Life’s Soundtracks

A Great Run and Go Occupy Philadelphia!

Ok so the schedule looks like this: a tempo 4 mile run today – off Tuesday, a slow run on Wednesday two days off and 5K Saturday. So I set out tonight with the iPod on shuffle and genre the blues! Lots of the tracks on the soundtrack were from bands I hadn’t heard for a while so that was good, but the run was better. I hit the first mile mark in 9:13 which was about 25 seconds faster than normal! I made the 2 mile mark at 18:22 again substantially under what I had been running but could I keep it up a 9:25 and 9:19 final mile, made the answer pretty much, yes. Total time 37:06! Damn almost broke 37 minutes, I haven’t done that since August of last year!! And the time then was 36:53 so I’m not that far away! So here’s the soundtrack:

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Life’s Soundtrack for a 10 K Run!

So next week I am running a 5K in Delanco so today I decided to go for a long run today. I mapped out a 10-K course around Riverside and Delran. The route has a couple of hills in the first 2.5 miles and then is fairly flat with some long straight streets. I ran the first couple of miles in around 9:30 pace and then around 9:55 or 10.00 for the last 4 miles overall it was a 9:46 per mile pace!

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Old Edward!

ok so today I’ve passed the old greezer line and enter geezerhood at 60! The above is from a t-shirt my wife ordered for my birthday.  Initially, as always on these types of birthdays 40, 50, etc, I was a little depressed so on came Jerry Jeff’s album Navajo Rug. The first three songs “Navajo Rug”, “Just to Celebrate” and “Blue Mood” in some inexplicably way always make sme feel better. So on my trip to the bank I put on a bunch of songs with OLD in the title here’s the soundtrack I got:

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Life’s Soundtrack – Jimmy McCarty and Friends

The Washington Monthly: Steve Benen: It’s the demand, stupid

Way to go Mitt you got it right, but maybe it’s wrong in the eyes of your party!

So you think September’s been a good running month for me! I certainly do!

You know what’s nice? To be running comfortably enough that at certain parts of the run including the last mile you can say I’m going to pick it up now and it actually happens! According to the GPS on my watch which may be a little off

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Rant and Run Ana Popovic – Unconditional

Unconditional - Ana Popovic

The Rant

The American Prospect: Robert Kuttner: Land of the Free, Home of the Turncoats

Ok so I know I keep saying that all these bloggers are describing how I feel till you’re sick of it…. but THEY ARE and Robert Kuttner outlines it well!! IT’s mind boggling that out of one side of their mouths come statements about America;’s exceptionalism and out of the other so let’s destroy it?? Am I missing something?

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Life’s Soundtrack from Harmonica Shah to Don McLean!

So this after I ran a fairly good 4.2 miler. The course includes a climb up Pancoast and I kept a good pace up and my heart rate didn’t climb too much. Overall the pace was a little faster than the last time over the same course. The pace was 9:53/mile but the good part was that overall I felt good throughout the run and several times as my heart rate did climb it didn’t take much slowing down to knock it down a few beats per minute!

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Running and Reading with a Scandinavian feel!

So this evening was fairly busy with a Scandinavian feel. First I ran 5 miles for the first time in a long long time. I tried to keep the pace down over the first half of the run which included two fairly long hills my pulse was in the 140s. Through the second half of the run it was in the mid 150s. The overall pace was around 10:20. But the important point is that I made it and my knee feels ok! This week is the first time that i got in two four milers and a five in forever!!! The soundtrack for the run was another of Andrew’s favorites Evergrey – a progressive metal band from Sweden. I didn’t notice a lot of the lyrics but the guitar work and the overall sound of the band was good! When I returned from my run I mentioned to Nick that Evergrey had been the soundtrack for my run. I said that I was worried when the second song had some Cookie Monster sounding vocals and I was relieved when the rest of the songs did not! Anyway my wife quickly directed us to today’s post on telling dad Who’s Pink Floyd? Very Funny!  And true about the 80s which was our dead period of music!

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Tuesday Reads and Life’s Soundtrack – 8/30/11

Truthdig: Eugene Robinson:Jobs: Go Big or Go Home

Echoing others Gene Robinson says “Go big on Jobs, Mr. President and I agree!

Think Progress: Zaid Jilani : Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill To Lift The Payroll Tax Cap, Ensuring Full Social Security Funding For Nearly 75 Years 

Thank you agaon, Bernie Sandsers let’s home some other members of the Senate and House get behind this idea!!

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