Running with Ben Prestage

Today I noticed that as I went up and down the stairs, my knee did not hurt! Then the rain stopped after work and I thought maybe I’ll try to run! So I cued up the iPod with some blues that I put on it today and took off, hoping to make 30 minutes. Well, I made my goal 33 minutes approximately around 3 miles at slightly over a 10 minute per mile pace. My knee’s not bad and the music One Crow Murder the new album by Ben Prestage was great Here’s what his website says about the album!

The best album to-date, from the world’s greatest one-man-band. Finger-style guitar, Dobro, Lap-Steel, Harmonica, Diddley-Bow. This is real Original American Roots music.

and Leslie Streeter of the Palm Beach Post

“Close your eyes, take a breath and listen to Ben Prestage. Take in the hearty blues twang of the strings of his guitar, the smokyscratchy tone of his voice, the backwoods, juke joint, live and unfettered soulful joy of it all. Be thrilled that there’s a young guy…who’s descended from vaudeville singers, boogiewoogie musicians and a Delta sharecropper, with his own spin on the blues and a very nifty oneman band setup (including a cigar box guitar). Go see him…Be amazed”

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Blues Wednesday – Dave Hole, John Hurt and Bill Morrissey

So while I didn’t find any new blues artist today I did listen to some old favorites. First I listened to one of my favorite blues artists Australian slide guitarist Dave Hole. I listened to his most recent release on Blind Pig Records Rough Diamond. I’ve listened to this album several times and each time I like it a little more.
The eleven tracks on the album are a mix of Hole originals and songs from composers that Dave has wanted to record. and on all of them Dave’s slide guitar is great as usual! Whether it’s a slow tune like “Yours For A Song” or an up tempo tune like “White Trash Girl” (which really caught my attention today), Hole’s guitar work is great. I have four other Hole albums in my collection and love them all and whenever I need to hear some blistering guitar I turn on Dave’s music!

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Blues Wednesday – Big Daddy “O” and Eddie Turner

So today I really didn’t get a chance to listen to any music. As a matter of fact my headphones were still in my bookbag until a few minutes ago. Anyone I started listening to two albums that seemed pretty good on the first brief listen. The first name I saw on the Roots Music Report Blues Chart was Big Daddy “O” and his new album Used Bluesbu when I went to Rhapsody the new album was no available so I listened to his third album What You Gotta Go Through. Seems that Big Daddy has been playing bars and roadhouses near the Mississippi/ Lousiana border and only recently been putting out albums with his new one being his fourth. Here’s quote about that album from his website:

Owen “Big Daddy O” Tufts ranks among the most underrated and underappreciated blues artists in south Louisiana. He has crafted a succession of unpretentious, extremely listenable excursions in both acoustic and electric formats. His latest finds his inviting voice couched in sympathetic arrangements built with organs, saxophones, guitars and drums. The sly “Better Off With the Blues” is indicative of his understated approach. So,too, his swinging cover of “Johnny B. Goode.”

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Eric Bibb – Booker’s Guitar

Ok so, Eric Bibb is another of those artists who music I don’t have in my library simply because, say it with me now!  there’s too much music – too little time! Generally. I don’t listen to a lot of acoustic blues no Keb’ Mo’  or Reverend Gary Davis in my library, there is however, Mississippi John Hurt, Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry and one of my favorite Bill Morrissey album’s is Songs of Mississippi John Hurt. Oh and I forgot my new friends Moreland and Arbuckle! Anyway yesterday after listening to some different? acoustic blues Seasick Steve I wanted to listen to something a little more standard and I had been thinking about Eric Bibb, so I download his latest album Booker’s Guitar and have really enjoyed it!

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Blues Wednesday Mix!

So usually on Blues Wednesday I find one artist or album and listen to it enough write a  review but today I don’t think I listened to CDs enough to know how I really feel about them! I started the day by checking Billboard’s Blues Chart and the name that jumped out was Seasick Steve (Steven Gene Wold) and his album Man From Another Time. Wold plays acoustic blues on a variety of homemade instruments and the result is well different and I think it’s going to take several listens until I know how I feel about the album in total. I did like the instrumentation on the album. Wikipedia says that three of the instruments that he plays are the: “Three-Stringed Trance Wonder”, This is a normal guitar that resembles a Fender Coronado, but with only three strings One-Stringed Diddley Bow” This is a one stringed string instrument played with a slide (He uses an old screwdriver for this purpose). It consists of a 2 foot long 2×4, with a semi-loose piece of broom wire nailed to it at both ends. It was made especially for him by James ‘Super Chikan’ Johnson. The Mississippi Drun Machine (MDM)  A small wooden box that is stomped upon, providing percussion. It is decorated with a Mississippi motorcycle license plate (“MC33583″), and a small piece of carpet. Here He is playing the diddley bow! So like I said this CD is gonna take some getting used to – I’ll let you know later what I think! So after listening to Seasick Steve, I said that I need some blues that I know! So I checked out the mp3 player and there near the bottom of the artist list sat a favorite Walter Trout and his album Unspoiled by Progress – 20 Years of Hardcore Blues. And I’ve been a fan for the last 3-4 years of those twenty, sure wish I had found him sooner! Anyway Trout is a great guitarist and I like his vocals, too so it’s a good listen all around!! I listened to the first three tracks “They Call Us The Working Class”, “Goin’ Down” and “Life in the Jungle” all great tracks!

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Blues Wednesday – Tab Benoit is on that Night Train to Nashville

NightTrain to Nashville2

As I was heading down Hartford Road this morning toward the site I was going to in Medford, I was checking out the wooded wetlands along the way. After two days of rain they looked a lot like the Louisiana Bayou and I knew I had the right CD playing, Night Train to Nashville by Tab Benoit. This is a favorite (aren’t they all?) and captures Benoit at his best. The album has a great mix of music (I’ll write more about the album tomorrow when I get my notes!) I do know that three songs that really stood out again today aside from the title track were “Too Sweet for Me” with outstanding harp work from the Fabulous Thunderbird’s Kim Wilson (who I left out of Sunday’s shopping mix because it was on the way home!), “Fever for the Bayou” and “Muddy Bottom Blues”

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Moreland & Arbuckle – Flood – blues done right!!

FloodBecause I listen to so much new music, I rarely take the time to listen to some of the stuff that I’ve discovered and really like, like this album  from Moreland & Arbuckle…….

So, I was on the No Depression website the other day and on the sidebar was an advertisement for a new CD  Flood by Moreland and Arbuckle, it looked interesting so I headed over to and searched for the CD and found it and downloaded several of the songs and all I can say is WOW! Mississippi Delta Blues at its finest! The trio consists of leaders Aaron Moreland on guitars, Dustin Arbuckle on harp and vocals and drummer Brad Horner. You can read the band’s bio at their website. While they are from Wichita, Kansas they live in the Mississippi delta in spirit. Their songs and playing are great! Moreland plays Telecaster and Les Paul guitars and a Cigar Box guitar consisting of four strings, one of which goes to a bass amp and the other three to a guitar amp. This guitar really adds to the great original sound of the group. Dustin Arbuckle’s vocals are top notch but his harp playing is extraordinary and would make his heroes Little Walter and Sonny Boy Williamson proud. His playing takes the band to another level for me.   Flood is their first release on Telarc records a part of the Concord Music Group.   Previously they

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