to and from work at Target the soundtrack was a mix of new music added to my music library. Some the tracks are from the albums that I bought at the Princeton Record Exchange a couple of weeks ago and some are just new albums. So here’s the twelve track playlist…

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More Guitars than Friends – Anni Piper

More Guitar than Friends - Anni Piper
More Guitars than Friends from “Australia’s First Lady Of The Blues.” – Anni Piper

Anni Piper - More Guitars Than FriendsThis morning I decided to start my week with a little blues. I reviewed the Roots Music Report Blues Chart and came away with six albums that I wanted to listen to this afternoon. Alphabetically, the artist who came first was Anni Piper. Anni’s latest release More Guitars than Friends, currently sits at number 29 on the chart up from 45 last week. How could I go wrong with an album title like that!!

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Steven Troch Great Blues Harp From Belgium!

Steven Troch’s album Nice ‘N’ Greasy brightens my night!

So this evening I was browsing the Euro-Americana Chart and there are several new albums from musicians whom I like. The chart includes new albums from: Peter Cooper & Eric Brace, Cam Penner, and Grant Peeples. One of the several artists on the Tips list whose name I didn’t recognize was Steven Troch. The title of Troch’s latest album is Nice ‘N’ Greasy and any album with a title like that is worth checking out! When I went to Spotify I saw that the album cover had a picture of Steven and a big ass harmonica…again a sign that the album should be checked out!! So I did and I think I have added another blues harmonica player to my stable of favorites!! It turns out that Steven Torch is also known as the “Belgian Blues Torch” From Blues.Gr…

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Life’s Soundtracks – King King and Dave Gunning

King King’s Blues and Dave Gunning’s Folk Provide the Soundtracks for  my  Commute to Paulsboro

It seems that lately a good portion of the music I listened to is heard on my commutes to Paulsboro to babysit Oliver. Now as best as I can remember Wednesday soundtracks were a blues album Reaching for the Light from the Scottish blues band King King and the afternoon on the afternoon trip a folk album from Canadian folksinger Dave Gunning. The album was Lift  his 11th album.

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Donald Byrd + Junior Wells’ Music = Great Run!!

The Run – Harper Loop – 4.25 miles

So how could I not run when the temperature is in the  60s in December! I was waffling earlier yesterday afternoon, but I did finally decide that the weather was just to nice to pass up! I decided that I would run the Harper Loop. I figured that the run up Pancoast would be a good  training challenge, but the main reason was that I can complete the run without crossing any main roads.

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Groovin’ at the Crosse Roads on a Four Mile Run…..

The Run – Creek Out and Back – Modified – 4.03 miles

So today I ran for the first time in almost two weeks!! Two reasons, one a nagging cold that has been mostly nasal congestion and the other a very busy two weeks! Anyway, I worked today an easy Black Friday at Target. Nobody is buying food on Black Friday!! This afternoon I came home had leftovers from yesterday’s dinner and then took a nap! When I woke up I didn’t really feel like running, but the temperature was in the 60s and there was still about an hour of daylight so I decided to go for it! I thought about running a course with a hill but then I thought better about it and figured I needed a positive run, not a struggling run so I decided on the old Creek Out and Back!

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Buy My Soul Back – Kevin Selfe

Great Soundtrack to a New Workout Type…..

Kevin Selfe – Buy My Soul Back  *****

The Workout….

So Sunday after sitting through that miserable Eagles loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs, I just couldn’t make myself lace up my new running shoes and go for a run! What I did instead was pull out the stationary bike and did a 30 minute interval workout. I really didn’t know how to lay out the workout – so I ended up alternating 1 minute of fast riding followed by 1 or 2 minutes of relatively slow riding. The result that I was able to get and keep my heart rate up to the 130s during the high intensity riding and then having it drop back down in the recovery portion. So I think it was a productive workout and I am looking forward to making these types of workouts a part of my exercise schedule. What I think I need to do is scour the Net for stationary bike interval workouts.  I have already found a couple that look promising! Anyone have any favorites that they can tell me about??

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Sonny Terry – Blues Harp Master!!

Sonny Terry – Blues Harp – Born October 24, 1911 Greensboro, Georgia

Among the many instruments that I love is the harmonica or more specifically the blues harp, and there are few who play that instrument better than Sonny Terry from Blues Harp…..

The joyous whoop that Sonny Terry naturally emitted between raucous harp blasts was as distinctive a signature sound as can possibly be imagined. Only a handful of blues harmonicists wielded as much of a lasting influence on the genre as did the sightless Terry (Buster Brown, for one, copied the whoop and all), who recorded some fine urban blues as a bandleader in addition to serving as guitarist Brownie McGhee‘s longtime duet partner.(From Blues Harp)

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Run # 2:FitBit & Guitar Summit Join for a Great Run

The Run # 2 – Fastest of the Year!!

This year Target has teamed with Fitbit to provide the Fitbit clip to Target Team members free and discounts on other Fitbit products. I debated on getting the free clip or the Charge HR which is a wrist band unit and has a heart rate feature. But since my old heart rate unit is a watch and band that goes around your chest is not really working well (on the last run my heart rate went over 212!!) the debate didn’t last very long! Well, the until arrived today so even though I don’t feel 100% (my throat is still a little sore and I have a cough) there was no way I wasn’t running today!!

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