Remembering the Man who wrote, the best train John Prine song ever heard – Steve Goodman on his birthday – July 25, 1948!

Steve Goodman

So back in 1971 I found the music of John Prine. The liner notes on his début album were written by Kris Kristofferson whose music I knew and whose opinion I respected, I had also read great things about the album, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the album. That album started a 42 year and still continuing  love affair with John’s music. A year later, I read the following on the back on another début album:

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Listmania – My Top 10 All-Time Favorite Folk Artists…….

I have tried to stay away from lists on this blog. The main reason is that I find it very hard to rank artists. I think that's because my favorite is always the one that I'm listening to at the moment and also that I know I'm going to forget someone. This list actually is a list of the "Roots" of my folk music listening. These are the artists that have been with me for the whole ride, from vinyl to 8 track, cassettes, CD and the iPod. Should there be a woman or two on the list probably maybe Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins Emmylou Harris, probably but these guys are the core!! This is the first hopefully of several posts that will become pages on my site. Let's see there's the top branches, artist that I love from the 80s and 90s and then the leaves from the 2000s! How about songs?? I don't know if I can go there!! Anyway let me know who I forgot and then maybe I need to expand the list!!

An Evening of Humor with Gabriel Iglesias (with an I not an E) and some music from Joe Crookston! (videos)

Gabriel Iglesias
So tonight I did something that I rarely do and that is turn on the television and watch something other than sports. Well, I have to say that the reason that the TV was on in the first place was that the Phillies were playing this afternoon and after they lost and moved to like nine games under .500, I needed a laugh so I put on The Daily Show and watched Jon Stewart tear into Oliver North. After the show was over, I kept the TV on and started doing something, oh yeah, I was looking for funny stuff and I watched Monty Python's Upper Class Twit of the Year skit, which always cracks me up!! When the Python skit ended, in its usual blaze of glory, I turned my attention to the Comedy Central Special that was on TV, some very funny fat dude, or should I say "Fluffy Dude" was the headliner Gabriel Iglesias

New Music from an Old Favorite – David Wilcox – blaze!

David Wilcox II

David Wilcox IIOver the last few weeks, I’ve made reference to listening to David Wilcox’s new album blaze,  today I  listened to it again and I think it’s time i write something about the album! For me David Wilcox has the whole package, he is an intelligent and thought songwriter, a great singer and a terrific guitar player. What more could one ask for? I’ve been listening to David since the late 80s when I heard him on the radio singing and discussing the titled track of his first album “The Nightshift Watchman” Which is a song about those people, who sit in underground bunkers watching the skies for a missile attack knowing full well that if they do their job, their job and the world as we know it may be over!! You can read the lyrics here. Many of David’s eighteen releases can  be found in my music library and I feel that blaze is  one of his best albums.

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“Into the Night” with Native American Singer/Songwriter Bill Miller…..(Video)

Bill Miller

Bill MillerI first encountered Native American singer/songwriter/flutist/activist, and painter, Bill Miller’s music sometime in the late 90s, when I found his 1995 release Raven in the Snow at Tunes in Mt Laurel NJ. From the first time I heard the title track  from that album, I knew Bill was an artist that I would really like, well written and powerful songs are his forte and in the ensuing years, many of his albums have made their way into my music library. Bill is of Mohican-German heritage and was born on the Stockbridge-Munsee reservation, near Shawano in northern Wisconsin. His Mohican name is Fush-Ya Heay Aka (meaning “bird song”)fitting, eh?  Throughout his career, Bill has been a voice for those whose voices are seldom heard. Miller says, “I appreciate people who have something to stand up for. I stand up for the truth. If you stand up for what you believe in you have no idea how many people you’ll affect.” From his Facebook page….

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A Night for Musical Poetry from Phi Ochs “The Highway Man” and “Changes”!!

Phil Ochs

So tonight I’m in the mood for a little poetry and that means Phil Ochs’ version of “The Highwayman”!! Here’s a short post from about a year ago!

Phil OchsHere  are  two Phil Ochs’ songs. The first is “The Highwayman” based on the poem by Alfred Noyes, from the program “Come, Read to Me a Poem” which appeared on April 12, 1967. This sad and beautiful poem has always been a favorite, Phil did a great job putting the music to the poem and creating a captivating and sad song!

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Morning Music – “One Day” – Batdorf and Rodney – don’t we wish!


So for today’s morning music I was going to use the Jefferson Airplane’s cover of Fred Neil’s “The Other Side of this Life” but after my half sun salutations and a nice quiet yoga set on the 21 Day Yoga Challenge I thought it didn’t feel quite right! If you want, you can watch it here
Here’s a post I did a while back about the role of Batdorf and Rodney in my musical journey…..

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Lunchtime Music – “Sunday Morning Comin’ Down” – Kris Kristofferson!

Me and Bobby McGhee

Me and Bobby McGheeSo sometime in 1971 I discovered the music of Kris Kristofferson. The reason that I can pinpoint it to that year is that I have the album cover that you see here. The album had originally been released as Kristofferson in 1970 and it met with poor sales. Then Janis Joplin had her hit with “Me and Bobby McGee” and the album was re-released with that title and as they say the rest is history. On that album there were several songs that had already been hits for a variety of artists. In fact, “For the Good Times”  as covered by Ray Price) won “Song of the Year” in 1970 from the Academy of Country Music, and Johnny Cash’s version of “Sunday Morning Coming Down”  won the same award from the Country Music Association in the same year. This was the only time an individual received the same award from these two organizations in the same year for different songs!! Sammi Smith also had a big hit with “Help Me Make It Through the Night”

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