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Karn Brothers Edward and Charles, and Brother-in-law George Hintermeier

Discovering a New Karn Cousin!

A few weeks ago, my daughter Elizabeth went to Target to pick up an order for my wife, at Customer Service, an older gentleman, asked her for identification. After he checked the name, she thought he said “Karn, my mother’s maiden name was Karn”. When she came home and told us what he said, my wife and I couldn’t figure out the family connection. With not many Karn’s around the area, we knew he had to be related, but there was no one that we knew of who could be his mother! We needed to find out!!

The only way it would work is if he actually said that his grandmother’s maiden name was Karn! In that case his grandmother was probably Emma Karn, my grandfather’s sister. Emma married Fred Neuman and they lived on Creek Road in Delran. They were actually the next-door neighbors of my long-time boss Wayne Lippincott! Emma and Fred had three children two duaghters and one son, Fred. Since the name of the cashier was Fred, it was a good bet that the above case was true!! Fred and I often talk at the check out and he calls me “Young fella” telling him once that I’m old too, he said – but not as old as me and he is right, I’m ten years his junior!

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fitness running 2

2015 is Coming – Time to Start Running Again!

fitnessjog (1)fitness running 2Over the last two months, instead of slowing down my biologic clock, I think I have maybe kept it immobile, but more likely, I have started it moving forward again more quickly. But now that Christmas has past, and January with the start of a new year in site, maybe I can get back into gear and start-up my efforts agin to slow down my biologic clock. I took a small step this morning, by at least doing a yoga routine! Then I ate banana cream pie for breakfast – well at least it has a few bananas in it. The thing that I need to do though is to start running again.

Of course as I say that, I realize that the winter solstice which occurred last Sunday, means that while the days will soon be getting ever so slightly longer, we are still facing three long months of winter!! The one good thing though is because I am not working full-time, I can run during daylight hours! I hate running in the dark, at 63 it’s a challenge to stay safe!!

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Oliver and Santa2

Changes in the Karn Christmas Traditions!

Merry Christmas Morning to All! I hope everyone has a wonderful day today!! For the first time in 35 plus years Christmas morning will not be spent in our house! But I do believe that will be more than made up for by the presence of Oliver Edward and Zoe Isabella. This Christmas morning will be spent at son Andrew and Meaghan’s home. The other difference will be that Elizabeth will not be the first to open here presents, that honor will go to the youngest Ms. Zoe!!

My other fear is that young Oliver did not get a glimpse of Santa last nigh putting out his family’s presents and heaven forbid that he saw mommy kissing Santa!!

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Norwegian Sven Magnus Carlsen retains his World Chess Championship! Go Norway!!

Magnus_Carlsen2So this week I discovered another Norwegian writer Jorgen Brekke, who I really like, and another blues artist Magnus Berg whose music will find a home in my music library! Then today I read that the reigning World Chess Champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen retained his title by defeating challenger Viswanathan Anand. Carlsen won after the completion of the 11th game of the 12 scheduled games. The match ended on November 23rd with Carlsen winning three games, losing one and drawing seven. So who is this Magnus Carlsen….. from Wikipedia

Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen (Norwegian: [sʋɛn ˈmɑŋnʉs øːn ˈkɑːɭsn̩]; born 30 November 1990) is a Norwegian chess grandmaster, No. 1 ranked player in the world and reigning World Chess Champion in classical, rapid, and blitz. His peak rating is 2882, the highest in history. A chess prodigy, Carlsen became a Grandmaster in 2004, at the age of 13 years, 148 days, making him at that time the second youngest grandmaster in history, although he has since become the third youngest. On 1 January 2010, at the age of 19 years, 32 days, he became the youngest chess player in history to be ranked world No. 1. On the January 2013 FIDE rating list, Carlsen reached an Elo rating of 2861, at that time the highest in history. In November 2013, Carlsen defeated Viswanathan Anand in the World Chess Championship 2013, thus becoming the new world chess champion, and subsequently defended his title during the World Chess Championship 2014 in November 2014 defeating Anand again.

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Pennsauken 5K

Thoughts about Running, and a four-mile get-back run – soundtrack by Joe Bonamassa

Pennsauken 5K

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So as a runner, there’s nothing that gets me more inspired to run, than sitting and watching hundreds of runners of all sizes, and shapes triumphantly crossing the finish line of a race! A friend of mine once said to me that you shouldn’t run a race unless you have a chance to win the race! Well,only a select few had a chance to win any of the races from the 5K to the Half-Marathon in Trenton on Saturday, but every one of those finishers won the battle against their own mind and body. You know that mind that through every mile says “Can we stop now!”, “Boy are you stupid to do this”   and “You call this fun!” But each runner pushed on telling that voice in their head to shut up and most crossed the finish line with arms aloft in victory!!  That’s the thing about running,  it’s just you and the road, there’s nobody throwing a fastball at you at 90 miles per hour that you have to hit, or anyone running at you full speed, who wants to crush you! Nope, it’s just you the road and the clock. You set a goal for yourself maybe a time, maybe a distance you go out try to achieve it, and if you do then you set the bar a little higher, and get set to jump again!! Anyway, after Saturday I was bound and determined to start running again and I did yesterday, after about a month of not running!! I set that goal – four miles at 10:45 pace and for the first two miles I was right on pace,mile 1 at 10:29 per mile -2 10:47 per mile and then the inactivity caught up with me mile 3 10:56 and then mile 4 -11:18 per mile for an overall pace of 10:53 per mile but- if I had maintained that pace for another 9.1 miles, say on Saturday,  I would have finished 15th in my age group in Trenton!  So that’s the good part the bad part is that my legs hurt today, quietly saying to me “maybe you should have started out running a little shorter distance don’t you think, 63 year-old man!” But you know, it’s  good hurt and all memories of the aches may be gone by tomorrow and I’ll be out on the road again, with dreams of a 14th place finish, among the old men, in a helf-marathon running through my head…….. The soundtrack for the run was the new release from Joe Bonamassa Different Shades of Blue.   Here are some of the things that Joe has to say about the making of the album, which features ten original songs. You can read a great article  at Guitar World in Joe Bonamassa Talks Fender Strats and His New Album, ‘Different Shades of Blue about making the album. I have enjoyed the album and it seems that every time I listen, the songs that seem to catch my attention are “Living on the Moon”, “I Gave Up Everything For You” and the title track “Different Shades of Blue” but as I listen now “Heartache Follows Everywhere I Go” sounds pretty good!! I think that the album needs to be a soundtrack for something a little less strenuous than a comeback four-mile run!!!! Here’s the official video for the title track “Different Shades of Blue”

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Dad watches proudly as Elizabeth runs her first 10K!! Yes, our Elizabeth!!

Cross-posted from EKKarn’s Explorations

A month or so ago our daughter Elizabeth surprised her mother and I, when she told us that on November 8th we had to go with her to Trenton, where she would be running a 10K!  It surprised us because she has never been athletic. She enjoys and follows sports, but never played any, or even showed any inclination to do so. When she had to run the mile in gym in high school, she mostly walked! Her brother Andrew ran cross-country as  did I, and I also continue to run, but not Elizabeth. This running surprise comes after we were surprised at her graduation party for receiving her Master’s Degree from the University of Delaware, At the party,  we were told by her friend, that Elizabeth is awesome when she works out with weights at the gym. Our Elizabeth???

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Maz Montage

World Series Memories – the tales of three game ending home runs 1960, 1964, 1993!!

Maz MontageSo as I sat thinking about tonight’s World Series Game 7, my thoughts went to famous World Series home runs. The first thing that popped into my mind was one of my favorite trivia questions of all-time! Who was playing left field for the New York Yankees when Bill Mazeroski hit his game winning home run to give the Pittsburgh Pirates a 10-9 win over the New York Yankees. The win gave the Pirates a 4-3 Series victory and the 1960 World Championship! The answer is Yogi Berra!!  I had just turned 9 years old and even then I hated the Yankees and very much enjoyed that afternoon! It’s the first World Series that I can remember, though  really don’t remember many of the other games in the series!

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Heads & Tales

Happiness Playlist #2 – Tracks from Prine, Clark, Chapin, Rush and Goodman! I’m Happy!

So this morning, as I looked at the books lying around I say that Your Playlist Can Change Your Life and I decided to Heads & Talescreate another playlist to make me happy! So I went to Spotify and created one featuring five artists who are at the center of my love for folk music: John Prine, Tom Rush, Guy Clark, Harry Chapin and Steve Goodman. I picked a few of my all-time favorites from each of them and went merrily on my way to Target to pick up some things!! Here’ s the playlist…..

Somebody Else’s Troubles” – Steve Goodman – he’s right many times the troubles of others don’t really bother us!

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drum hat buddha

A Friday Morning iPod Playlist – Americana with some Prog in the mix!

So today I had to run an errand that involved about 45 minutes of travel time. I was going to listen to one of the newdrum hat buddha albums on the iPhone. Then I thought no, I’ll take the iPod, and listen to some tracks that I haven’t heard for a while! I ended up with a 10 track playlist that included some prog rock, folk, Americana and blues. Here’s the playlist

1. “Numb” – Evergrey - Torn – a little progressive rock from Sweden to kick off the morning – while I was looking for this track at Spotify I saw a band on the list of related artists name Edguy – checking their latest out now!! Good Stuff!

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Remembering Bob Newhart as Dick Loudon and a very funny Book Talk interview!!

newhart1-1-013Bob Newhart has alway been a favorite of mine. Whether he was Bob Hartley dealing with Mr. Carlin, Howard Bordon,or the Peeper, or Dick Loudon going up against Larry, Daryl and Daryl or any of the zany folks who lived in the Vermont community where he owned the Stratford Inn. Most recently Bob went up against Shelton Cooper on the Big Bang Theory, playing Professor Proton the TV scientist who inspired Sheldon and Leonard to become scientists. Newhart one his first Emmy for his performance.  Bob always makes me laugh. I don’t think anyone plays the deadpan straight man better!! I always loved the way that they always gave Bob an opportunity to work his comedic magic on the phone into the Newhart shows!  From his Facebook page…..

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