Dad watches proudly as Elizabeth runs her first 10K!! Yes, our Elizabeth!!

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A month or so ago our daughter Elizabeth surprised her mother and I, when she told us that on November 8th we had to go with her to Trenton, where she would be running a 10K!  It surprised us because she has never been athletic. She enjoys and follows sports, but never played any, or even showed any inclination to do so. When she had to run the mile in gym in high school, she mostly walked! Her brother Andrew ran cross-country as  did I, and I also continue to run, but not Elizabeth. This running surprise comes after we were surprised at her graduation party for receiving her Master’s Degree from the University of Delaware, At the party,  we were told by her friend, that Elizabeth is awesome when she works out with weights at the gym. Our Elizabeth???

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World Series Memories – the tales of three game ending home runs 1960, 1964, 1993!!

Maz MontageSo as I sat thinking about tonight’s World Series Game 7, my thoughts went to famous World Series home runs. The first thing that popped into my mind was one of my favorite trivia questions of all-time! Who was playing left field for the New York Yankees when Bill Mazeroski hit his game winning home run to give the Pittsburgh Pirates a 10-9 win over the New York Yankees. The win gave the Pirates a 4-3 Series victory and the 1960 World Championship! The answer is Yogi Berra!!  I had just turned 9 years old and even then I hated the Yankees and very much enjoyed that afternoon! It’s the first World Series that I can remember, though  really don’t remember many of the other games in the series!

Mazeroski’s home run for many years held the distinction as being the only home run to win a World Series. Actually, it held the distinction for 33 years until Joe Carter of the Toronto Blue Jays ended the season for one of the most beloved Philadelphia Phillies teams of all-time, those 1993 Philies. A team of cast-offs and misfits that came together for one magical seaso. A team went from the cellar in 1992 to the penthouse in ’93. The team was in first place throughout the whole season and then it all came crashing down with one swing of Carter’s bat. Now there were two home runs that ended a World Series. One that I barely remember and one that I remember all to well!! The only difference between the two was that Carter’s home run ended the series in six games and Maz’s homer ended a seven game series. So Mazeroski’s homer still is the only one to end a seven game series, unless of course someone can do it tonight. The only person that I don’t want to do it is, Hunter Pen. Not that I don’t like Hunter Pence, I do, but considering what we gave up to get him and what we got back trading him away I think about what could have been! Especially, after reading this post…..Was trading for Hunter Pence Ruben Amaro’s worst move as Phillies GM?! After reading the post, my answer is a resounding yes!!!

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Happiness Playlist #2 – Tracks from Prine, Clark, Chapin, Rush and Goodman! I’m Happy!

So this morning, as I looked at the books lying around I say that Your Playlist Can Change Your Life and I decided to Heads & Talescreate another playlist to make me happy! So I went to Spotify and created one featuring five artists who are at the center of my love for folk music: John Prine, Tom Rush, Guy Clark, Harry Chapin and Steve Goodman. I picked a few of my all-time favorites from each of them and went merrily on my way to Target to pick up some things!! Here’ s the playlist…..

Somebody Else’s Troubles” – Steve Goodman – he’s right many times the troubles of others don’t really bother us!

“Please Don’t Bury Me” – John Prine – Always good for a smile…

“Everybody” – John Prine – another Prine song, from his second album that always makes me laugh!

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A Friday Morning iPod Playlist – Americana with some Prog in the mix!

So today I had to run an errand that involved about 45 minutes of travel time. I was going to listen to one of the newdrum hat buddha albums on the iPhone. Then I thought no, I’ll take the iPod, and listen to some tracks that I haven’t heard for a while! I ended up with a 10 track playlist that included some prog rock, folk, Americana and blues. Here’s the playlist

1. “Numb” – Evergrey - Torn – a little progressive rock from Sweden to kick off the morning – while I was looking for this track at Spotify I saw a band on the list of related artists name Edguy – checking their latest out now!! Good Stuff!

2. “Merlin’s Lament” – Dave Carter & Tracy GrammerDrum Hat Buddha – I really like Dave Carter, what a shame that he left us so soon!

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Remembering Bob Newhart as Dick Loudon and a very funny Book Talk interview!!

newhart1-1-013Bob Newhart has alway been a favorite of mine. Whether he was Bob Hartley dealing with Mr. Carlin, Howard Bordon,or the Peeper, or Dick Loudon going up against Larry, Daryl and Daryl or any of the zany folks who lived in the Vermont community where he owned the Stratford Inn. Most recently Bob went up against Shelton Cooper on the Big Bang Theory, playing Professor Proton the TV scientist who inspired Sheldon and Leonard to become scientists. Newhart one his first Emmy for his performance.  Bob always makes me laugh. I don’t think anyone plays the deadpan straight man better!! I always loved the way that they always gave Bob an opportunity to work his comedic magic on the phone into the Newhart shows!  From his Facebook page…..

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Another Slow Run, that may not be a bad thing! Soundtrack from John Hiatt!


I ran last night and it was another struggle, not as bad as it has been, but still it was not an easy run, I had picked run (Harper Loop) that was a fairly tough run. One long straight uphill run (Faunce to Fairview), then a downhill, a second uphill and then a longer downhill and finally a last 1.5  mile home.  While I am not where I want to be the splits were not too bad.

Mile –  Pace Min/Mile

1      10:05
2      11:14 (uphill)
3      10:50 (down then up and down)
4     11:33  yep – struggling at the end!!
4.27   11:05

Total 4.27  - 10:56

So I’m not where I want to be I want to train but 9:30 and 10 minute per mile pace and run a 5K between 8:30 and 9 min/mile pace, we’ll see. Anyway, tonight at Runner’s World I read this post that even my snail’s pace (to me) is doing good!!

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Adventures with the Ashtons from 1864 to the early 1900′s The Ashtons meet the McCloskey’s – look out Beverly!!

John S Ashton010

John S Ashton IV – My Great-Grandfather

Over the last couple of posts, I have written about the Ashton line from Thomas Ashton  1791 in Holbeach,  to the deaths of John Sherrington Ashton Sr in 1870, and John Sherrington Ashton, Jr. in 1864.  After John Sherrington Ashton’s death in 1864, Mary Parezo Ashton married William O. Lyons in March of 1869 in Philadelphia. Mary’s parents John B Parezo and mother Mary along with many of her siblings all lived in Philadelphia. In the 1870 census. her father is listed as a confectioner,  mother Mary is a housekeeper.While brother Francis, and sisters Olivia and Isabella are chair makers.

It took me the longest time to find John S Ashton III  in the 1870 census. Remember I was searching  in the days before Ancestry and on-line information! I finally found the 12-year-old John living with his mother Mary and step-father William in Newark. By 1880, the now 22-year-old John had returned to Beverly and was working in a hosiery mill. He was listed as a boarder in the household of  George Wilkinson, the mill engineer.

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Explorations of the Ashton Family line, focusing on 5th Great-Grandmother Ann Sherrington!

The genealogical post that I wrote the other day, outlined a brief history of my mother’s Ashton family line. Today I’d like to add a little more to the story. In this episode though, we go back in time, rather than forward! John Sherrington Ashton, Sr.  was the first of my Ashton ancestors I found, who was not living in the United States! Many years ago, when my wife and I made our first visit to a Family History Center in Voorhees, NJ, the first microfiche that I looked at I found  a John Sherrington Ashton!! The full name was there, wow, I thought this will be easy!!  A review of the record showed that John was born in 1814 and was the son of Thomas and Mary…

JSAshton-1814 birth

Now I knew that John was the son of Thomas Ashton and Mary Unknown.  My guess was that her maiden name was Sherrington, but I did not have any confirmation of that, until a little while later, when I met Paul Ashton on-line. Paul lives in England and he confirmed that on the Ashton family tree, that hangs on his wall,  Thomas Ashton a brother to his ancestor Edward Ashton, did indeed marry Mary Sherrington in a small church in Kirkby on Bain. He also gave me the date of the marriage August 10, 1810, and told me that the church was still standing! In addition, he told me that Thomas, Paul believed, was the son of James Ashton and Ann Don, born in 1791.

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Edward’s genealogical connections…… it is a small world, when you live in a small town!

Well, we all know it’s a small world, that gets smaller when your family roots go back a long way in one community. My mother’s paternal Ashton line goes back in the Beverly, Edgewater Park, Delanco area to the 1850s, when the  family moved here from Holbeach in Lincolnshire, England. The family consisted of  parents -John and Martha, and children sons John Sherrington Jr, William S, James E and daughters Mary and Arabella. John Sherrington, II married Mary Parezo in 1857 and a little while later my great-grandfather John Sherrington Ashton III was born.

The first of several family tragedies struck the day after Christmas in 1859, when John and Martha’s oldest daughter Mary died at the age of seventeen .  A few years later, in February of 1863 twenty year-old daughter Arabella died. This was followed in November 0f 1864, when my great-great grandfather John Sherrington Jr. died at the age of 27.  I had always heard the story that he was killed by his own sword, that one day when he was getting off of the ferry someone came up pulled his sword and stabbed him. When I first started my genealogy research back in the 1970s,  with my mother-in-law, and went to the Trenton archives for the first time, I found his death certificate which listed as the cause of death “knife wound in chest”. I still don’t know any of the particulars of the story, but he was stabbed!

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Today in Music – July 28, 1971 – The Evil (not really -only to those named Ed) Stephen Lynch was born!

Stephen Lynch

Ok so you all know that I hate that horse, the one that talks and was called “Mr. Ed” . The one whose theme song pops into my head when someone says “Hello my name is Mr Ed”….. the one that goes like this….


There’s nothing I hate more than that song, unless it’s that song from the singer-comedian whose birthday it is today! Yes, born on this date in 1971 was that Stephen Lynch…. some Wikipedia info for the few of the people around who don’t know the evil Mr Lynch…..

Stephen Lynch2


Stephen Andrew Lynch (born July 28, 1971, Abington, Pennsylvania), is an American stand-up comedian, musician and Tony Award-nominated actor who is known for his songs mocking daily life and popular culture. Lynch has released two studio albums and two live albums along with a live DVD. He has appeared in two Comedy Central Presents specials and starred in the Broadway adaptation of The Wedding Singer. Stephen released a new double-disc (Studio & Live) album, Lion, on November 13, 2012. Read more

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