Arty Hill’s Another Lost Highway

So this has been an interesting week! We felt the first earthquake on the east coast in 100 years and today we learned that they are evacuating William & Mary! So Elizabeth had to scramble to get a ticket to come home. She luckily got a ticket and the train is on it’s way leaving Williamsburg about hour behind schedule! During the scramble Peter and Missy (son three and his wife) were on their way home from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where they were vacationing. They too were forced to evacuate. They were almost to Maryland and were waiting at a rest stop to find out whether or not Elizabeth could get a ticket. Because of she couldn’t they were going to turn around and go back to get her!! Also during this week Andrew (son twq) went round and round with the bank and the title company to get a copy of his title for his car that he paid off 2 years ago! He needs the title so he can get the check for his totaled car and then go find a new one! It doesn’t seem fair that you don’t hit anyone and you still end up with a car payment!! Peter also called the other day to tell us that he was offered the internship with the Department of Homeland Security that he applied for, pending his background check!! And finally today I ran, however slow, a second 4 mile with only one day rest for the first time in a long time!!  The soundtrack for the run was the latest release from Arty Hill Another Lost Highway. It’s a great album! On his Facebook page Hill says: “I’m a honky tonk singer/songwriter/guitarist” and he’s good one. Elmore Magazine says: Some call this music modern honky tonk. Heck, this is the way country music should sound, period.”The album consists of twelve original songs by Hill and during the album he spends time in “Omaha ICU”, and a “Halfway House”, needs a “12 Pack Morning”, and has a “Breaking Up Party”! You get the picture it’s a country album!! There’s a great song about playing steel guitar “King of that Thing” and the closing song a heartfelt number titled “The Last Time I’ ll Go Away”  Here’s another press quote from his website:

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A Morning Full of Story and Songs from Guy, Adam, Michael and Chris!

So this morning as I watched tube permeameter tests, I listened to Guy Clark‘s new album Songs and Stories and what a terrific album it is! The live album was recorded at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville and it has a great homey feel. Guy is surrounded, sitting down as he notes on the introduction track, Clark by his musical family — his longtime sidekick and co-writer Verlon Thompson, along with Shawn Camp, Bryn Davies and Kenny Malone. according to his website: “It’s a comfortable atmosphere that feels like a peek into a 3am guitar pull at The Driskill Hotel“.
The albun is full of a bunch of stories about songs like “L.A. Freeway”, and Townes Van Zant’s “If I Needed You” Shawn Kemp and Verlon Thompson both get to do a couple of songs. But obviously the real star is Guy who is just a few months short of his 70th birthday (November 6th) and sounds as good as ever!

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Another Day Some New Furniture, and found music – The Hillbenders!

Ok so my wife’s drive to redecorate our house with furniture from Craig’s List from every corner of the Delaware Valley continued tonight as we went to pick up another love seat. This one was located in Dublin – no I said the Delaware Valley and this Dublin is located in PA a little north of Doylestown. So we took the work van and headed over the PA Turnpike Bridge. As I pulled up to the toll booth to pay the toll, the collector said, “You do know you have Easy Pass, right?” I said “Yea, I know (which means ah, no…)but I want to pay so I don’t have to reimburse the company.(yeah that’s the ticket) Yes it’s what a doofus does! But at least I’m not Governor of the State……

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New Folk – Stephen Simmons – The Big Show

So let’s see, in 2001  The Superstore the debut album of  Stephen Simmons is released. The album was collection of  earlier songs captured at a live solo show. That was followed in 2004 by Last Call Simmons’ debut album with a band. Now it’s 2011 that’s ten years from the debut album and seven from the sophomore release and Edward finds Stephen’s new album (now Simmons’ sixth) on the Roots Music Reports Folk Chart at number 39. He goes and looks for it on Napster, hum too many 30 second clips. So he settles for Girls Stephen’s 2009 release. He hears some fine crafted songs with lyrics like:

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Thursday Music Mix – Quintus McCormick, Blind Corn Liquor Pickers and Shake Russelld

So some days are diamonds, some days are dirt. Well today was a musical diamond day! I put three albums on the iPod this morning and I really like them all! The first up was a blues album from the Quintus McCormick Blues Band whose latest album Put It On Me  is currently number 39 on the Roots Music Report Blues Chart. When I went to Napster they only had 30 second clips for the album but they did have his debut album Hey Jodie , so that’s what went on the player. and I tell you it’s a great album. According to several reviews and the band’s Myspace page Quintus has been a mainstay of the Chicago blues scene for a long time and has….

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Monday Ramblings and the Passing of Bill Morrissey

Bill morrissey

So the last several days have been hectic around here. My wife has been finding some great deals on Craig’s List on furniture that we desperately need. The furniture we have survived many years of wear and tear of four kids and me! So Saturday we bought a new Thomasville entertainment center, big and heavy and tonight with the help of some co-workers and Peter we got it in the house and standing up! There for a while the standing up part was in doubt! Also my wife bought a laptop, so now I have a computer that’s faster than an abacus! Anyway all that took away time from reading,  listening and writing. I have been listening to some artists though that I will be writing about shortly. One blues artist Eric Steckel, who I heard the other night on Bluesville on XM and then came home and listened to his album Havana. Which I really enjoyed and then I download and have listened to parts of another album.  Also a folk artist Stephen Simmons whose album The Big Show has gotten a few listens!

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Life’s Soundtrack: John Reischman and the Jaybirds and The Wilders

So yesterday began with a trip to Newark’s beautiful Doremus Avenue on the shores of the Passaic River and while the views are not breathtaking, the music was good! The trip started off with the most recent release from John Reischman and the Jaybirds Vintag & Unique. I noticed the album early in the week when I was reviewing the Folk DJ Chart for June. The albums was number 9 on the chart. The album is a good mix of great instrumental and fine vocal tracks! The band and John Reischman are based in Vancover, British Columbia. John is one of the acoustic world’s top-ranked mandolin players and composers and it definitely shows on the album! Vintage & Unique is the bands fifth album and all of the previous albums have been highly praised: After listening to Vintage & Unique I put the fourth album  Stellar Jays on the iPod. Here’s what some folks say about their music!

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Life’s Soundtrack – The Essential Guy Clark

So it didn’t seem too, too hot when I got home from work tonight so I decided to run I picked a course that would give me some shade throughout most of the run, but that also meant that I be going up hill twice! So I put on an album that I
put on the iPod yesterday The Essential Guy Clark and took off.  The run was slow, but that gave me more time to listen to some great songs! According to Wikipedia the album was released in 1997.  RCA first released  the album, Guy Clark – Greatest Hits in 1983. The album included nearly all the songs from Clark’s first two albums. The missing tracks are included on this release In addition, it contains the previously unreleased “Don’t Let the Sunshine Fool You” (composed by Clark, but first released by Townes Van Zandt on The Late Great Townes Van Zandt in 1972).

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Life’s Soundtrack: Chris Bergson Band – Imitate the Sun

So I ran early last evening to avoid the mid-day  heat a fairly good four mile run in under 10 min per mile pace. (I’m just building base mileage, speed will come later, right?). When I got home I was all ready to write about the run and the run’s soundtrack along with some other albums that have been playing on the iPod. But once again after showering and sitting down reading a bit of The Baxter Trust, the lure of the couch was soon calling and napping ensued!  Anyway after waking up I continued reading but not writing.  So here’s the first installment of  a recap of yesterday’s soundtrack!

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