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Forgotten Music – Crosby, Pevar and Raymond (CPR)

So yesterday I heard that one of my favorite artists over the last 40 or so years will hit the big 70 this December, Jefferson Airplane guitarist and member of Hot Tuna, Jorma Kaukonen. So when an album by another favorite from that era was laying on the floor this morning, I listened this evening to the music of David Crosby, his son James Raymond and Jeff Pevar and their band CPR. I have two of their albums their self-titled first album and Live at the Wilton. I listened to the first album CPR This is one of those albums that should get more listens than it does! The album is full of good tunes written by Crosby and the band and great harmonies! Crosby’s tunes like “Triad” and “Guinevere” were always favorites. I could go track by track but I’ll let the liner notes speak for themselves

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