Thoughts of the “Freedom Summer” 50 years ago, lead to Eric Andersen’s “Thirsty Boots”


Mario Savio on Sproul Hall steps, 1966

Today, I wrote at Socialstudious about the murder of the three Mississippi Civil Rights workers in the summer of 1964. The trio of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner were murdered on June 21-22, 1964 and it took 44 days until their bodies were found in the banks of an earthen dam, near the murder site.

In that post, I also wrote about Mario Savio who was a political activist and key leader in the Berkeley Free Speech Movement. He is possibly best known for his speeches, with the most famous being his”put your bodies upon the gears” address given at Sproul Hall, University of California, Berkeley on December 2, 1964. In the summer of 1964 after the disappearance of the above trio, Savio joined the “Freedom Summer” volunteers. During that summer Savio….

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Remembering the Man who wrote, the best train John Prine song ever heard – Steve Goodman on his birthday – July 25, 1948!

Steve Goodman

So back in 1971 I found the music of John Prine. The liner notes on his début album were written by Kris Kristofferson whose music I knew and whose opinion I respected, I had also read great things about the album, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the album. That album started a 42 year and still continuing  love affair with John’s music. A year later, I read the following on the back on another début album:

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Night and Evening Thoughts about Yodeling??? An Art best forgotten?? Never! Well, maybe?

We'll Sing in the Sunshine

We'll Sing in the SunshineLast night after I came home from a run, I sat down at the computer and was trying to get back to normal, when my wife asked if I had watched the new parody video from Weird Al “Word Crimes”yet. I said that I hadn’t,  she made me come out and watch the video. The video is very funny and probably funnier if you know the Robin Thicke song, which I don’t and never will, because I can not stand Robin Thicke. Shortly after that, my wife said,  she now had the song stuck in her head. That set my mind to wondering about songs that get stuck in my head. The one that popped up was Gale  Garnett’s “We’ll Sing in the Sunshine”. So I went to Youtube to find a video of the song, which I did, from the 1964 Grammy Awards, but I didn’t like the video so I didn’t post it. But if you want you can watch it here. 

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The Day that Harry Chapin’s live music ended – July 16, 1981 – the world loses….


harry-chapin-148x150It really doesn’t seem like it’s been 33 years since Harry Chapin left us, actually it seems  longer! Yes it seems that forever ago Harry was crying out the need to end hunger, in both America and the world. I wish he could have been around n the last few years because I’m sure he would have been outraged at the Republicans cuts to Food Stamps and all their other machinations against the poor in America!! I can see him now providing testimony before Congress and working with the President. Oh, what could have been!!

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An Evening Spent Revisiting the music of Jesse Colin Young and The Youngbloods!


SLightshineo tonight before I settled down to continue reading, Tell No Lies by Gregg Hurwitz, I looked through some of my vinyl collection for a favorite album that I haven’t listen to in a long while. I came away with Lightshine from Jesse Colin Young. Lightshine released in 1974, was the third solo release from Jesse after the breakup of The Youngbloods. The one song that everyone knows from The Youngbloods “Get Together” was really there only big hit, but in my opinion they produced some really good music in their short career that spanned five years (1967-1972) and produced 8 albums. Their album that rose the highest on the charts was 1970’s album Rock Festival, which is the first album of theirs that I bought. Three out of the four albums that they produced are in my collection with 1971’s release Sunlight being the only absentee. I always enjoyed their music they were kinda’ like a light Grateful Dead with many of their songs having long flowing musical interludes with jazzy overtones.

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“Into the Night” with Tony Rice and Friends on Tony’s 63rd Birthday!! (video)

Tony Rice
Also celebrating his birthday today, born on June 8th is the great musician Tony Rice. Tony was born just a few months before me in the year of 1951. Tony Rice is a great guitarist whose solo work and work with brother Larry, Chris Hillman and Herb Pederson (Rice,Rice,Hillman &Pedersen) appear in my library! Here's some background for those of you who don't know Tony. From Wikipedia:

Listmania – My Top 10 All-Time Favorite Folk Artists…….

I have tried to stay away from lists on this blog. The main reason is that I find it very hard to rank artists. I think that's because my favorite is always the one that I'm listening to at the moment and also that I know I'm going to forget someone. This list actually is a list of the "Roots" of my folk music listening. These are the artists that have been with me for the whole ride, from vinyl to 8 track, cassettes, CD and the iPod. Should there be a woman or two on the list probably maybe Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins Emmylou Harris, probably but these guys are the core!! This is the first hopefully of several posts that will become pages on my site. Let's see there's the top branches, artist that I love from the 80s and 90s and then the leaves from the 2000s! How about songs?? I don't know if I can go there!! Anyway let me know who I forgot and then maybe I need to expand the list!!

Life’s Soundtrack – Some Seldom Heard Folk Songs in the Morning (Video)

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer

One of the downsides of listening to so much new music is that I don’t have or should I say, take the time, to listen to older music, i.e the music already in my music library. So this morning, I took the iPod with me on my trip to Target,here is the soundtrack that accompanied me……it started and ended with songs from Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer – good stuff…..

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This Day in Music – April 30, 1933 – Abbott, Texas – Willie Nelson was born!!

Willie Nelson 3

So today is Willie Nelson’s 81st birthday, Happy Birthday Willie! From  Wikipedia; Willie Hugh Nelson…Willie Nelson 3

….was born in Abbott, Texas on April 29, 1933,[1] during the Great Depression, to Myrle Marie (née Greenhaw) and Ira Doyle Nelson.[2] He was born on April 29, 1933, but his birth was recorded by doctor F. D. Sims on April 30.[1] He was named Willie by his cousin Mildred, who also chose Hugh as his middle name, in honor of her recently deceased younger brother.[1] Nelson’s ancestry includes EnglishIrish, and Cherokee.[3] His parents moved from Arkansas in 1929, to look for work. Nelson’s grandfather, William, worked as a blacksmith, while his father worked as a mechanic.[4] His mother left soon after he was born,[5] and his father remarried and also moved away, leaving Willie and his sister Bobbie to be raised by their grandparents. Read More

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Yesterday in Music -April 22, 1936 – Glen Campbell was born!!

Glen Campbell

Glen CampbellYesterday I saw that Glen Campbell, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years ago, was in his best interest, moved to a Care Facility. According to the family, it Campbell’s care became too much for them. You can read about it here. Today Glen celebrates his 78th birthday! Glen was born on April 22, 1936 in Billstown, a tiny community near Delight in Pike County, Arkansas. He was the seventh son of 12 children. Way back when, in the late 60s, along with all the rock, and folk music that I was listening to, Glen Campbell’s albums found their way into my music library! He was a great singer, an equally talented guitarist and a seemingly all around good guy. Four wives and the drug and alcohol abuse tell a different story for many years of his life, but bout 25 years or so ago he was able to put that all behind him for the most part. Here is a good article about Glen from The Telegraph. For those of you who don’t know Glen, or those who need some reminding – from Wikipedia…..

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