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Life’s Soundtrack – Black Country Communion

So on  Saturday, the weather was cooler and the knee  wasn’t bad, so I decided to run. Now I needed something to listen to on the iPod, I find that on genre that works well is metal! I love to run to Dragonforce, hard driving amazing guitars. So I turned to an amazing guitarist Joe Bonamassa and his new band Black Country Communion and their new album Black Country Communion 2. When Andrew gave me the album the other day to listen to, thinking that it hasn’t been that long since their debut album, I said, oh they had tracks left over from the first album. He said no that they went back in the studio and recorded new tracks! Anyway it only took the first track “The Outsider” to see that this album is every bit as good as the first album and probably better! The second track “Man in the Middle” keeps up the intensity as Bonham’s drumming provides that strong driving beat, Hughes vocals soar and then Bonamassa does his magic! Bonamassa takes over the vocals for the next track “The Battle for Hadrian’s Wall” and provides good vocals as usual! If the next track “Save Me” has a Led Zeppelin feel that’s because the song was started by Jimmy Page and Jon Paul Jones during their 2007 Reunion show. Jason Bonham kept playing the riff for Hughes and he was intrigued finally he called Bonamassa over to his house and they finished the song and like they say “the rest is history” well at least a great song. Now at this point I was just past the two mile point and my heart rate was climbing, so over the rest of the run I paid more attention to that than the music! I do remember “Smokestack Woman” though and a great blues ballad “Little Secret” and a few more vocals by Bonamassa! All and all it’s a great album and now has moved into the number one spot on the UK Rock album chart!

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