Morning Music “Morning Has Broken” – Yusuf Islam!

So this morning’s music comes from Yuseu Islam …formerly Cat Stevens and it’s his verson of the Christian hymn “Morning Has Broken”. Like Joni Mitchell’s music this song has an important place in my heart because it was the processional at our wedding!

Cat Stevens converted to Islam and changed his name in December of 1977, sold his guitars and dedicated his life to  education and philanthrophy in the Muslim Community.  In 2006, he released his first album of new pop songs in 28 years, entitled An Other Cup. He now goes professionally by the single name Yusuf. A second album  Roadsinger, was released in May 2009.  Currently he lives in Dubai and a musical fantasy entitled Moonshadow will open in Australia on May 31st.

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Morning Maniac Music – Victor Wainwright and the Wildroots!

So last night on the way home from work at Target, I had a blues shuffle on the iPod that started with a smokin’ track “Bug Out” from Victor Wainwright’s album Piana from Savannah

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So here’s some morning music from Victor and the Wildroots from the album Beale Street to the Bayou “Big Dog Runnin’”

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Morning Music – Wake Up. It’s a Chelsea Morning!

So thinking about morning music this AM, this Joni Mitchell song popped into my head! Michelle Mercer in her book points out Mitchell’s ability paint vivid pictures in her music, and she does it well in this song. And who else would use a line like “we’ll talk in present tenses”! So let’s “put on the day and wear it till the night time!

Morning Music – Jerry Jeff Walker and Nina Simone, oh my!

So before Jerry Jeff moved to Austin and became an outlaw, he was a folkie in New York and wrote some beautiful songs like this one, “Morning Song to Sally”. One of my favorites and evidently one of Nanci Griffith’s too!

and while I was searching for Jerry Jeff’s Mr Bojangles, I came across this version of JJW “Mr Bojangles” by Nina Simone. As I’ve written before while Mr Bojangles is typically thought of as a black dancer like, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Jerry Jeff’s Bojangles was a white guy……doesn’t matter… Nina makes it work!

Running with Anthony Gomes and pain! – Morning Music with Ray Wylie!

So last night “Discretion” was not the better part of valor, and in spite of the “Not as bad as the day before” pain in my left leg I ran. After the first mile, my decison was that I would just run slower and that helped I made it to the second mile and the pain was not that bad, and while the time was slower than 10 minute per mile, I continued on! I got to a point where a left hand turn would have taken me home and the run would have been a little over 3 miles – but no – Edward kept going straight and didn’t make that left until about another half mile plus! So after two eft turns I was headed home. The pain was still there but not bad. Then I had to stop at a traffic light just before the end. As I kinda ran around the lights, up one curb and back around the other, waiting for the light to change, my foot landed awkwardly and the pain went from not too bad, too not too good – no to really  hurting! So I hubbled home, and ended with a 4.4 mile run at a 10:25 pace, the only good thing was that my heard rate stayed in the low 140′s the whole way! Anyway, while the pain is not unbearable today I really know it’s there! Guess it’s time for a phone call to the Doc to refill that Naproxen!!

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Morning Music from Anthony Gomes after a bummer night!

Ok so last night I was bummed! I started to run and the twing that has been at the top of my left leg during the last few runs was worse. As I started, I almost crumbled to the ground! Anyway I tried a couple more times to start and then determining that descretion is the better part of valor I came in! So I sat down to read and post some articles and that did not improve my mood, as I read: California Muslim Mother Beaten To Death, Left With Note Saying ‘Go Back To Your Country, You Terrorist’ and then about slander attacks from the right on Travon Martin – What Everyone Needs To Know About The Smear Campaign Against Trayvon Martin (1995-2012) and finally about the terrible day that the President’s Affordable Health Care Act had before the Supreme Court  - A bad day for Obamacare’s supporters. This was the only positive spin that I reafd about the Supreme Court hearings – Republicans created the healthcare mandate; Obama wins if the Supreme Court throws it out!

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