A Good Run, with a different type of playlist, leads to the Phillip Sayce Group!

So after a fine Father’s Day breakfast yesterday, thank you everyone for the presents, this little one went off with his Dad and Mom to his first Phillies game!

Oliver 61514

Unfortunately the little guy didn’t get to see a Phillies win on his first time out to the park, but I’m sure he had a great time!! Wonder I have had his bottle before the third inning was over! (It’s a Karn family rule – no eating until after the third inning is over!)

After leaving our breakfast party, my wife and I did some shopping, actually she did some shopping while I browsed through both the Barnes & Noble in Cherry Hill and in Moorestown. Then we came home and after a light lunch followed by a power nap I was able to go for a run, wow, the first time this year that I was able to make myself run, three times in one week!! Not wanting to overdo it too much I kept the distance at four miles, the same as the other two days this week. Since the day had gotten sunnier and warmer as the day progressed, I decided on a course that would be shaded for a large part of the course, which meant that I would be going up Pancoast Ave. again!!. So off I went tunes playing, what tunes, we’ll get to in a minute, first mile 10:01- ok – second uphill – :10:58 – still not bad, 3rd mile now going downhill, 10:58 and last mile 11:43. Now the other day I ran without the heart monitor, yesterday I had it on and my pulse was fairly high over the last two miles, so I kept slowing down to help it drop a little or at least not keep climbing and overall, I achieved that goal at the cost of my pace…..but at least last night I didn’t feel totally wiped out and today I feel pretty good!! Hopefully, the temps won’t be too bad tomorrow late in the afternoon so I can keep this little streak going!!

Now for the tunes, and I say tunes because I did something completely different. Prior to the run, I went to Spotify and looked at some of the playlists, I started making a playlist using blues rock type songs and picking artists I didn’t know, then I saw the playlist to get you psyched so I took some tracks from that list and blended them with some tracks from the first list and here is the result…….

1. “Move” – Mausi

2. “Move Your Feet”- Junior Senior

3. “Just in Case” – Paulo Mendonca

4. “Morning Star” – Phillip Sayce Group

5. “The Rockefeller Skank”- Fatboy Slim

6. “Around the Bend” – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

7. “Walkin’ the Dawg” – Tony Spinner

8. “Bohemian Like You” – The Dandy Warhols

9 “Fire in Your Shoes”…. – Kaskade featuring Dragonette

Now I can’t say that I really listened closely to a lot of the tracks, but what they did do was provide a nice bet that I synced to several times during the run. My favorite tracks of course were the blues numbers, but I can’t say that I hated the rest! Overall it was a good soundtrack and sampling new artists like that may be something I’ll continue to do once a week or so!

Here’s  video from Philip Sayce – “Aberystwyth” Seems like I need to listen to the full Phillip Sayce Group album that was released in 1997!! And according to his website Phillip’s new album Influence was released today!!


Life’s Soundtrack – Another Good Run this time with Lisa Mann’s New Album – Move On (video)

So back on September 4th of last year I ran the same course that I ran tonight. Back then I was coming off a couple of months of inactivity (June and July too hot!) and starting to get back into shape. On that night I there was improvement, as I ran the third and fourth miles faster than I had run them. Now tonight while I’ve run a few times in April – January, February and March were too snowy and cold for me to run much – my old body likes the fair weather! Anyway tonight is like the fourth run in April and my first four-miler and while I thought I struggled my overall time was faster than it was back in September and both my third and fourth miles were faster!! So how come?? I think that the answer may lie in the amount of yoga that I have done over the winter this year!! Overall, my weight is lower than it was and I feel better!!

Move On

One thing is for certain is that the music on both runs was as good, mainly, because it came from the same artist, Lisa Mann and her Very Good Band. Tonight the soundtrack was the band’s latest release Move On. The Soundtrack for last year’s run was her 2012 release Satisfied! Here’s what I wrote back then…..


The soundtrack for the run was Lisa Mann and her “Really Good Band’s new blues album Satisfied and I was more than Satisfied with the album and I think that her band is really good!!! It didn’t take long for this album to hook me, on the first track “See you next Tuesday”,first there was Lisa’s vocal sounding really bluesy and then half way into the first song, what’s that I hear, oh boy, kick-ass organ and then a wailing guitar!!! The music stayed that way throughout the rest of the album, a great guitar riff here, a some organ or piano there, throw in some saxophone and harp’ and then a solid bass line and vocals that made it all hang together. And it hung together well through tracks like “Satisfied”, “Surrender to the Blues”, and two of my favorites “Till the Wheels Come Off” and “King of Black Coal”. Who am I kidding, I like them all!! Lisa Mann, who has been hidden away in the Pacific Northwest has earned a spot in my library, right along side musicians like Samantha Fish, JoAnne Shaw Taylor, and Laurie Morvan!!

Really  good bandNow the folks in the Pacific Northwest have known about bassist Lisa and her band mates:  Jeff Knudson (Guitars, Backup Vocals, Co-Production), Michael Ballash (Drums, Backup Vocals and Bunny Wrangler??) and Brian Harris– (Keyboards, Organ and Backup Vocals) for a while now. In 2011, she and her Really Good Band represented the Cascade Blues Association (CBA) at the International Blues Challenge, where they made it to the semi-finals. From her website

.Lisa is a proud inductee into the Cascade Blues Association’s Hall of Fame after winning the Muddy Waters Award for Bass Player of the Year three times in a row. In Nov of 2012, Lisa took home the Muddy for Bass yet again, and to top that off, she took home Female Vocalist of the Year and her “Really Good Band” won Contemporary Blues Act of the Year. Her latest CD, Satisfied, is currently the CBA’s choice for the Best Self-Produced CD competition through the Blues Foundation. Lisa also won the Portland Music Award for Outstanding Achievement in Blues in 2012. Read More

and if all that is not enough!

Lisa’s vocals appear on Canadian blues master Bill Johnson’s Juno Award nominated CD, Still Blue. (www.billjohnsonblues.com). She is also the voice of internationally acclaimed symphonic rock band Cry for Eden. (www.cryforeden.com)

Don’t some people just make you green with envy!! I listened to Cry for Eden’s album last night, a different genre and musical style and she nails the vocals on that album. too!! So check out Lisa Mann and her really good band!!! From the Blues Music Magazine Review of Satisfied!!

For the moment, Mann is mostly a Northwest regional secret, but I suspect that brighter days are within range for Mann, as she’s a talent to be reckoned with. With music that deserves to appear on North American radio charts, she should begin to receive an abundance of strong press reviews, and thus be in position to garner fans from coast to coast.

Lisa’s latest album is just as good if not better!! I still heard the same great vocals. the screaming guitar and the ever-present keyboards that always make me happy!! The album is currently #9 on the Roots Music Report’s Blues Chart.  While all the tracks are great here are a few that caught my attention: the opening and title track “Move On”, “The Blues is My Medicine”, “I’ve Been Used” , “The Blues is Alright” and the closing track “This Bitch”. So check out Lisa and the Really Good Band!!



Oh, the other great thing that Lisa is doing is trying to send some love to Walter Trout to reciprocate for his love for Lisa and her band. Walter is in need of a liver transplant and Lisa will be donating $5.00 from the sale of each CD to Walter’s transplant fund!! Check it out here!!

Back to the music here’s Lisa and the Really Good Band performing “This Bitch”…..


Life’s Soundtrack – The Children of Tom Paxton and Jerry Jeff Walker in Song!

I’ve written before that I’ve been listening to the music of both Tom Paxton and Jerry Jeff Walker. During that time my four children have grown, two are now married with one presenting us with a new grandson, and another is going to give us another grandchild in September. I’ve also listened to Tom Paxton’s two daughters, Jennifer and Kate and Jerry Jeff”s children Django and Jessie, grow up in song. Boy I feel old!

Jennifer's RabbitThe playlist that closes this post starts with the first of these troubadours songs to their children that I heard, Tom Paxton’s song “Jennifer’s Rabbit”. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Jennifer without this song popping into my head! A few years after that song was penned Tom had to write another for his daughter Kate! Kate was a little more rambunctious her song “Katy” than Jennifer. I’ve included the girl’s performance of the song “Fred” on the playlist! The final song from Tom “Jennifer and Kate” is his song to his grown daughters from his 2008 album Comedians and Angels. which was recorded 35 years after the girl’s first performance!

Now one of Jerry Jeff’s best known early songs and the title for his autobiography is “Gypsy Songman” in Reunionthat song JJW put in a line in the final verse a few years after it was initially recorded that goes “little Django runs around, Jessie acts like a clown”. Flash forward a few years and Jerry Jeff recorded the beautiful song “For Little Jessie”(She knows her Daddy Sings)” for his daughter…..Flash Forward only 28 years this time and Jerry Jeff records “The Wedding Song” to celebrate the wedding of “little Jessie”…

Yes time marches on and I’m glad that the music of these two musicians has been the soundtrack of my life for all these years!


An Eclectic Morning PLaylist ends with Paul Thorn’s “Honky Tonk Neanderthal”! (Video)

Bela FleckSo the iPod was set on shuffle this morning as I set out to work on a stairway hall that I am getting se to paint and this is the resultant playlist – I think this playlist should be in the dictionary beside the word eclectic. What do you think?

1 Pineapple Heart – Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

2. Blue Drops of Rain – Corey Stevens

3. Six Feet Under the Ground - Michael Cleveland

So in in the first three songs there’s one jazz banjo Virtuoso, one great blues guitarist, and a bluegrass fiddle virtuoso in Michael Cleveland a good start in mixing it up!

4 Mango Story – David Wilcox

5. Lydia – Dave Fields

6. Wind Me Up – The Contribution

In these next three we hear a funny story from David Wilcox’s East Nashville Hardware album, a blues tune from Fields and tune from the Jam Band The Contribution

7. Every Day – Tinsley Ellis

8. Should’ve Learned By Now – Roger Creager

9. In My Eyes – Charlie Roth

Ok so it’s back to the blues with Tinsley Ellis from Fire It Up, some Texas Country from Roger Creager and a very nice Americana song from Charlie Roth!

10. Caribou Dreams – Peter Kater and R Carlos Nakai

11. Sixteen Tons – Leon Russell

12. Be So Blue – Trent Somner and the New Row Mob

So a very nice instrumental from pianist Peter Kate and the great R Calos Nakai, a song from my young from Leon Russell. He can make those old songs his own can’t he! And a seldom head tune from an Americana artist Trent Somner

13. Do Re Mi – Frank Hamilton

14 Harmonic Convergence – Steven Halpern

15.Fabio & Liubeace – Paul Thorn

Hey what can you say Frank Hamilton – knew and played with woody Guthrie! some new age music from Halpern and finishing with Americana’s Paul Thorn!!!

So let’s end this playlist and get back to work — how about another one from Paul Thorn – “Honky Tonk Neanderthal” performed on “The Tom & Bob Show”!!!


Life’s Soundtrack – A Not Good Day Brings Thoughts of “Send a Boat” and “I’m Busted”

Chris KnightOk so it’s not exactly Noah’s flood, but when I went to the basement this morning to exercise I discovered that the hot water heater had sprung a leak! Which means moving boxes vacuuming up water,separating damaged from on damaged junk, and now I’m waiting on a friend to come look at it, to see what I need to do!

So as sit and wait for what I am sure will be bad news, I think I’ll listen to a little Chris Knight and the song that comes to mind ……”Send a Boat”

ray CharlesOk so now he’s come and gone and given me the bad news that it’s going to cost a lot more than I thought…..now the song that comes to mind…….Ray Charles “I’m Busted”!!!

Let’s see we can go on with the mix maybe “Born Under a Bad Sign”?? Who has the next one????

Maybe to feel better I’ll go back to reading “The Orphan Master’s Son” and think about how we don’t have it as bad as some people in North Korea!


Life’s Soundtracks – And She Said Gold from Sweden’s Enbound leads me to a good run!

Well if you told me when I was in the fist half-mile of my run tonight that I would end up running faster and farther than I did on Tuesday night I ay you are nuts!! Obviously I did not feel real spry at the beginning of the run! Part of the reason for that it was a lot colder than i thought it was and I always have trouble breathing when the air is cold. But I had put on an album by what I thought was a progressive rock band Enbound and their 2011 release And She Said Gold and it sounded pretty good, so I tuned in and trudged on!! I clocked in at the first mile point at in 10:16 not bad.So I said let’s just keep moving listening to those guitars. keys and vocals that I could understand!! I asked my self over the course of the next mile, “how was I do” and the answer came back ok!! I really didn’t check my time at any other points. I just kept looking down at my pace and was constantly happily surprised that the pace was for the majority of the time hovering around that 10:30 minute per mile pace!! When I crossed the point where i started and had stopped on Monday night I was almost 2 minutes faster than Monday!! So I kept going and ended up running a full 3 miles compared to 2.8 miles on Monday and the final time was 31:30 for the three miles which coverts to a 10:30 minute per mile pace. I was very pleasantly surprised by both the run and the music! Now like I said the soundtrack for the run was And She Said Gold from Enbound. SAnds she said goldince I knew nothing about the band other than they have a great guitar player and vocalist, I went to their Facebook where I found that they are from Sweden!! I went to ProgArchives and found nothing!! Then I googled the Enbound and found them listed on several metal sites. They label their music on their Facebook page as Hard Rock/Melodic Metal. And when I went to a forum where they discuss what groups they put on the Prog Archives site I read that they liked their music but that tended more to metal than prog. I guess I agree but I thought there were several tempo changes within songs and between songs that they would make it to the Prog Archives!! Anyway the band hails from Boras, Sweden a town of about 66,000 people located in the southwest quadrant of the country. Enbound was formed in 2006 by Mike Cameron Force. His intention was to create something special with Enbound, and Enboundnot just be a normal rock/metal band. The pieces of the band came together over the next several years. bass player Swede was added to the line-up, as well as the extremely talented [then 17, now 20] year old guitar virtuoso Marvin Flowberg. In 2009 the band found their singer in Lee Hunter [Lars Säfsund] who is most famous for his work in the band Work of Art as well as performing in musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar, in the TV program “Singing Bee” on Swedish television and performing with Biondo in the Rumanian Eurovision song contest 2008. So in 2011 the albumAnd She Said Gold mastered by Björn Engelmann [Rammstein, Primal Fear, Sonata Arctica] was released. Ok so now my mind has given up on me ans all I’ll say is that in my opinion this is a great album. Full of hard charging metal that will rock you.. with some terrific guitar by Flowberg and then there are some slow ballads and throughout the whole album, Hunter’s vocals are perfect for band!! So as I say check them out!! Here’s the “official” video for the opening track “Combined The Souls”


2013 Blues from Down Under – Kara Grainger – “Fire on the Bayou”

kARA gRAINGERSo this afternoon’s soundtrack will be the new album from Kara Grainger Shiver & Sigh. Here’s some background from Amazon.com

Australia native, now Los Angeles based, Kara Grainger first picked up the guitar at age 12. She started performing in the late ’90s as lead vocalist and guitarist with the successful Sydney-based blues outfit, Papa Lips. With her brother, acclaimed harmonica player Mitch Grainger, Kara and Papa Lips enjoyed a quintessentially Australian experience. Fuelled by national ABC Radio play for their two albums, “Harmony” and “High Time Now,” the band toured up and down the sun drenched beach towns of Australia’s east coast in an old Tarago van. They blew away audiences, soaked up the outdoor lifestyle, and notched up experience at all the significant blues and folk festivals along the way. In 2006, Kara signed to Australia’s Craving Records as a solo artist who encouraged her to go to the United States to record the album. In 2008 she moved to Los Angeles, but continued to split her time between LA and Australia. Her debut CD, 2008′s “Grand and Green River” received first prize in the IAP awards in Austin, Texas and also was in the top 40 Americana charts for over 34 weeks. In 2011, she released “LA Blues” Read More.

And here’s a little taste of her great music “Fire on the Bayou”……..


Life’s Soundtrack – Running Smoothly with Neo-Prog from Wales’ – Also Eden

Also EdenSo back on Monday night (the warmest of this week) I put on my headlamp and ventured out for a four mile run, I created a new route that kept me from crossing or being on any major roads during the run. Overall the run was pretty good and though I always slow down when it’s dark my split times were really not that bad!  Overall the course measured  4.13 miles and my time was 41:48 for an average pace of 10:07 minutes per mile. The soundtrack for the run was  [Redacted] the latest release from a Neo-Prog Rock band that hails from Wales in the United Kingdom

Also Eden are a 5-piece South-West UK progressive rock band comprising vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. Influenced by traditional progressive rock music such as Genesis and Yes along with the more modern progressive sounds of Porcupine Tree and the Flower Kings, the band was initially formed as a recording project in 2005 by Huw Lloyd-Jones (vocals) and Ian Hodson (keyboards/vocals). With the addition of Simon Rogers (guitars/vocals), Ralvin Thomas (bass) and Mark Hall (drums), the band sound began to take evolve, culminating in the 2006 release “About Time”. About Time has since received many favourable reviews, and the band’s live appearances helped win new audiences both in the UK and on the Continent following live performances at Summers End Festival 2005 and 2006, and ProgFarm (Bakeveen, Holland) in 2006.

And from their website we read….

  Also Eden are a rock band who take their inspiration from a wide variety of artists, including many that have been categorised over the years as “progressive” – Genesis, Yes, Marillion, IQ, Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, The Flower Kings and so on – along with other influences as diverse as Ultravox, The Police and Cream. Focused always on strong songwriting, the band constantly evolves its sound, and the luxury of its own studio enables the organic development of albums such as the “hugely ambitious” (Geoff Barton, Classic Rock) and widely acclaimed 2011 release on F2 Records, Think Of The Children!.

Also Eden Redacted   According to their website the current line-up for the band is: Rich Harding: vocals/guitar/keyboards Simon Rogers: guitars/vocals Howard ‘H’ Sinclair: keyboards/vocals Graham Lane: bass/vocals Lee Nicholas: drums I really enjoyed their music but once again listening to a band for the first time during a run does not do them justice, especially, when it’s dark out and I” have to concentrate more on the road than the music. But I’m sure that the album will get a more thorough listening to over the next few weeks! The one thing that I am finding as I explore Prog Rock one of the su-genres that I like is Neo-Prog there are several bands within that sub-genre that have made their way into my library!! So check them out at the website or at the following locations: Facebook Reverbnation Here’s the band performing “Chronologic” from [Redacted]


The Other Half of this Morning’s Soundtrack – Prog Rockers from Wales – 25 Yard Screamer!!

25 Yard ScreamerSo like I wrote earlier today,  this morning’s soundtrack was a little eclectic, as I listened to two albums at the opposite ends of the musical spectrum. The first was Herb Alpert’s new album Steppin’ Out and at the other end of the spectrum was a progressive rock album from a trio from the UK 25 Yard Screamer. I found 25 Yard Screamer’s name among the new prog rock releases early this morning.. Their new album is titled Something that Serves to Remind or Reward. A quick trip to MOG returned only the band’s 2011 release Until All are One. So that one went on the iphone and played in the background as I worked away, and it certainly made trying to figure out how to get NJDEP approval for our client more pleasant!! A little about the band from the ProgArchives:

25 YARD SCREAMER is a trio based in Wales, UK, and was founded by chance in 2002 when Nick James (vocals, guitars) needed to get hold of some musicians for a showcase gig. Matt Clarke (bass) and Donal Owen (drums) were able to help out; and they hit it off so well that the creation of a band was called for.

Their Facebook page indicates that their hometown is Carmarthen in Wales. Okay here;s a geography time out to discover where in the world is Carman Sandiego? No that’s not right, but it’s where my mind took me!! Anyway, here’s what Wikipedia says about Carmarthen…


Carmarthen (/ˌkɑrˈmɑrðən/ kar-mar-dhən; Welsh: Caerfyrddin pronounced [kɑːɨrˈvərðɪn]) is a community in, and the county town of, Carmarthenshire, Wales. It is sited on the River Towy 8 miles (13 km) north of its mouth at Carmarthen Bay.[1] In 2001, the population was 14,648.[2]


carmethan castle

Carmarthen Castle

Carmarthen lays claim to being the oldest town in Wales but the two settlements of Old and New Carmarthen were only united into a single borough in 1546.[3] Carmarthen was the most populous borough in Wales between the 16th and 18th centuries and was described by William Camden as “the chief citie of the country”. However, population growth stagnated by the mid 19th century as more dynamic economic centres developed in the South Wales coalfield.[3] Currently, Carmarthen is the location of the headquarters of Dyfed-Powys Police, the Carmarthen campus of the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David and the West Wales General Hospital.

Until We All Are One Now back to Until We All Are One, which I am giving a second listen as I am typing – “Jeremiah” the opening track just finished and all I can say is Wow! That was a good one – nice guitar work and a lot or variety throughout the 12 minute plus song!! Actually, I thought I was well into the second song until I heard “Jeremiah” and realized that the first song was still going!! Some more great guitar and now some good drumming from Donal Owen on the second track “All God’s Toys”.  Nick James’ vocals have been strong on both tracks. More guitar on “Whorus”  Ok so I could sit here and write all night about each track or you could just go and check them out for yourself!!   If you want another review you can read one  here at the Sea of Tranquility You can also check out 25 Yard Screamer at: Facebook MySpace BandCamp As for me, I’m on the look out for that new release!! and let’s go “Into the Night” with some live 25 Yard Screamer –  25 Yard Screamer Live @ CRF 2007 Blacklight 2


Life’s Soundtrack – Symphonic Metal from Austria’s Serenity – Powers me to my fastest run of the year!

So tonight’s run was the second to the last warm up run before next Sunday’s Free to Breathe 5K in Philadelphia and it was a good run. I felt really strong at the start of the run and as a result I ran the first mile in 9:21! The second mile was a little slower at 9:37 and the third slower still at 10:05 the 5k time was 30:20 about 9:48 pace, Typically, well the way it used to be may race pace is about a minute or so faster than my training pace and if that holds I will be a very happy camper on Sunday. The final mile was slightly faster than the third mile clocking in at a 9:59 min/mile pace. The overall average pace for the run was 9:46 min/mile. The fastest pace of the year!! Now I really don;t think it was the music but the progressive band the provided the soundtrack for the run Serenity didn’t hurt!!  From Wikipedia some background about Serenity:

Serenity was founded in Tyrol, Austria in January 2001 receiving “fine reviews” for their first demo “Starseed V.R.”. In 2003/2004, three of the original members left the band. The replacement members were contacted throughout February to March 2004. The band’s next demo, “Engraved Within”, was released in April 2005 and was met with positive reviews from such reputable magazines as Germany’s Metal Hammer. Their first full album, “Words Untold and Dreams Unlived”, was released in Europe on April 27, 2007 and May 8 in the USAand Canada through Napalm Records. The band toured Europe in support of “Words Untold and Dreams Unlived” with Morgana Lefay, Threshold and later Kamelot,

SerenityThe current line-up of the band is…

  • Andreas Schipflinger – drums, backing vocals (2001–present)
  • Georg Neuhauser – lead vocals (2004–present)
  • Thomas Buchberger – lead and rhythm guitars (2004–present)
  • Fabio D’Amore – bass guitar (2010–present)
  • Clémentine Delauney – lead vocals, backing vocals (2013–present)

War Of AgesThe album that was the soundtrack of the run was their current release “War of Ages” which was released back on March 22nd  of this year. The album introduces a major change to the band’s music and line-up. Since the release of their second album the band has toured with various female guest vocalist providing the vocals for the female vocals that appear on the albums. Among the quest vocalist was Clémentine Delauney. During the tour with Clementine providing the vocals the band came to the realization that Clementine’s voice, personality and stage performances brought something special to the band’s universe she and thought should be present on the new record!! I think that they made a smart decision!  Her lead and backings vocals complement and mesh very nicely with the lead vocals of Georg Neuhauser Overall I really liked that album. It has a lot of strong guitar provided Thomas Buchberger and some nice quieter periods sprinkled throughout the album creating an overall  pleasing mix and me a chance to slow down!! So Check Out Serenity at the following sites….

Sources and links:

Band Website: http://www.serenity-band.com/index.php/home.html Wikipedia: Serenity Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/serenityaustria YouTube: Official SERENITY Channel Reverbnation: Here’s “Wings of Madness” the opening track from War of Ages, that accompanied me on my the fastest mile of the year!