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Monday Ramblings and the Passing of Bill Morrissey

Bill morrissey

So the last several days have been hectic around here. My wife has been finding some great deals on Craig’s List on furniture that we desperately need. The furniture we have survived many years of wear and tear of four kids and me! So Saturday we bought a new Thomasville entertainment center, big and heavy and tonight with the help of some co-workers and Peter we got it in the house and standing up! There for a while the standing up part was in doubt! Also my wife bought a laptop, so now I have a computer that’s faster than an abacus! Anyway all that took away time from reading,  listening and writing. I have been listening to some artists though that I will be writing about shortly. One blues artist Eric Steckel, who I heard the other night on Bluesville on XM and then came home and listened to his album Havana. Which I really enjoyed and then I download and have listened to parts of another album.  Also a folk artist Stephen Simmons whose album The Big Show has gotten a few listens!

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Gettin’ Ready for Folk Favorite: Jesse Winchester

So the other night I ordered my tickets to go to see Jesse Wnchester at The Tin Angel here in Philly. I’ve been a fan of Jesse’s music since my wife introduced his music to me in the early 70’s. “Yankee Lady” was the first song see loved. Through the years she hasn’t listened to Jesse as much as I have, but I think we’re both going to love the show! So to get ready tonight I’ve been listening to a block of Jesse’s music. Right now “Mississippi, You’re On My Mind” probably my all time favorite song of Jesse’s and one that I think captures a “sense of place”  better than almost any song, is on!! In the block I listened to songs from: Gentleman of Leisure: “Club Manhatten”, and “Freewheeler”, and “No Pride at All”, Learn to Love It “Pharoah’s Army” and “Mississippi, You’re on My Mind” Humour Me: “They Just Can’t Help Themselves”, Sweet Loving Daddy” and from his latest album Love Filling Station Jesse’s great cover of Sam Cooke’s “Stand By Man”, “Wear Me Out”,  and “Eulalie”. What I’ve discovered is that I’ve never met a Jesse song I didn’t like, I just like some songs more than others!

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Todd Snyder-Live-The Storyteller!

So I have been a Todd Snider Fan since I heard his debut album Songs For The Daily Planet. I love “Alright Guy” and all the rest and think that “You think You Know Somebody” is one of the best songs about child abuse EVER! Anyway, I think that the last CD I bought was East Nashville Skyline. Since then I’ve mostly listened to his albums on Rhapsody and The Excitement Plan stayed on the mp3 player for a long while. So when the new CD Todd Snider Live – The Storyteller I quickly went Napster and downloaded it onto my player and thought it would be a good way to catch up with his music. Here’s what Paste Magazine says in their review about the new album:

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Top Folk 2010 – Favorite Artists

Ok, so there may be light at the end of the tunnel and it may not be a train coming in the other direction! The Christmas rush is over and things may settle down a little. I tried to start a Best of 2010 list and listed around 100 albums that are still either on the iPod, ZenV or Sansa so it’s going to be hard to whittle down a list! Anyway I thought I’d break it down to artists I know and those that were new to me in 2010! I put them into some kind of order that could change at any time or after any listen!!

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Folk Monday – Tuesday Edition – Bennett, Wilcox and Miller

So today I didn’t have time to look up and listen to any new Folk artists so I listened to three artists that I haven’t listened to in a while, Arlon Bennett, David Wilcox and Bill Miller.

First up was Arlon Bennett’s album Summer’s Voicehis third album and was released in 2007 and it’s my favorite and also the one I’ve listened to the most. I enjoy all the songs but my three favorites are “Bandana Man” about a Vietnam Vet who travels around on his Harley telling his story about his time in the war. I love the chorus:

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Red Horse – Gorka, Gilkyson, and Kaplansky

So I finally got a chance to listen to the new project of three artists whose music I enjoy. Red Horse the self titled album that combines the talents of three great songwriters John Gorka, Eliza Gilkyson, and Lucy Kapansky. I’ve been a Gorka fan since I first heard “I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair” on a compilation album put out by Windham Hill in 1989 titled Legacy: A Collection of New Folk Music. That CD also introduced me to Pierce Pettis, Cliff Eberhardt, David Massengill, Sara Hickman and Bill Morrissey. Of the six artist Gorka and Morrissey are my favorites. The Morrissey song on that album “Handsome Molly” is an all time favorite. As for  Gilkyson and Kaplansky I have one Gilkyson album in my collection but no Kaplansky, but on the radio and Rhapsody I’ve enjoyed their music.

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Folk Monday – Red Horse – Patrick Bloom

So today has been another of those days that has slipped by quickly. I started early 7 am got off about 4 pm came home took a nap, ate, puttered around ran five miles checked out the Roots Music Report Folk Charts saw lots of new names and now it’s time to go to bed, so I can start all over tomorrow at 7 am! Anyway I listened briefly to the new folk trio Red Horse featuring Eliza Gilkyson, John Gorka and Lucy Kaplansky three artists whose music I enjoy! What I heard I liked so I will try and listen tomorrow and maybe write more tomorrow night, oh that’s when I’m supposed to be writing about Twangy. So maybe I’ll listen to Tim O’Brien’s Chicken and Egg CD again, too!

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Folk Favorite – Jack Williams

This morning I decided that it was a good day to listen to one of my favorite folk artists so I qued up Jack Williams on the mp3 player and listened to his album Laughing in the Face of the Blues. If you like great guitar picking coupled with great songs about the south and common folks then you’ll like Jack Williams’ music. I first stumbled across Jack’s music in the bargain bin of my favorite used record store where I found his album Across the Winterline . I took it home listen to I think the first two songs and I knew that I had a new favorite! Here’s what others think of Jack’s music:

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