Twang Tuessday from Grasstowne to .357 String Band!

So this Twang Tuesday started out with one of the albums I picked up at the Princeton Record Exchange The Other Side of Towne the most recent release from Grasstowne. This is a really good bluegrass album from some excellent musicians. The album has songs about hard workin’, heartbreaks, momma and the Lord! The good picking comes from one of the best mandolin players Alan Bibey. Alan was named the 2010 Mandolin Player of the Year at the SPBGMA (Society for thr Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America) in February of this year. Steve Gulley provides the lead vocals and guitar. Gulley is an award winning musician was a founding mermber of Mountain Heart, another really good band! Looking at the website it appears they have a new bass player Travis Greer, Justin Jenkins plays banjo and Adam Hayes’ fiddle rounds out the band. So if you like good bluegrass check them out!

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Sunday’s Music – Stalling, Cleveland and Corritore

Well my emusic downloads refreshed the other day and I have been checking the new stuff they’ve added in the last month. It seems that they’ve added a lot of new stuff from Rounder Records so a lot of new folk albums. So did I download any of thing  from Rounder? No I did not. I download three albums: Max Stalling’s  new album Home To You, Michael Cleveland’s  album Flamethrower from 2002 and Bob Corritore and Friends album Harmonica Blues. I’ve been a Max Stalling fan for a while and have four albums in my collection. The first and probably my favorite is Wide Afternoon. I just listened to Michael Cleveland’s music for the first time last month and Bob Corritore’s album has been on the Roots Music Report for the last several weeks and I took a chance mainly because I really do like harmonica blues!

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Tuesday Powered by Bluegrass!

So I listened to a lot of bluegrass today. I started the day with XM Radio Bluegrass Junction and on the way to work I heard a song by Steve Gulley and I thought about the new album that I read about the day that he did with Tim Stafford. So I went to Rhapsody to look for it but they didn’t have it, actually,  I don’t know if it has even been released yet. Anyway they did have other albums so I listened to Tim Stafford’s album Endless Line and then Steve Gulley’s album Sounds Like Home. Both albums were very good listens from two of bluegrass’ best! Tim Stafford was a founding member of Blue Highway,  whose first album won  IBMA’s Album of the Year Award in 1996.  In the February 2010 edition of Acoustic Guitar magazine Endless Line was named one of the best Acoustic Guitar Albums of the last 20 years!  and says that Tim Stafford is  ‘…possibly the most influential guitarist in contemporary bluegrass.’. Other albums that were on the list that Tim appeared or worked on includes: Blue Highway’s Midnight Storm, Michelle Shocked’s  Arkansas Traveler, Alison Krauss’s Now That I’ve Found You,  and The Infamous Stringduster’s Fork in the Road.

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Tuesday Mix – Folk and Twang

So I started the day today by checking the FAR Chart for new musicians and came across the name Colin Spring. His new album is titled Highballs for the Lowbrow and that certainly sounded promising. So I went to Rhapsody and they didn’t have the current release so I listened to his 2005 release How I Came To Cry These Tears Of Cool (2005). It was a good listen with some songs with a political bent like “Joe McCarthy Is Sweeping Off His Grave” and several others with great titles like “Give My Regrets To Broadway”, “Let’s Burn the Guitars” and “Life Out on the Fringe”. So after listening to most of the album I went to Amazon and bought the new album and gave it a listen. Overall the sound is a little more rock than I usually listen to but overall the vocals and lyrics are good, but it will take a few more listens to judge overall. Here’s some info from Colin’s website about him and his music:

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Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper – Bluegrass

Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper

Exploring the Music of  Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper

After listening to Blackberry Smoke I was doing some writing and needed to listen to something without words, so I put on some Wynton Kelly, piano. Kelly played a lot with Miles Davis and Wes Montgomery and is a fine jazz pianist. I listened to an album of about six songs all very good jazz! Then it was time for sone twang I had checked the Roots Music Report and found a couple of names I didn’t know and went to Rhapsody to listen. The two artist were Michael Cleveland and the Flamekeeper and Frank Solivan and the Dirty Kitchen. Both albums were pure bluegrass and really good. I really didn’t listen that closely to all the tracks but the picking and vocals were both really good. Like Blackberry Smoke they both will be downloaded for some further listening.

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Twang Tuesday – Turnpike Troubadours

So today when my downloads on emusic refreshed I downloaded the sophomore  album Diamonds and Gasoline from The Turnpike Troubadours. The Turnpike Troubadors take their name from the bumpy toll roads in their native state of Oklahoma. I had listened to clips from the album the other night and  the band sounded pretty good and after listening to the full songs I’d say they sound damn good! From their website:

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Twang Tuesday – Tim O’Brien

So it’s off to Edgewater Maryland to do a roof truss inspection for a McDonalds! The bad thing is that you have to do the work from 8 PM to 4 Am so I will be gone from the blogosphere for tonight and tomorrow night. Yesterday and some today I listened to Tim O’Brien’s new album Chicken and Egg and my initial impression it’s like everything that Tim does and that’s good! Some albums make you think, and some make you tap your fit and feel good seems that this album may do both there were tracks about life that I liked and then some that just made me move and be happy. I’ve always enjoyed Tim’s talents I have Real Timethe album he did with Darrell Scott and I have a live Hot Rize album that I really like and I’m sure he has played on countless other albums in my collection. Oh, I also have Rock in My Shoewhich has a great track “One Girl Cried”. Anyway I intend to listen to the album again tonight on my way to Maryland so I report in a little more detail when I get back!

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Twang Tuesday – Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain

So the other day when I was flipping around on XM Radio I heard a song that caught my attention and looked down to see the artist’s name. The name was Carrie Hassler, so today I went to Rhapsody and downloaded her latest album CHHR2. CHHR2 is the second album released on the Rural Rhythms label  by Carrie Hassler and Hard Rain and it’s a good one!  The album was  released in 2008  and was produced by Jim Van Cleve of the band Mountain Heart. From Carrie’s Myspace page:

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Twang Tuesday-Thursday – Donna Ulisse

Since I didn’t have time to review any charts or download any new music, I listened on Twang Tuesday to an album I downloaded several weeks ago and have previously mentioned Walk this Mountain Down by Donna Ulisse. I saw Donna’s name because of her current release Holy Waters is on one of the charts. When I went to Rhapsody and listened briefly to Holy Waters I realized while it is a great album it is too gospel for me! But Walk This Mountain Down has just the right mix a couple gospel tracks and a lot of other well written bluegrass tunes.

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