Eddie Mathews becomes the 7th Player to Hit 500 Home Runs – July 14, 1967

Eddie MathewsAs I looked down the list of historical events that happen on this date in history, the one that caught my eye was that in 1967 Eddie Mathews hit his 500th home run. What made this event stand out was not that he hit his 500th home run, although back in the day that was a big thing, but that he did it as a member of the Houston Astros! I was really shocked, here was a baseball bit of trivia that  forgot. As far as I remembered Mathews was a Brave and only a Brave, but in looking at his stats, he played one year in Houston and two in Detroit at the end of his career.  When I looked back at the trade, I see that Mathews was trade from the Atlanta Braves on August 17, 1967 along with Arnold Umbach and a player to be named later (Sandy Alomar) for Dave Nicholson and Bob Bruce! When I looked at the career stats for the players involved other than Mathews I see that neither Umbach or Alomar ever played for the Astros and Nicholson and Bruce didn’t do much for Atlanta either.

Mathews hit his 500th home run off of Juan Marichal in San Francisco. The three-run homer in the sixth inning game the Astros a 6-4 in a game that they eventually won 8-6. . You can read more about the game here. At the time he was only the 7th player in baseball history to reach that milestone.

Harry Kalas Call of Home Run (1)

While Mathews career like many, ended on a sad note, by the time he played for the Astros the fine 3rd baseballs skills had slipped to the point that he was shifted to first base, but his Hall of Fame career started with a bang. In 1953, his second year in the majors the 22 year-old Mathews played in 157 games, batted .302, with 47 home runs and 135 RBIs and made his first of nine trips to the All Star Game. For the next eight (8) years Mathews hit 30 or more home runs and in 4 of those years he hit more than 40 homers!!

In 1952, when Mathews began his career the Braves were playing in Boston. The Braves moved from Boston to Milwaukee in 1953 and then moved to Atlanta in 1966, Mathews was with the Braves for each move making him the only Brave to play in all three cities. I was six when the Braves went to the  World Series in 1957 and then they returned in 1958 those two World Series are tow of my first memories about baseball.  I don’t remember any of the games. All I remember is that my mother was rooting for the Braves and in the 1957 Series pitcher Lew Burdette won 3 games for the Braves!! Also the oldest baseball card in my collection is Mathews in 1957 Topps card shown at the top of this page!  In keeping with the All Star Break that is upon us – here is Eddie Matthews 1965 Topps embossed All Star Card…..



Career Stats from the Baseball Almanac
 Eddie Mathews 500th Home Run


Something Different – Edward tries somes drawing – oh my!

And Now for something completely different!

SassafrasLeafThis afternoon I was thinking about the way that I have spent many a day and that would be wandering around woods trying to figure out where that wetlands line goes! As I thought about vegetation, I thought I wonder if anyone else has a favorite tree…or leaf?? My favorite is Sassafras, I like the shape of the leaf and I really like it went I start to dig a shallow soil boring to look at the soil, and I hit a Sassafras root and the sweet smell of Sassafras comes wafting up!

As I continued to think, I decided to try to find a picture of a Sassafras leaf. The first reference site that I went to had some basic outlines of leaves and then some pencil sketches of the leaves. When I looked at some of the leaves, I said to myself “I wonder if I could sketch those?” – I actually like to draw but seldom do it, so I got my sketch pad out and attempted a sketch. It actually didn’t look too bad. I thought what if I went out in the yard and cut some tree branches and see if I can draw those leaves. I did and I had a good time doing it, and I don’t think that the results were all that bad for someone who hasn’t really attempted to draw anything for about 30 years plus!!! What do ya’ think! Hey, I know they’re not masterpieces but maybe they are a start of something new!

B Cherry)




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Writing my blog is part of my attempt to turn back my biologic clock! Hope it helps you, too!

Over the last several weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the focus of this blog, and believe me that is not an easy thing to do, for someone with many of the symptoms of ADD!! (Hey look, there’s Liam our cat maybe I should go play with him!) Ok you get the picture so if you’ve read this blog you may know that what I do is……

  • listen to a wide variety of music, then research and write about the musician or musicians
  • read – books, mostly mysteries, but also a variety of non-fiction, as well, as many Internet posts about politics! Then I write about the mysteries and rant about the politics
  • exercise – mostly jogging then write about it usually in combination with  the music that I listened to on the run!

Now the question is why?? (M i c k e y – because we love you! Edward to mind:knock it off!) The obvious reason that I read, discover new music and even exercise is because I enjoy those activities! But there may be another reason lurking behind my gray (ok white) beard, I’m sixty-two years old and for some reason I’m not getting any younger. Ah, but that’s what I’m trying to do!!


I am a believer that the more your spine is the better your overall health! Pretty good for 62, eh?

Several,  no probably many years ago, I read the book Younger Next Year: turn back your biologic clock by Chris Crowley and Henry S Lodge, M.D. In the book they wrote about a variety of things that you can do to live, like a much younger man or woman well into your  eighties and beyond!! Sounded good to me. So after reading the book, I bought the Younger Next Year journal, where I could keep track of my exercising, and record what I ate. Recording what you eat does work, because you think twice before you have that high calorie sugary snack, when you know you have to write it down. I kept the journal from 2008 through 2010 and then for the longest while I couldn’t find it in any store. (it didn’t help that Borders closed because that’s where I used to buy it!) Anyway this year, I did find it at Barnes & Noble, so far I’ve not done real well at filing it out but I hope to correct that soon

From the Book and Journal – Here are Harry’s (Henry’s) Rules….

  • exercise six days a week for the rest of your life
  • do serious aerobic exercise four days a week for the rest of your life
  • do serious strength training, with weights, two days a week for the rest of your life
  • spend less than you make
  • quit eating crap!
  • Care
  • Connect and Commit

Over the years I’ve done pretty well keeping the first three rules, my daughter’s college years kinda put the cabash on the fourth one, I still  eat some crap – damn you Sara Lee – and I am pretty self-absorbed and that’s a shame on me thing for the last two rules!!  Ok, so that explains the exercise part of the blog….

Now over years I’ve read several other books on methods to slow your biologic clock including Power Foods for the Brain, Ultralongevity, and Your Miracle Brain and have tried to incorporate many of their ideas and rules into my life. Yesterday, I read this post at The Huffington Post - Anti-Aging: 10 Ways To Cheat The Clock — Starting Today., which discusses the same topic! The following table  lists the 10 ways to Cheat the Clock followed by the Seven-Step program for a Younger, Healthier You outlined in Ultralongevity The last column contains some of my thoughts about ways to stay young!!

10 Ways to Cheat the Clock
Starting Today
Seven-Step Program My Program (LOL)
1. Moderate Diet
2. Exercise
3. Socialize
4. Body Care
5. Manage Stress
6. Have Sex
7 Multivitamin
9. Go Easy on You Ears
10. Get More Sleep
  1. Breathe
  2. Eat
  3. Sleep
  4. Dance – movement includes exercising
  5. Love
  6. Soothe
  7. Enhance 
Keep your mind sharp
Keep reading, discovering and learning
keep your body in shape
listen to music to improve your mood
maintain positive relations
know your world -geo-politically geographically, environmentally
know our past

Looking at the table, you see a lot of steps in common, like exercise, eating, sleeping, sex and love, and reading. Reading is included in the Seven Step program but it’s reading about love. Anyway the bottom line is that while this blog is about the music I discover and listen to, the books I read and my exercise… it is also has , what I do to help slow down my biologic clock and become Younger Next Year!! And my hope is that I can make reading this blog interesting enough that you may  find some music to help your mood, learn about our world, and maybe the exploits of an old man exercising may aid shame you, into starting to exercise! All with the hope that you can turn back your biologic clock!!!

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What’s been happening – Where have all the posts gone? – Music by Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers (Video)

Ok so I have posted a little less over the last several weeks and it is for a variety of reasons. First I have worked more at my full-time job and most of it has involved field work, which leads to one tired 62 year-old at the end of the day. Secondly on several Sundays we have made the short trip to Paulsboro to visit this little one, who seems to be growing by leaps and bounds – at almost two months, he is not a newborn any more!

Oliverand thirdly, we just found out yesterday, that my son Peter and his wife are going to give little Oliver a girl cousin to play with!! Last night, we went over to Peter and Missy’s new apartment in Maple Shade to celebrate!! As a result, when I came home last night around 9:30 or so, rather than write about the music that I listened to in the field yesterday, I feel asleep!!

I did get to listen to The Independent the new album from Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers yesterday and It’s another winner! I can already hear several of the songs being played in concert with folks singing along, If you’ve never seen Roger Clyne live, you should – it’s a fun time! !

Additionally, I was in a foul mood when I was digging the first three soil borings, yesterday because I was encountering nothing but clay loam, which is a pain to get out of the auger bucket and groundwater which when combined with the soil, makes a mess!  Then the last two borings were a couple thousand feet across a sloping farm field!! Earlier in the day, I had read 25 things that you can do to increase your happiness one was (NOT – do soil borings) get outside! Hum,. I was outside and it was a beautiful day, besides I had just learned about my granddaughter, so screw the bad mood! To help me along the path to happiness, I put on some headphones and a great album from vibraphonist Mark Sherman The LA Sessions and set off across the field!! When I got a quarter of the way across the field, I realized that I had everything with me but a PEN, so slipping back into that foul mood, I turned around and headed back uphill to the car! As I walked back, I kept reminding myself that I was outside, on a beautiful day, and hey those vibes and the organ sound damn good!! Soon my mood was much better!!

So how about tonight we improve our mood by going “into the night with some classic Roger Clyne and Peacemkers.  From their YouTube Channel……

It’s Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers‘ music festival on the beach in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, ‘Circus Mexicus,’ a celebration of of rock & roll, tacos and tequila. Once a bi-annual event, now hosted each Spring, the cameras were rolling when RCPM marked their 20th Circus Mexicus concert. That unforgettable show is now a full-length, live concert DVD, coupled with interviews from band members and fans alike. Watch as Clyne touches all parts of his 15-year career with both RCPM and the seminal Tempe ’90s band, The Refreshments. The DVD was directed by Chadwick Fowler. Release date: June 11th, 2013. This is the first song on the set list and on the DVD, “Mexico.

And aren’t  those folks in the crowd having a great time!!!

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It wasn’t Record Store Day – But Edward had fun at the Princeton Record Exchange! (Video)

Princetob Record Exchange 2My wife went to the State Archives in Trenton yesterday to “look for dead people”, which is just my way to say that she was doing genealogy investigating. Actually, she was mostly looking up things to help people, who have contacted her on the Internet. Typically, I will drop her off in the morning (we live about 45 minutes south of Trenton) and then pick her up after work. Yesterday, she said she didn’t think she could last the whole day, so she suggested that she could only go for a few hours and that I could travel on up the road to Princeton and visit The Princeton Record Exchange! Since I still have a $25.00 gift card left from a couple of year ago, she didn’t have to ask twice!! She did sweeten the pot though by saying that it would be ok to spend a little more than what was left on the gift card if I wanted to. I said I doubted that I would need more at The Record Exchange but that I do like Labyrinth Books that’s around the corner up on Nassau Street! Here’s a list of the bargains that I found….. .Princeton Record ExchangeAdrian Legg – wine, women & waltz – this 1993 release is a collection of  tunes mostly waltzes, that appear on a few of Legg’s other albums. The ones that appear here are alternate versions. I look forward to hearing these tunes from this great guitarist. Punch Brothers – Antifogmatic –  I have listened to these great musicians in the past both as the Brothers and as solo artists. Each musician is a master of his instrument. The only thing missing from the band is  dobro – just kidding! Ottmar Liebert + Luna negra – Euphoria –  another favorite acoustic guitarist – this is a 1996 release the label on the CD cover says that the album is a special limited edition that contains rare remixes previously unavailable in the US! The Legendary Oscar Peterson Trio …Last Call at the Blue Note – a 1992 release on the Telarc Jazz label The album is a recording of a reunion of the original Oscar Peterson Trio featuring Herb Ellis on guitar and Ray Brown on bass made about 30 years after their origin recordings together!! Miles Davis – The Best of the Miles Davis Quintet 1965 – 1968 - the quintet included Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter and Tony Williams. This CD contains highlights taken from the deluxe box set and included some rare alternate takes!! Ben Webster – Jazz ‘Round Midnight -  This album is a collection of Webster’s recording for Verve in the 1950s and features Coleman Hawkins , Oscar  Peterson and others. I have never listened to a lot of Ben Webster, so I look forward to listening to this album. Lee Morgan: The Very Best - A collection of seven of Lee Morgan’s best songs from Blue Note. Rudy Van Gelder served as the recording engineer on all the tracks and the musicians who played with him include some greats. I listened to this album yesterday and really like it! John Ellis – one foot in the swamp – took a leap of faith on this album based on the folks playing with him. The list includes Nicholas Payton, Jason Marsalis, and John Scofield! We’ll see! Coyote Oldman – Tear of the Moon  - It wasn’t too long ago that I listened to these guys, so it was an easy decision to pick up this album. The album includes not only Native American flute but also Incan pan pipes! I can’t wait!! Mark Whitfield - true blue –  this 1994 release on Verve includes compositions from guitarist Whitfield as well as blues songs from Monk, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane! Now if you haven’t been keeping track that’s 10 albums containing a lot of good jazz and some New Age – I used my $25.00 gift card that now still has money left on it!! Here’s a video showing a rather young Mark Whitfield – the man can play guitar!!!


Life’s Intrusions… a flat tire and a trip to the Veterinarian for Liam!

So I had a couple of life’s unexpected intrusions into my music listening this week. The latest was this morning when the front end of my car started to shake and rumble horribly. I hadn’t gone far so I turned around, and almost made it back home. But I knew I had to stop and pulled to the curb a block from home and checked. The front  passenger tire had blown and was now off the rim. I checked in the trunk for the spare,. It was there, as was the jack. What was missing was the lug nut wrench. After a couple of calls I decided, the best option was to call AAA and have them change the tire. They did their usually good job and a service truck was there within the hour! Now I am sitting at STS waiting to get two tires. While the good thing is that I have two books that I am reading on the iPhone,(Theodore Roosevelt and the Assassin and The Mayor of MacDougal Street)  the bad news is that I forgot my headphones!

Earlier in the week, we had to take our favorite cat to the vet. While he didn’t look too bad. He hadn’t eaten either that morning or night prior.That morning he stuck his noise up at the food, he decided, he now didn’t like and in the evening he just didn’t bother to even come to eat! At bedtime, he was laying on the bed as usual, but my wife couldn’t get him to purr and she said his eyes didn’t look right!

The next morning, he ate a bit of food and my wife said to watch him. I did he did what he usually does sleep!! But he didn’t eat or drink anything. At lunchtime, she said we should call the vet just to be on the safe side  Additionally, she confessed that she and the cat didn’t get a lot of sleep because she kept waking up to check on him,.and spent that time leaning over him saying ‘”Please don’t die Liam,how  can I live without you”!

So off we went to the Vet. Of course after putting him in the carrier, his eyes looked normal, and he didn’t shut up until we were in the examination room! During  the initial exam by the technician, he seemed fine and even visited with the tech not on the exam table, but on the sink and cabinet counter! In all the times, we have taken cats to the Vets none have ever done anything like that!! Then the Vet came in, and he had his formal exam. The vet said that the only thing that she could come up with, was that he was a little dehydrated. I said that while we were waiting for her to come in, that was what I was thinking the problem was, basically because he had skipped those few meals. She ended up giving him some fluids and vitamins,and said that the fluids may just kick-start him eating again. As we were waiting to leave, once again Liam was up on the sink counter head-butting the Vet, as he had done with the techs earlier. Finally, he made himself at home….



Yes, Liam is King wherever he goes, and Edward plays second fiddle! Oh, by the way when he came home he immediately ate the food he likes!! And now the new tires are on the car and it’s back to listening to some music……


Lewis Black help! It’s Just a “Blue Mood” I’m in!

So after the Eagles loss today, I was not in a really great mood. You’d think that as a Philadelphia sports fan I would be used to having my heart ripped out. But no, every time we lose when we are supposed to win, I get upset. Oh well at least the Boys blew their game, too!!

Now if I’m depressed on thing that is sure to make me laugh is a rant by Lewis Black and one of my favorite rants is his rants about the coming holiday…….


There that’s better … now another song that always makes me feel better is Jerry Jeff’s “Blue Mood” now I really don’t know why except maybe it the lines ….

it’s a blue mood I’m in,
comes every now and then,
it’s the kind that softly knocks you
down to your knees,

but it’s gonna’ pass in time,
in a day or two, well I’ll be fine,
but tonight those blues
got the last old laugh on me

Night All!


A Return to Its Roots for Me,Myself,Music and Mysteries and FreeWheelin’ Music Safari Cranks it Up!!

Ok so when I started this blog, my thoughts were to write about the music that I’ve listened to over the years and the books that I read. Well, as the site developed it started to morph into more of Edward explores new roots music, bur I still stayed within the general Americana genre which includes, folk, bluegrass, Americana, and blues with a little jazz and New Age thrown in. Then I started to spread out and include some prog rock, and I found that I really like that genre. Next came jazz and explorations of that genre has fascinated me. Over the last year I’ve discovered many new jazz artists that I really like. Now I’ve expanded into World Music and more New Age, yikes!! Over the last month or so I’ve started another site FreeWheelin’ Music Safari to have a place to chronicle these new explorations. The reason for that is, I don’t know how many people are as diverse in the their musical tastes. Do people who like prog rock like folk and bluegrass, I doubt it,Conversely do people who are fans of New Age like twangy Americana, again, I don’t think so. So from this point forward. Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries will return to its roots and go back to mostly twangy music. I will have a link at both sites directing readers to the other site, if they ARE as eclectic in their tastes as I am!! I will do my best to keep both sites going ( I think I’ll just have headphones surgically implanted)

As I thought about the above split Ray Wylie Hubbards song “When She Sang Amazing Grace” and its introduction where he talks about his plan to write a Honky-tonk Gospel song came to mind. So let’s go into the morning with Ray Wylie…….

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Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

VegansYes, folks it’s that time of year again, when we give thanks for all the we have, and this year I give thanks for my wife, my children, their wives and boyfriend, and that grandchild that will be coming in March!! I’m thankful for Kathy’s Uncle and his wife and all the members of the families that my two son’s have married into, and thankful for all their friends and family!I thankful for anyone who puts up with my ramblings about music, books and politics. And thankful for all those who create the music and the books that I listen to and read!! I’m even thankful for all those Republicans and Right-Wing Nut jobs because without them what would I have to write about!! I’m thankful for my health and that I’m still able to run and that I was able to finish my 34th year at a job that’s only a half a mile from my home!!

Alice's Restaurant

Now you know what else it means when it’s Thanksgiving – yes – folks it’s time to visit with Alice, Ray, Officer Obie and all those who are populate Arlo Guthrie’s classic “Alice’s Restaurant”!! Was that a collective sign that I heard coming from my family that I’m thankful for!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to All! Enjoy the day and if you’re even not celebrating the holiday today take a moment to reflect on those things that you are thankful for! Enjoy and Go Raiders!